Supreme Court rejects challenge to Obama’s eligibility

October 17, 2011 @ 42 Comments

WASHINGTON (ABP) – The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Oct. 3 a challenge to Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president.

Justices refused without comment to review a February decision by the California Supreme Court dismissing a lawsuit that claimed election officials must determine the eligibility of candidates for president before putting their names on the ballot.

The refusal closes a challenge to Obama’s election by conservative activist Alan Keyes and other members of the American Independent Party including former Southern Baptist Convention second vice president Wiley Drake. In the case, Keyes v. Bowen, they contended that Obama isn’t eligible to be president because he was born outside the United States.

The case was one of dozens of “birther” suits that courts have dismissed on procedural grounds. Plaintiff attorney Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation is still hoping to argue the issue on its merits, however. A separate lawsuit, Drake v. Obama, is pending before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and an appeal is certain whoever wins.

Drake, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, Calif., was on the state’s 2000 ballot as a candidate for vice president of the United States. He, Keyes and party official Markham Robinson want Obama’s election invalidated, claiming he does not meet the constitutional requirement that the president be a “natural born citizen.”

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42 Comments → “Supreme Court rejects challenge to Obama’s eligibility”

  1. Jay

    3 years ago

    Anyone in the world can now be the United States President. Pathetic!

  2. hbmac

    3 years ago

    The Supreme Court in the past set a precedent in two cases, one was a woman whom the court defined as a natural born citizen and the other was a Chinese man whom the court ruled was not a natural born citizen but was a citizen. The court has defined the difference between the two. I don’t believe the court will touch Obama’s eligibility because they would be required to look at the former court rulings and would have to rule obama is not eligible by the fact his father was not a US citizen at the time of his birth. Can you say race riot.

  3. maggie

    3 years ago

    I would not be at all surprised if there is some type of riot this man will cause. It seems the United Supreme Court NOW pays NO attention to the Constitution of the United States of America. They just do the way they think it should be. No more Constitutiion laws for them!

  4. Paul

    3 years ago

    It’s time to replace Supreme Court justices who won’t uphold the Constitution,don’t they have to swear an oath to do so!We now have criminals who are judging if our laws are Constitutional!

  5. Dave

    3 years ago

    The Justices should wear nothing under their robes so they can moon plaintiffs at appropriate moments.

  6. Janice Lowe

    3 years ago

    What are they afraid of? Seems everyone is afraid to question this man. God bless America, because we are being destroyed every day from within!

  7. James Baker

    3 years ago

    Don’t give up the ship!!! The Truth will be revealed if the people continue to question their represenatives and talk about the facts. Go to the Meeting of all candidates and ask them if they will support an investigate or file a suit if Obama when Obama applies to run again. I am still convienced that Obama will either step down or be forced to step down before the 2012 election. I think it might be time to recall so of these judges who refuse to decide the case on its merit and who dismisses the case because of “no standing before the court” or other administrative reasons.

  8. TOM

    3 years ago

    See thats what he has in his back pocket to judges that will do anything for him,there is no justice any more when you got them two in office that obama had put in there.

  9. C. R.

    3 years ago

    What is wrong with our Supreme Court – sounds like they are being paid off or warned not to upset Obama’s apple cart. This is not good for America and those who want him out of office and out of the country. I would hate to think the Supreme Court members have been suborned, but in this present culture, anything is possible. You would think Roberts, etc. would welcome a way to get rid of Obama, wouldn’t you, since he insulted them!

  10. Carrie

    3 years ago

    It doesn’t matter anymore whether or not BHO is a natural born citizen. The SEC has ruled that a non-citizen can run.

    US elections commission allows Presidential Campaign for Guyana-Born Man

  11. McKee

    3 years ago

    Don’t understand whyeveryone is afraid of a riot. Let them riot and drop a bomb on the whole bunch of them, Obumer incuded. When they riot they burn thie own houses anyway. That is all the brain they have.

  12. major

    3 years ago

    Is this a case of Supreme Court cowardice, or are there really all these technical issues that allow them to dodge the issue. If we cant count on any major branch of government to stand up and live by their oaths of office, what remedy is left for the people?? It appears they are deferring the issue and hope the election process will make the issue moot. That will not make the issue moot because the violation of the Consitution will still stand without remedy thus opening the door to future abuse. I pray God will deliver us some men of backbone soon to replace the pack of craven cowards that currently pass as leaders.

  13. Jay Are

    3 years ago

    After the revolution is over and we have set the country back on the right road in our Constitutional Republic, we shall change this and add it to the Constitution so no more illegal aliens can become President ever again. And all those who have gone against our Laws will be brought to justice. If the fascists in D.C. think they have won, they have already lost.

