Michael Connelly Adds New Impeachment Article

December 10, 2014 @

NOTE:  On Feb 20, 2014 I posted formal Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama on this blog and sent copies to members of Congress. We have now confirmed that at least one, and possibly more, members of Congress have submitted the articles to the House judiciary Committee for consideration. Since a lot has happened since February I have prepared a third article that is posted here. Please feel free to forward this to your representative in Congress.

Article III

(1)Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution establishes the President as Commander in Chief of the United States Military. This requires him to use his power and authority to oversee the proper use of the military to properly protect and defend the people and territory of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is further responsible for using the U.S. military in a manner that is effective and protects members of the military and takes proper care of veterans.

The President takes an oath of office that encompasses these duties. Barack Hussein Obama has consistently violated these duties and violated his oath. Specific actions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  1. Imposing Rules of engagement on the active military in war zones that have unnecessarily endangered the lives of American soldiers.
  2. Allowed the leaking of classified information about U.S. military operations to the media in order to enhance his political image. Such leaks place the lives of U.S. soldiers in danger.
  3. Despite being informed in 2009 of problems in the Veterans Administration involving treatment of veterans, took no action improve the situation, but instead ordered the VA to spend a major part of its budget on green energy projects at VA facilities instead on veteran care.
  4. Endangered the lives of members of the American military and American civilians by negotiating with terrorists to trade five high level Taliban leaders in exchange for an American soldier who deserted his post and his fellow soldiers. In addition, he did the foregoing action in violation of Federal law since he did not provide the legally required thirty day notice to members of Congress of his intent to release prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.
  5. Continues to refuse to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress in violation of Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution, and further has used illegal and unconstitutional Executive orders to grant amnesty or de-facto amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the United States.
  6. Has deliberately destroyed the morale and effectiveness of Border Patrol agents by interfering with their attempts to fulfill their oath of office and enforce laws legally passed by the U.S. Congress.
  7. By his deliberate actions encouraged parents of thousands of children in Central America to send their children, often unaccompanied by adults, across the U.S. border and then asking for billions of taxpayer dollars to care for these children.
  8. Ordered the Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security to place thousands of these children on buses or planes and dumping them in communities around the country; often without any prior notifications to the local elected officials in these communities.
  9. Allowed the TSA to let these children, as well as possible teenage gang members and unidentified to fly in U.S. Airlines at taxpayer expense without proper identification required by Federal law.
  10. Has refused to respond to lawful requests by Governors of the southern Border States to close the Southern border to any further illegal immigration and has created a severe financial crisis for Border States and other states in order to advance his own political agenda.
  11. Has ordered the release of thousands of illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes in the U.S. to be released and stay in the country after they have served their sentences. This violates the requirements of Federal law that such people be immediately deported.
  12. Ordered the immediate release of approximately 68,000 other criminals in Federal prisons that have been convicted of drug offenses. These actions endanger the lives and property of honest and law abiding American citizens that the President is legally and constitutionally required to protect.
  13. Has authorized the IRS, HHS, BATF, DHS, and EPA to propose new regulations not authorized by Congress that will adversely affect the rights of Americans protected by the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution.

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14 Comments → “Michael Connelly Adds New Impeachment Article”

  1. Susanm

    4 years ago

    AND we have 2 MORE yrs to go, Pray that nothing happens that he’s still president???????

  2. Susanm

    4 years ago

    And the list goes on & on, yet no one stops him. All the do is talk about impeachment, nothing is done. Congress…DO YOUR JOB .

  3. Susanm621

    4 years ago

    We will wake up one day & AMERICA will be a thing of the past.

  4. Robert A Kaufman

    4 years ago


  5. Susanm

    4 years ago

    So, when is CONGRESS going to do their DUTY, IMPEACMENT comes to mind.

