Forensics profiler deconstructs Barack Obama

December 13, 2012 @ 15 Comments

Cutting edge forensic profiler Dr. Andrew G. Hodges is using his skills to decode the psychological construct of President Barack Obama to uncover the reasons for what the doctor believes to be the president’s “deep misguided fury … toward America.”  Using a method he calls “thought print decoding”, Hodges explains the shadow side which Obama reveals in his speeches and especially his letters to his daughters. “These communications result from part of the subconscious called super intelligence,” says Hodges.

Thought print decoding enables Hodges to read between the lines of Obama’s thought processes to reveal secret traumas controlling his life. The forensic psychiatrist asks in his new book THE OBAMA CONFESSION “What does he (Obama) truthfully tell us about his birth certificate?”

Secret fears and secret fury concerns are based in the President’s memories of his father, Barack Obama I, a man who held deep seated anger against the concept of colonialism that the elder man experienced while living in Africa.   Also, one anecdotal story concerns the younger Obama coming upon a conversation involving his mother about the topic of abortion.  He somehow felt perhaps he was considered a candidate for the procedure given the questions of his parentage and the matrimonial bond; he wanted women to have a pro-choice orientation to life.

Hodges traces the shadow side of powerful hidden forces driving Obama. These include his controversial birth, Muslim childhood, indoctrination by radical left wing activists and present day ascension to the White House. In a series of very deeply specific videos (below), Hodges explains to viewers just what to notice in Obama’s speeches.

Read More at Western Journalism . By George Spelvin.

15 Comments → “Forensics profiler deconstructs Barack Obama”

  1. Yah Coyote

    1 year ago

    I guess it is good to have substantial psychological expertise substantiate what others have deduced from his actions. The narcissus (who could resist when elevated from abandoned child to American President) in some thirty short years. It is so unfortunate that a man who could have been the 100 year healing of the wounds of the Civil War got so steeped in progressive, jihad, communist philosophy and has done so terribly poorly (even down right evilly) instead.

  2. kathryn Shiffrar

    1 year ago

    I certainly don’t know what makes this pres. run, but he definitely wants the destruction of America and wants the nation and it’s people who believe in the Constitution, to become the results of his dictatorship!!

  3. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    The man couldn’t have gotten anywhere if America didn’t have its collective head up its ass. It isn’t what makes the sick bastard tick that’s important, it’s what makes us tick as a people that we have to confront.

  4. dak605

    1 year ago

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo

  5. Mary A. Cole

    1 year ago

    I agree with those who believe the enemy is us. It is especially obvious after we were fooled 2 times! We do not vote wisely. Wisdom comes to those who fear
    God –caring more what God thinks than what any man thinks. We have turned away from God and are reaping the consequences.


    1 year ago

    You frigging libs sure know how to pick’em…….crooked suckers all.

  7. James Padgett

    1 year ago

    A democracy can bring about a good government only when you have a majority of the population who is responsible enough to research vital issues. The fact that a great many Americans have not taken the time to research the issue of Obama’s eligibility (when it has been so much in the public’s eye – and leads anyone with an open mind to see Obama is clearly ineligible to be president) indicates that America cannot expect to succeed/prosper as a democracy.
    I still pray that someone somehow can bring to light this man’s ineligibility in a way that is easy to see and undeniable. A way that is concise, brief, easy to follow/understand – as Ross Perot did in his presidential campaign (causing him to garner many votes).

  8. Art

    1 year ago

    It is the presidents right to hate America…I,m okay with that….I AM NOT okay with the fact that there are no tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Ave.

  9. Gary Hern

    1 year ago

    President Obama thinks like Farrakhan the American Muslim leader.
    If all Americans had to start over in an equal job, money, home and education
    then the transfer of wealth would be worth it to him. Bankrupting America to
    achieve his dream would fit the writing of the book to a tee.

    Once all Americans had to start over then He the President would decide who gets
    what and when. Obama Care, grants, privilege’s, Union Jobs and Government Jobs.
    Based on a Berkley education grant only those who’s parents are poor would Qualify for educational assistance, etc., and the new wage allowed to be paid
    by government and the private sector would follow.

    Religious institutions would be taxed and not exempt from anything. The Rich
    will be taxed at a higher rate and those who cannot pay tax’s will be given a
    waver. In turn a waver system will be created for health and education.

    To Use the highways and roadways those driving will be taxed for not taking the
    public transportation. Only the elite should be driving anyway, that is the
    European elitists thinking. We should accept our second class status with glee.
    This fits the pay back thinking coming out of Chicago. aka Chi-town! Mentality of Muslims who think that they should be the only one’s in charge..