  14. Doug Rodrigues

    3 years ago

    The Supreme Court is failing to uphold the Constitution. I assume that they don’t want any race riots starting if the truth came out. So what? Let the race riots begin. If any idiot comes after me to cause harm, they be laying in a pool of their own blood. I’m sure millions of other Americans feel the same way.

  15. Gordon McCarty

    3 years ago

    Maybe we should try – as “We the People” to look into this matter a little closer. It seems to me that we have some options. Four of the grievances cited in the Declaration of Independence were cited as judicial abuse – more specifically, serving as activist judges creating the laws. Therefore, the Constitution addressed these grievances so as to prevent it from happening in the US. We just haven’t put it to use lately. The justice is not an appointment for life as so many would like us to believe. According to the Constitution (Article 3, Section 1) the judges are appointed on the terms of “Good behavior”. It seems to me that shirking their duties with regard to determining the Constitutionality of issues is not an example of “Good behavior”.

  16. cheryl jessup

    3 years ago

    It will be 10 to 20 yrs after Obama is out of office before the truth will come out. Right now their are a lot of people in DC whose butts we be on the line for covering this up. Soris is running this country. He has a warrant waiting for him in France and he is not allowed back in the UK> He tried to destroy the banking and their economies. I don’t know how they did it but we should follow suit, If that doesn’t work someone should park a 357 between the ears of soris and his two sons.

  17. Bill

    3 years ago

    Cowardice, corruption and stupidity got us into this, but they won’t get us out.

  18. usfrog

    3 years ago

    When even the Supreme Court WILL NOT uphold the Constitution, we know that we are being destroyed from within. If people are worried about race riots now, it won’t be anything like what’s coming if Obama and the Democraps surrender us to the UN.

  19. Charles

    3 years ago

    Read The Obama Error by Stephen Pidgeon. Pidgeon says the Vatican Bank has a slush fund with the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Valerie Jarret, and John Roberts. They are all paid off. Corrupt!!!!! Elena Kagan fought for the Arab’s against American’s on the 911 case. She was the top activist in Islamic studies at Harvard. I swear by all that is holy, this Obama is Muslim – I believe the Muslim Emperor is an appropriate name!!!!!! Read the Cloward-Piven Plan written by Wayne Allen Root on the internet. Nails Obama’s plan to a “T”. Disgusting. Time we review Judges when they come up for vote. It may be too late!!!!

  20. Robert C. Laity

    3 years ago

    There is no “President” Obama:

    Obama’s father was NOT an Amkerican. The definition of an NBC is “One born in a country of parents who are both citizens”

  21. HULBE

    3 years ago

    The Congress can legaly order the Supreme Court thru new laws and change the length of time justices can stay on the bench. In My opinion. The Democratic and Republican Partys did this Supreme Court Lifetime appointments to stop each party from taking over the judicial system for their party and to stop other parties and special interest from controlling the Supreme Court! Now both partys lean far left! The branches of government were not supposed to follow political partys. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL! It would take a majority of congress to do this. The left wing Senate would try to stop this and you would need a Non Republican and Non Democratic president. The 2 party system must be stoped and changed for the consitution to be followed. They are setting us up for a one world government! Everyone in washington must be thrown out of office and We must vote for the consitution of the United States.

  22. David in MA

    3 years ago

    once again the constitution has been violated.
    not only is obozo not qualified but it now
    appears the supreme court is a partner to
    the destruction of America.
    there will be a revelution.
    And there will be blood in the streets.

