Eric Holder’s End Game – Stealing The November Elections

April 12, 2012 @ 16 Comments

James O’Keefe has struck again. And once more, he deserves a medal for his heroic operation. In 2009, he and an accomplice, Hannah Giles, laid bare the rampant criminal activities being perpetrated nationwide by ACORN, the subversive network of leftist activists whose seditious political work had previously remained largely under the radar. As a result of that exposure, ACORN was forced to officially disband and reorganize, though its activity is ongoing.

This time, O’Keefe spotlighted the epidemic of deliberate vote fraud that liberals have promoted throughout the country in recent years, and which portends the destruction of its foundations if not soon confronted and corrected. And though O’Keefe did not take his sting operation directly to the Department of Justice, by making his case so profoundly, he essentially put the nation’s highest law enforcement office on notice that it will be held accountable for its action, and perhaps more so for its inaction when presented with such incontrovertible evidence of rampant criminal malfeasance at the voting booth.

By now the account of O’Keefe’s stunning maneuver has been widely retold. In short, he went to the very polling place where Eric Holder (Barack Obama’s Attorney General) would vote, and proved that current voter identification and verification practices are so inadequate as to permit O’Keefe to accept a ballot and vote in Holder’s name, had he a mind to do so. This is particularly incriminating since it is Holder who has done more than any other high official to purposefully undermine the voting process in this country.

Beginning with his contemptible decision to ignore the flagrant acts of voter intimidation perpetrated by members of the “New Black Panther” organization in Philadelphia in 2009, Holder has an unbroken track record of choosing to overlook criminal behavior based not on the real substance of the law or the nature of any breaches, but on whether or not the liberal agenda will be served or harmed by a strenuous legal response.

J. Christian Adams, formerly an attorney at the Voting Rights Section of the Department of Justice, eventually left his position and wrote an expose on the racial motivations which completely poisoned the department on Holder’s watch. In his book, he grimly warned America that the end result of this violation of trust, if not appropriately addressed, would be “lawlessness.”

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16 Comments → “Eric Holder’s End Game – Stealing The November Elections”

  1. Dan (Walter) Rykard

    2 years ago

    Eric zholder should not even be there after the stuff he pulled, what gives here this administration has broke more laws, Than any other and no one has had to Answer to their Actions,

  2. KHM

    2 years ago

    I read that O’Keefe was able to obtain Eric Holder’s ballot simply by saying that he was Eric Holder. The precinct watchers must be very ignorant if they didn’t even notice that the man asking for Holder’s ballot wasn’t even a remote physical match.
    I am not alone in thinking that the DOJ has a framework in place, with Project Vote (part of the former ACORN syndicate) to allow massive voter fraud. Deads and illegals will vote. Also the company counting the electronic voting is now foreign-owned and based in Spain. Have heard that Soros has an interest in this company.

  3. Lorenzencpm

    2 years ago

    It was actually worse that the previous comment indicated. O’Keefe did not even “ask” for the ballot. He simply asked if the name Eric Holder was on the list in this precinct. The poll worker assumed that because he asked if the name was on the list that he was Eric Holder and offered him the ballot. So the poll worker took it even further than was requested by O’Keefe and enabled the voter fraud because he told O’Keefe that ID was not required even though O’Keefe said he left his ID in the car and he would need to go retrieve it.

  4. Ann Mallory

    2 years ago

    As far as I know, there is no law prohibiting anyone from being in the room where the ballots are handed out. So long as there is no interference, I don’t think there is a law to prevent anyone from observing the voting process. Perhaps we need to get volunteers to just be present observing. Not commenting, not interfering in any way. Just observing. Perhaps that would cut down on some of the voter fraud if everyone knew that someone was watching. We know voter fraud if prevalent in the Chicago area. We can also assume it’s prevalent in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis and other large metro areas.

    I would gladly volunteer to watch and observe for a couple hours on Election Day, or taking turns with other folks during voting hours, but I’m one of the election workers that asks you for your name and address, has you sign in, or actually gives you your ballot. If I didn’t work for the Election Commission every Election Day, I would cheerfully volunteer to hide and watch at a polling site. Perhaps you could call your local Election Commission people and ask them specifically if there is a law that would prohibit anyone from just observing – not commenting, not interfering, just watching – the actual voting process. I really don’t think there are any laws against it. However, where there is likely to be voter fraud, I would expect some interference from “law enforcement officials”. Perhaps some intimidation or threats of arrest or jail. That’s why I suggest calling the Election Commission and finding out exactly what the law says BEFORE anyone observes. Maybe a call to the local police station would also be in order to find out what they have to say about it.

