Where’s The Pressure On Dems To Cough Up Spending Cuts?

November 27, 2012 @ 3 Comments

Budget Policy: Republicans are being hounded mercilessly to abandon their no-tax pledge to get a deal on the fiscal cliff. So why aren’t Democrats facing any pressure to compromise on entitlement spending?

Every Republican who happens to bump into a reporter these days is sure to be grilled on tax hikes.

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” to cite just one example, David Gregory pressed Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., repeatedly on the topic. And stories are now rife with claims that Republicans are “softening” on taxes.

True enough, House Speaker John Boehner has already conceded the point about the need for more “revenues,” and several GOP senators and congressmen have publicly broken away from their no-new-tax pledge.

But while GOP leaders have been signaling a willingness to cut a deal — even if it means agreeing to some form of tax hike — Democrats are digging in against any meaningful changes to out-of-control entitlement programs.

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3 Comments → “Where’s The Pressure On Dems To Cough Up Spending Cuts?”

  1. Pat

    1 year ago

    More revenue? How about cutting out the waste, fraud and giveaways to special interests and foreign governments before they start slapping more taxes on working America. If someone loses a job or their income is cut back, the first thing a normal person does is figure out where they can make cuts to make ends meet and reduce their spending. What makes government so special that they can spend whatever they want, no limits, just bill taxpayers for it and print more money to fill in the gap….

  2. DanCalifornia

    1 year ago

    The Republicans need to stand their ground. Do not bend to the threats or bow to Obama. Our integrity, our principles, our values and our morals are the only thing we have left. To compromise these, is to surrender and live on our knees. So if we go over the cliff, so be it. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    Once Obama cuts the Military, others will look at the United States as weak and will attack. Then, as we have done before, we will rebound. The people of The United States have spoken and they wish to be taken care of. Obama is their Santa Claus. Give them their wish. Sometimes you just have to give people what they wish for. It’s called Tough Love!

    After we are attacked, Americans will wake up and become producers instead of takers and our Constitution will be reborn in the original format. Our economy will explode and expand beyond anything ever seen before. Obama, Harry, and Nancy will be put on the scrap heap with the rest of the trash and The United States of America will, once again, be The Greatest Nation on Earth.

    We were “The Land of the Free”, because we were “The Home of the Brave”.

    Oboma Worshipers need to learn that Freedom is not free and neither is Lunch!

    Republicans, Conservatives and Patriotic Americans: Stand up for your integrity, your principles, your values and your morals and let your voices be heard or you will be living on your knees!

  3. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    Nice dream, Dan, but you can’t expect people who have never worked and haven’t been taught how to work to suddenly wake up and have a patriotic epiphany. They’ll demand even more and instead of working, they’ll riot if they don’t get it free and gratis. Real tough love would involve cutting them off and shooting them down in the streets like rabid dogs once they choose to riot. Few Americans have the stomach to see that plan through to completion. Why do you think the politicians love gun control so much? They know this generation of Americans isn’t going to peacefully wait in Depression-era bread lines like our grandparents’ generation did 75 years ago.

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