  23. JAMES

    3 years ago

    It takes 4 justices for the Supremes to hear the case. Eliminating the two Obama women leaves 7. Thus it takes 4 out of 7. I noticed they left no comment. The reason is that they know they should hear this case on the merits. There is more evidence that BO is not an American citizen than there is, that he is an American citizen. This called the preponderance of the evidence, the judicial standard in a civil case. Most of the cases have been dismissed due to lack of standing. This means the party suing must have an injury in fact, that is particular to him, that can be redressed by the court. It is difficult to describe just what injury they have suffered, and how Obama directly caused it. You can say he has nationalized 3 industries, and crippled healthcare with Obamacare. The best I can come up with is that he cost Keyes the nomination. Obama could argue that was because he won the election. If he violated the Constitution, article 2 and is not “natural” born, we need the admissible evidence. I think he is still an Indonesian citizen and never naturalized. Obama has an unlimited money bank after the $800 billion stimulus,so he can bribe anyone. The chief lawyer, Holder, is not going to prosecute Obama(or his minions) for anything. He has marginalized Congress by pushing through his programs by executive fiat.I was hoping he would
    use executive order to push through his jobs bill. Why,because Congress has voted
    it down, and even the Supremes would find it hard not to act then. The Executive is supposed to enforce the laws, not make them. Alas, the framers never imagined that Obama(Reverend Wright) could steal their way into the oval office. This allows him to destroy us from within. HIs radical left policies have failed miserably, and will continue to fail. He can not blame Bush anymore because no one
    buys that after 3 years. So now he blames Wallstreet, and has encouraged some “useful idiots” (coined by Stalin)to take to the streets. It is Wallstreets greed
    that has done all of this, go ahead and forget that Obama and the Democratic majority in both houses gave them the money. Obama was the biggest receiver of compaign contributions from Wallstreet. His staff drew up the documents, allowed
    CEO’s to take their huge bonuses,etc.,etc. He has tried to spend all the money we
    have and hope to make to bankrupt the country. I am sure he will name whites or jews, or some wealthy class as the next culprit. Anything to focus the camera on someone other than him. He either goes, or the country goes bankrupt, and will be taken over by our Chinese and Russian creditors. He intends to turn us over to UN control if you read his book. The law sees that as treason, and there are no accomplices, they are all principals in the 1st degree. He is right where National Socialist Adolf Hitler was when he withdrew the power of the German judiciary, and Reichstag/congress. You can thank the alphabet media for not publishing anything on his background. This is a Communist/”Progressive”coup where he is highjacking the government with the help of the Democrats. Fidel did this is Cuba, Hitler,Stalin, and the list goes on. If the legislators do not stop him, with the people’s help, America will become a Muslim socialist country with Sharia law. It is already happening in Europe with the influx of Muslim settlers.I was hoping the Supremes would hear the case, but they are probably using their discretion and calling it a political question. Oh, Obama can determine who is a terrorist,when we get martial law,or even if we need elections in 2012; all by Executive Order(fiat) by bypassing Congress and the Supremes.

  24. James III

    3 years ago

    A terrorist nuke in DC should solve many problems!

  25. Dee

    3 years ago

    I hope this wasn’t our last chance of proving he is uneligible to be president.
    Even Alan Keyes said obama is an abomination. Wonder if he has all the courts in his pocket?

  26. AmeriKim Patriot

    3 years ago

    @ Gordon McCarty: BEST ANSWER! Kudos for your in depth knowledge of our Constitution and the remedies provided to us in it. I for one definitely agree that failing to keep their oaths to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution constitutes AGGREGIOUSLY “BAD BEHAVIOR” — worthy of removal from the bench and possibly criminal prosecution.

  27. Ron Mack

    3 years ago

    The corrupt legal system brought on by an overstock of lawyers who want to make a name for themselves has bastardized the legal system to a point of no return. Not only have they bastardized the law they have created a terrible burden on the economy. We even have PC overruling common sense. NOW THE SUPREME COURT IS PART OF THIS GAME! What a waste of a great country.

  28. Keith Luxton

    3 years ago

    My fear is that with the Supreme Court gone corrupt, we have lost our last chance. Since Obama came in they have introduced the new voting machines run and maintained by the left wing union SEIC or something like that. These same machines, in the last election put in Harry Reid, who according to all polls had less than 10% of the vote. Yet he still got in. How can we get rid of them, when they can rig our elections like that? Help! we need a miracle.

  29. Mel

    3 years ago

    The next step is for like minded states to impose the citizenship requirement to get his name on their ballots…

  30. Jack

    3 years ago

    Just what I have been saying all along. The Federal Courts as well as the United States Supreme Court are complicit in the knowledge and protection of the Fake President and Traitor sitting in our White House. The people have NO ONE to protect and stand up for them. The courts are totally corrupt.

  31. Laurence Cripe

    3 years ago

    What is left to be done is both reasonable and logical. Conservatives need to back Arnold Schwarzenegger – Austrian-born, and former California governor – in a bid for President. When all these liberal insitutions chime in on his ineligibilty, we need to to burn them to the ground and start all over again with the base Consititution and the New United States. They have terminally soiled themselves.

  32. Tomtom

    3 years ago

    This supreme court is pathetic and is ANTI-AMERICAN. What creeps ???????