    Just an idea. Trying to keep the election fair and square and honest. We need voter ID laws in all 50 states!!!! I think the time has come for it!!!

    KHM above mentioned that the ballots will now be counted by a firm in Spain (Barcelona, I believe). SCYTL is owned by George Soros. (I tried to re-verify that, but his name does not appear anywhere on the SCYTL web-site. Go to myfreedompost site below.)
    Give it a minute to come up. VERY GOOD SITE!!!!

    Sorry this ran so long. Lots of info to convey. God save the U.S.A.!!!! Register and VOTE!!! Get your neighbors registered and to the polls!!!!! We cannot sit this one out “because my vote won’t make any difference” or “we’re gonna lose anyway”. No one knows that yet.

  5. shrtwv_lstnr

    2 years ago

    The Power Hour with Joyce Riley.

  6. Korean War Vet

    2 years ago

    My take on all of this, Folks? They’re pulling this garbage, using reverse psychology: the electorate is being made to think that…’if government officials and polling place officials are allowing this stuff, then why in Hell should I vote? I would just be shoveling $#@% against the tide, getting nowhere, so I’ll just stay home and not vote, hoping that all will come out o.k.’ This definitely is NOT the attitude to take, fellow Americans! We’ve got to keep on fighting, no matter what kind of crap Emperor Obama, Prince Holder, and all their little “yes-men” peons pull on us!

  7. Jay Higbee

    2 years ago

    I am more worried about Obama identifying or creating a national crisis, declaring martial law and taking over with his minions without an election. Read this administration’s play book, “Mein Kamf”.

  8. Perfectlyaged

    2 years ago

    The American voters needs to google Betty Viviano”s article on the internet and read it. It will arouse the sleeping giant in the American people about the crooked Obama and his administration.

  9. major

    2 years ago

    There has been a concerted effort to stifle the voter fraud investigations since before 2008. Some of this is false flag organizations who divert effort by claiming they are doing something but never doing anything. The Republican National Lawyers Council RNLC is one of them. Twice within months of a major election they collected donations claiming they were pursing legal action state by state to clean up voter rolls, but with no apparent results. As you know it can take years to get legal actions through the court system. If they had started this in 2008 like they claimed and pursued it all this time, then they would have made visible impact by now, but I believe they did nothing. After the subject election, they ceased the campaign and waited for the next major election. Their job is to defray effort and erode the impact of any effort to clean up voter fraud. Similarly, so is the job of Democrats who run as conservative Republicans and then when elected suddenly become strangely left leaning moderates. We are being betrayed by a hoghly organized socialist fifth column.

  10. Frances Dismore

    2 years ago

    If all this is true about George Soros owning the machines and counting the ballots, we probably won’t win the election because I don’t know what people like me can do. I saw America become a great nation and now am seeing it’s decline and my heart aches over this.

  11. Pat

    2 years ago

    Something to check out: The Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed (a Democrat), has announced that he will take the word of the political parties on the eligibility of presidential candidates, he will not question what they say. The Dems okay Obama, he’s on the ballot for Washington. No questions asked, no proof of eligibilty…What’s going on in other states? Same BS?

  12. robm

    2 years ago

    He is a Treasonous sort, like his boss…….

  13. END the FED

    2 years ago

    The men behind Barack Obama part 1
    The men behind Barack Obama part 2

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, the men behind Obama
    Impeach Obama 2012! Join The National Campaign!

    Major Obama Crony-Contributor company to count and manage 2012 US Vote results?

  14. Duane

    2 years ago

    Is there a way to get a count of how many voted as soon as the poles close? I remember in Florida (2000) and in the Wisconsin, and other elections, that sometime after the election some “uncounted” ballots are mysteriously found and the democrat count increases more than the republicans. I am sure the number of ballots is higher than the number who voted!

  15. 2dogs

    2 years ago

    Their customer list, ohh how impressive…state of NY, DC, wow. The EU, golly what an inpressive list of corrupt criminals. I am contacting the Texas Secretary of State to make sure we do NOT use Scytl.

    Marilyn…I had the very same idea…came to me as I slept. To have people at polling places, with Ballot Boxes and paper ballots, just to “double check” the accuracy and voter totals they come up with. A good friend, however, told me this would probably land me in jail????

  16. Gram

    2 years ago

    Marilyn, Poll watching won’t work in Washington state. We only do mai-in ballots now. Dems have been in control way too long. Go McKenna!! Goodbye Queen Christne!

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