Obama Attorney Attempts To Silence Opposition In RICO Case

November 16, 2012 @ 12 Comments

By Pamela Barnett.

Barack Obama’s attorneys attempted to intimidate an attorney in a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case regarding Obama’s forged Hawaii birth certificate, forged Selective Service Registration (Draft Card), and Obama’s use of a social security number never assigned to him according to federal database (E-Verify).  See here and here.  The next hearing on this case is Friday, Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. at the federal court house at 245 W. Capitol St. in Jackson, MS (open to the public.)

Scott Tepper, Esq (attorney for Obama) sent an email threat to sanction Orly Taitz, Esq. (the plaintiff representing herself in the federal RICO case) because she filed an affidavit that shows that the “Obama birth certificate” that Tepper filed with the court was further altered from the original forgery at whitehouse.gov.  This case was filed in the Southern District of Mississippi with the Honorable Henry Wingate, a Ronald Regean appointee, now presiding.

From a pleading filed by Taitz -

Tepper e-mailed Taitz and other plaintiffs a proposed settlement offer, where he wanted Taitz not to make any “defamatory remarks” about defendants and their attorneys and pay $25,000 attorneys’ fees to Attorney Begley or otherwise defendants will go after Plaintiffs seeking a much higher amount. Considering the fact that neither Taitz nor any of the Plaintiffs have stated anything defamatory, that all of their statements were true statements based on sworn affidavits and neither have done anything frivolous to warrant any award of fees, Taitz believes that this “offer” was a form of intimidation, particularly an intimidation of coplaintiffs and desire to silence Taitz and co-plaintiff’s regarding modifications in the image of the alleged birth certificate, which was sent by Tepper to the director of Health Loretta Fuddy. Further Tepper and Begley engaged in a campaign of harassment and intimidation, appeared on the radio, specifically RCR blogtalk radio, where they threatened that they will be going after the house of Taitz. This was done with a clear desire to intimidate and harass not only Taitz, but her whole family, her husband and her 3 children. 

In light of all of the tyrannical vote fraud nationwide in this recent presidential election, this could be one of the last opportunities to bring Obama to justice.  This could be the last line in the sand against complete tyranny in the federal government and our elections systems.  Showing up will let the judge know that there is great importance and public interest in this case and that the American people will not let this denial or rights regarding the usurper President Barack Obama stand.

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12 Comments → “Obama Attorney Attempts To Silence Opposition In RICO Case”

  1. ken manfra

    1 year ago

    must give more notice to attend I would go in a hearbeat,,ready to fight if neccessary!!

  2. Thomas

    1 year ago

    If that was any one eles they would be put in Jail with out any way of getting out.Obama has broken more laws and in my book he’s not above the law,make him prove he is a true “AMERICAN” or he’s free to leave and go some place eles and start his own country.and turn it is a bad state of trouble.In my book he’s nothing but a traitor to the free world.

  3. csmy

    1 year ago

    Sign the Petition:

    Until the petition reaches 150 signatures, it will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People, so be sure to share this URL:

    Short URL: http://wh.gov/XXF0
    Save and Share this URL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/house-representatives-and-senate-petition-prop-vet-president-obama-constitutional-eligibility-hold/L2GyHfCm

  4. Ed G.

    1 year ago

    Too bad there is a level of rank and widespread corruption that allows criminals to evade prosecution. If this were a normal citizen, a white man, or a republican official there would have been imprisonment already.

  5. billt

    1 year ago

    I cannot see why would americans vote for a man who is known to be a frawd. The economy is as bad as I have ever seen. The uneployment is up there and getting higher. Our credit rating has been downgraded since this frawd has been in office. We have the Ganhazi killings, where his administration and he lied about everything. We have or did have the “fast and furious” episode. He has gone around congress to do what ever he wants. And yet, he gets re-elected. Whts happening with this great country of ours. I tell you we are losesing it fast. We are losing our freedom. I pray to god, that this hearing that is going to be held about this frawed of a president and his birth certificate will result in his impreachment. This will be the only way to get our freedom and country back. Its funny how every poll showed that he was losing, every expert said that he was losing, yet he won? WOW, WHAT A FRAWD THIS GUY IS.

  6. Dan Stewart

    1 year ago

    I pray that this goes forward & obummer goes to jail or at least is thrown out of office. I also fear for the lives of the judge & Ms Taitz. This chicago mob is not above making sure they both have an “accident”.

  7. Richard Jauch

    1 year ago

    Hello out there: Tell the judge to look up birth certificate 32018 from the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, from August 4, 1961, enlarge the foot print on it so size 13 (my guess based on his height) and MAKE the liar in chief remove his right shoe and sock and have the liar’s foot print compared to the birth certificate’s. Of course people are afraid, look what those bastards did to Sarah Palin, the guy in Illinois (Ryan) and anyone else who has gotten in their way. Those are the true traitors. Oh, by the way, can a non-citizen be a traitor??? LOL

  8. Jetrayk

    1 year ago

    Absolutely correct and both the, DNC / RNC are culpable. This woman is more a man than most men.
    These RICO statutes apply directly to this vapid mob boss masquerading as a leader.
    May he lose power and die a slow miserable death without sleep. Amen.

  9. Doug Rodrigues

    1 year ago

    The corruption and subversion going on in Washington now has a convoluted history. One element of this subversion are the Neo-Communist DNC also known as “Progressives.” Another element is the CFR, the Tri-Laterals, the Bilderbergers, the FED, George Soros, Bill Ayers, and more. The “Progressives” follow the teachings of Vladimur Lenen and / or Karl Marx. They want a Communistic society. Following WW-II, the United Nations was created to for a One World Government, which is a Communist goal. The CFR are mostly Americans pushing for a One World Government. Some of the CFR membership purchased major News Media outlets decades ago in preparation and planning to use that News Media for future propaganda use. We’re seeing that now in the form of biased “News” reporting. The CFR are mostly Americans. The Tri-Lateral Commission has the same goals for the CFR, but have a higher level of foreign influence and membership. The Bilderbergers simply want to run the finances of the World to make more money. They basically run a conspiracy of greed. George Soros is another Communist inspired whack-job with the money to buy politicians. The private bankers of the FED are stealing this country blind! Bill Ayers, Obama’s co-conspirator in subversion is another hard-core Communist. He needs to be taken out and have concrete shoes put on, and then dropped into the Ocean so the crabs can feed on him.

  10. ONTIME

    1 year ago

    Damn, the guy must have stuck in the knife and hit bone…..RICO is it? serious law.

  11. David in MA

    1 year ago

    Why hasn’t obozo been arrested and arraigned?

    A prior President was arrested while in office,,,,
    Can you name him?

    President U.S. Grant, dat who.

    So, there is president of arresting a president…
    obozo has the advantage of being re-elected, even though he is a criminal.
    Where is the cop with the cojonies to serve the traitor with a court complaint
    spelling out his crimes, where is the cop who will have his name conveyed to history?

  12. nmgene

    1 year ago

    They need to arrest biden, pelosi and reid as coconspirators, then all of the damocrats for treason in voting for unconstitutional laws. Then clean out the rinos and incumbents who have been there longer then 2 terms. Yes term limits!!!! No retirements, cut the wages at least in half. That would still be double what most people make. Limit how much can be spent on a campaign. eliminate the dept of education, dept of energy, IRS, Batf The EPA. The billions saved used to pay down the debt. Eliminate the darned waste and there would be no reason to raise taxes ever again.

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