  33. Hounddog

    3 years ago

    It has been proven time and time again that Obama was not born in the U.S.A. but in Kenya. Starting with his parental grandmother who said she was present at the Kenyan hospital when he was born. He went to school in Indonesia as a child which means he is a citizen of that country. He came to the U.S.A. to live with his maternal grandparents after leaving Indonesia. He has an Indonesian passport. He attended college in the U.S.A. on a foreign aid student scholarship. More that one million dollars has been spent to stop anyone from delving into his life. He is probably an illegal alien. He’s not been able to prove he was born in the U.S.A. The birth certificates he submitted as “proof”, short and long, have been proven by experts to be forgeries.
    I believe that the Supreme Court Judges who retired were TOLD to retire when Obama was “elected” president so Obama could seat his own people in those positions. The Supreme Court has recently rejected another challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be president of the U.S.A. Why??? I’ll leave the answer in your lap. Obama, like too many other people in our government past and present-federal and state, are ruled by the money power of the evil owners of the PRIVATELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE BANK who are intent on bringing us, the U.S.A., to our knees. Our great country is the last bastion against their plans for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. They “created” the U.N. for that purpose.
    Now Obama and his evil cohorts have gone to their U.N. in an attempt to override the Second Amendment of the our Constitution. If we allow them to succeed, WE WILL LOSE OUR STATUS AS A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY.

    QUESTION: What is one of the first things a “dictator” does (Hitler, every communist ruler) when he comes into power? ANSWER: Remove all guns from the hands of the people!!!!!………This insures that the people are hopelessly in their power. We must not give up our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. jer mynor

    3 years ago

    When a country has no chance to challenge an (obvious and extremely rediculous ruling,) we are totally a very ‘sick’ nation, especially when they wont give a logical reason for an (“anti-constitutional law”,) then the only thing left is let the riots begin, and continue to overthrow this lousy govt.

    Which is what obama wants in order to call “maritial law” with his brought into the country army, so there will be no elections, and he will then rule as a dictator, which is what he was after all along…..

    and make no mistake, we are not used to this type of action, this is why none have started to challenge him from the congress, where he bypasses by exec. orders….this is not acceptable……CONGRESS ,is our true ENEMNY, and yet this countries idiots keep electing the same old, same old persons…..get them the hell out of there….or be prepared to wind up in the wired fence
    fema camps and see what the european nations have lived under for centuries…. Americans are so ignorant that the very few who realize what is truly happening have not enough “awakened” persons to help them…..
    it seems soros “gangs” will win the battle and we are doomed to hell.

  35. Al Tallant

    3 years ago

    To fight this bulshit, go to and check out the plans to expose Obama in court by the only one left -who was told by the 9th Circuit Court that as a legal Certified Preidential Candidate, in all 50 States, that he would have tentative standing against Obama. Actually any Presidential candidate has the same option, but do you see anyone movingg with it? thewy are all too afraid of losin their POWER, position, and Money by bucking the Regime-both Democrat and Republican.
    John Dummett is standing up -and knows he has placed a big target on his back-BUT HE IS REALLY PUTTING AMERICA FIRST, because he knows the country is going to marxism and Communism. If you also want to check out more about John, his website is you will join with is to expose this FRaud !

  36. Al Tallant

    3 years ago

    The reason that we, the American people, have yet to have determined the issue of Obama’s eligibility is that all cases brought forward so far have been thrown out of court for a lack of standing of the plaintiff. However in Drake vs. Obama, the case went to oral arguments where the 9th Circuit Court ruled that the plaintiffs did not have standing as the suit was filed AFTER the election. By dicta, they ruled that a current, registered Presidential candidate WOULD HAVE STANDING. Right now, we have one, and only one, 2012 Presidential candidate who has the temerity to stand up for the American People and seize standing so that Barack Obama can finally be brought to justice for his crimes of forgery, fraud, and deceit, which he used to attain the office of POTUS illegally.
    to check out the Charges, Plans, and to be a part of taking Obama out of our White House go to This is a legitimate cause and action!

  37. Al Tallant

    3 years ago


  38. Al Tallant

    3 years ago


  39. BOBO007

    3 years ago

    Well there you have it!!!! Even our Supreme court sells us down the river. We now know who to displace ASAP according to prevalent laws. Also Make damn sure our state has these requirements in place to screen ALL who run for any office??? In addition, as soon as possible, all these folks working with the Congressional Screening Group in DC are terminated on the spot for not doing what they were assigned to do when Obama and others came into view and not investigated. Our National Security depends on this act alone. This passing the buck dosen’t get it.

  40. Weeping4Justice

    3 years ago

    The fix is in. There’s only one thing you can say about dismissing this without comment. Cowardly!!!

  41. If there are differnt attorneys for each of the lawsuits, how can there can so many procedural errors?

  42. Batty Conservative

    3 years ago

    Silly Wingnut conservatives… you are typical consumers of time and occupyers of space.. Not to mention a tad bit racist to boot. Alan Keyes is just a shill which doesn’t give you too much cover.. But keep trying!

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