Atheists Trying to Get “Bible Man” Banned From AL Public School Assemblies

February 6, 2012 @ 5 Comments

Atheists are clashing with public school officials in Scottsboro, Alabama, where there’s a heated debate going on over “Bible Man” and his monthly assemblies with public school children.

See, Bible Man isn’t a superhero (okay, maybe he is); he’s a story-teller. As you can imagine, it’s these stories — tales that come from the Christian Bible — that have non-believers up-in-arms.

About 35-years-ago, Bible Man began his ministry in the Alabama county. Now, decades later, it is his son, Horace Turner Jr., who is continuing the mission. Each month, he meets with elementary school children during the school day and leads them in assemblies that include Biblical stories.

Recently, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, claiming to represent a parent in the district, sent a five-page letter of complaint to officials. In it, the atheist group called for the Bible Man program to be removed from schools.

As a result of the complaint, on Jan. 30, a multitude of community members came together at a Jackson County school board meeting to support the continued presence of Bible Man in the school district. WAAY-TV has more about the event:

It was a packed house. More than one hundred people showed up to make their voices heard.
“We wanted our county to have an option for our children He’s been part of our county so long and our children appreciate and love it and we just feel that our children value it,” said concerned citizen Beverly Gilmer. [...]

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5 Comments → “Atheists Trying to Get “Bible Man” Banned From AL Public School Assemblies”

  1. Dan Stewart

    2 years ago

    Just tell these anti-GOD idiots to get lost. If they refuse, then help them on their way.

  2. marvelous

    1 year ago

    the bible is perfect in all ratification,

  3. Yah Coyote

    1 year ago

    Guess this is maybe their last “hurrahs” after having prayer removed from school (did we ever hear of a Coumbine Massacure when we had “dear Lord” lead off our scholl days?) It is heart warming that mainline Christianity, which sat on the sidelines as the silent majority, has finally begun to move toward the spirit our Black Robe Ministers had during the run up to the American Revolution. Of course if Obama is reelected it will not matter what the parents want, since liberals seem “deaf” to their constituents.

  4. Maggie

    1 year ago

    If they do not want OUR GOD in their schools, then LET THEM BUILD THEIR OWN SCHOOLS!!!!

  5. Amose

    1 year ago

    Hi Sir,

    greeting in the name of Lord Jesus our saviour i was looking for bible if u send the bible to me i was great to read the bible.

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