‘Recall Walker’ campaign overshadows Wisconsin presidential battle

April 4, 2012 @ No Comments

With all the lawn signs and ads on the airwaves, it’s obvious an election is taking place in Wisconsin — just not for the Republican presidential candidates.

While the presidential primary being held Tuesday is a comparatively low-key affair, the raucous campaign to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker is dominating the state’s political landscape.

More than a year after the unions took to the streets and the halls of the capital city of Madison in protest of Walker’s budget reforms, the push to recall the governor and other Republican officials is reaching a decision point. The lawn signs in the state are more likely to say “Recall Walker” or “Support Walker,” than anything about the GOP presidential candidates, as the governor prepares to stand for election in June.

“The presidential race essentially didn’t come to Wisconsin ’till seven days ago,” said Brian Schimming, vice chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

The recall fever has made it difficult for the presidential candidates to make inroads with voters. By the time the ads for Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum hit the airwaves, viewers had seen their share of pro- or anti-Walker spots.

Read More at Fox News. By Mike Tobin.

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