  6. Zita Alfonso

    4 years ago

    When will we receive a news Obama has been impeached? The Hitler #2 is reigning for 6 years now. Who knows his Arabic ruler friends spending millions of dollars to Islamize the world are planning demonic things to destroy Western civilization from within? How many CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood are occupying sensitive posts in the government? AMERICA IT’S TIME TO MOVE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  7. Susanm

    4 years ago

    Congress has no [email protected]@@@. They are with Obama, they are to protect “THE PEOPLE”. And they DON’T

  8. Malachi P. Keney

    4 years ago

    The “press” and others frequently wonder why he has taken many of the actions (or inactions) since he has been in office – if we THINK LIKE A MUSLIM, we can be very close to each of his decisions! i.e., Releasing Guantanamo prisoners, snubbing Israel and Netanyahu, pulling our troops from Iraq, using only air power against ISIS, friendship with Putin, SOFT ON IRAN!!! (This alone should get him hung.) The greatest crime of all (in my uneducated opinion) is not recusing himself in decisions in which he has an obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST! He confesses to being a Muslim and his bias shows every day. How can he direct a military campaign against his people. AND his lies about his birth, etc.

  9. David Kroon

    4 years ago

    It is unbelievable that the American people know these facts: the army generals who are fired and the newspapewrs who keep silent: everybody who lets himself be intimidated is just as guilty.And really all these facts are known and nobody ,but for Joseph Farah and Justice Foundation have the guts to speak up.
    When will the media be put to shme like all of the liars like Brian Williams? Why not a letter every day to your Editor? Every day to your Senators’ Office and local groups to speak up against this Imposter.He is a fraud! Everybody knows it and this should be punished.He will destroy this beautiful country!

  10. Want justice

    4 years ago

    High treason to for both clintons, Both bushs, Cheney, Rumsfeld, John McCain, Graham, kerry, Victoria Nuland, biden (Bidens son for benefiting from coup in Ukraine via his placement on pipeline board), all members holding political office that have joint citizenship.

    Tons more for obama, aiding & abetting the enemy.

    The cia for creating, funding, arming, training & directing mujahadine, Al Qaeda, Isis, isil, is, el nusra front, Ansar al sharia, muslim brotherhood, etc

    Clinton, O, state dept, cia etc for hiring, paying Ansar al sharia as official guards, & body guards in Benghazi.

    John McCain for his all his work as point man with all Middle East “terror groups, & his many personal visits to us black ops torture prisons, arms depots used to smuggle arms to these proxy army’s who at the same time were killing our us armed forces.

    Federal reserve for being a foreign private for profit entity that places all us citizens in PEONAGE. And usurps sovereignty

    Since u last updated we can find many verifiable on obama, very clear.. The problem is the under gov, the continuity gov that runs all the long term ops, the real gov. The cia for being the planets drug dealers, arms dealers & sex trafficking.

    Obamas direct order to border patrol, boarder guards etc to not stop, not arrest drunk drivers. When in every state this is illegal. Why allow one into country to cause harm, death, & violate law.

    The over 200 different war actions the us is currently engage in in other sovereign nations. Ne er declared war. Not what american people want, illegal on so many levels, long history of us cia & other agencies enacting regime changes, coups all over the globe to install puppet govs while we steal reassures, use the nations, then usually murder or depose those leaders we installed & bring in new & different terror, & then abandon these nations after we have murdered millions.

    Extortion 17

    Removing ALL the high ranking, high clearance military who control the nations nukes. Removing many from military as they were following their oath & the constitution.

  11. margie cocco

    4 years ago

    This question has been going on for seven years – don’t you think that it’s time that he must be forced to have to bring all his certificates to court by a judge. What’s going on – are the courts afraid to do their job and that maybe answer these questions FOR the citizens? This is of upmost importance to get cleared up asap. (it should have been done for years) STOP THE NONSENSE AND LET’S GET THE INFORMATION NOW ASAP.
    Now you’re saying don’t impeach let’s go this route but WHEN – do you expect to
    have people send you money and you just keep making broken promises. Start
    going and we’ll help – but show promise of action and do action now.
    We’re tired of his LIES AND BROKEN PROMISES – We Have real problems like illegal
    people in this country which is costly we have obummer writing illegal laws and now MAKING AGREEMENTS WITH IRAN AND ISIS KILLING CRISTIANS.

  12. mhc

    4 years ago



  13. Susanm

    4 years ago

    Nothing will happen, all talk, no action. Been saying this for yrs. Obama is the do nothing on the U S A
    But they do know how to travel on our dime.

  14. Barbara

    3 years ago

    I just made a lenghty comment that was taken down- what’s up with this web site?

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