    Even though He has not said he is a Muslim, he practiced it as did his father
    when he was in Kenya. Divisional thinking impairs your reaction measures to
    make sound judgements. Karl Marx, once let his daughter die because he could
    not afford to feed her and heat the house. Even though his best friend a upper
    class person offered him assistance, money, a job and medical care to his daughter he chose to let her die to prove that in a socialist world he would not
    bow down to the elite?

    In America, because Obama wasn’t conditioned as a child to love America he now does so on his terms, his imagination of an America by Obama! Not based on what
    you or I or anyone was truthfully taught or read who we are. That is why the
    press is quickly trying to reinvent America as are the liberal teachers trying to teach about an America that never existed so as to appease the minorities.
    The same minorities came to America to escape their European oppressors and now
    our Elitists Government and it’s member want us to become that new envisioned
    dream of “World Government” control. It failed in Germany, It failed in Russia and even China has accepted Capitalism over socialism. (China still be-
    lieves the masses cannot rule because they are second class citizens without
    saying so.) Look at the dual standard of our government concerning taxing, spending paying taxes and how you get ahead in a progressive socialistic govern-
    ment. Who should be punished and who gets away with murder.

    Good Luck President Obama, We do not live in a dream world.. You have not brought Wall Street to justice, nor have you brought one Senator or Congressman to justice for the failed state of our Government. Just like Russia and Europe! Not one!

    President Obama has to get his head out of Mad Mag., and out of the seventies
    and allow America to exceed in the 21st century. When your banks don’t trust
    you and your best friend bailed on you and went back to Chicago to rule because
    Axelrod got in his way makes you wonder why Hillary stepped down as Sec., of State when a year ago she said she loved her job and position and didn’t want
    any other job in government? Signs of divisional thinking by a progressive!

  10. josi

    1 year ago

    I don’t care what makes Obama tick, but I do care that he is our president who abuses the power that office has. I care that we have raised up a bunch of idiots who are the voters. Just watch ‘Waters world’ when he interviews young adults on the street. They do know who is who or what they do. They just go to school on government money, make merry, and have no thought of tomorrow. I care that the Hollywood crowd are not even sure who they are, just whatever character role they are playing, and getting rich off the country and it’s people that they trash. I care that no one does anything but talk about the problems and show off for the caneras. What makes all of you tick. Obama didn’t get into office without votes, did he? So many people did not even go to the polls. Just the takers with hands out. I don’t care about them. I care that so many GET AWAY WITH IT. Now they are using another shooting to go after guns. The President and Clinton are afraid that if people can fight back they will not gain control. Watch what their goal is next. They will not let this terrible Ma killing go to waste.

  11. Ed

    1 year ago

    So What’s Your Ponit?? ALL You People RUN Your Mouths And Do the Same Thing Over And Over NOTHING!! Anyone With A Brain Knows O Bama and His Cronies, Along With MOST of the Congress & Senate Are Felons & Traitors!!!!

  12. Bruce

    1 year ago

    Certainly abhorrent is the shooting in CT. (Not Ma. Josi) but where is the national media when Chicago; the presidents home city is on course to reach over 500 shooting deaths in 2012 ;over 50 on one particular weekend this year and twice the murder rate of NYC?? Certainly more are shot than the 500 that die. Small cities here in upstate NY like Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse experience shooting deaths weekly if not daily. This cultural cancer is ignored by government officials as they respond to the tragic and sensational stories portrayed ad-nauseum by national media as opportunity for superficial “face-time”. Apparently placing a scientific vehicle on Mars is less challenging and has a higher priority than reigning in an Urban culture prone to deadly violence

  13. major

    1 year ago

    The internalized fury comes from an initial, deep seated inferiority complex. In order to find an external scapegoat to blame his imagined internalized failures on, systemic conspiracies against the minorities by the white european culture are convenient and non personal reason why he is a failure, even though most of those failures are exagerrated and imagined failures stemming from some traumatic event as a child. Socialist propagandists want to captialize on this neuroses to gain blind followers or useful idiots as, I believe, Lenin termed them. I believe this neuroses has become wide spread and is incited by socialist propagandists and race baiters. It also explains why liberal ideologues have become totally intransigent and entrenched in their refusal to recognize facts and to reason with facts. Global warming and other irrational ideologies also stem from this neuroses and exhibit the same intransigent inability to engage in reasoned discussion on the issues. This kind of irrationality is enhanced by a rapidly advancing technological culture and the increasing inability of large segments of the population to keep pace and compete in the advancing culture. This is where the deteriotion of the education system and the breakdown of the family structure are crucial to creating an increasing base of socially mal-adapted populations which can be easily manipulated through fear and guilt by socialist ideologues to acheive their goals for assuming power. The only effective antidote to fear and self loathing is a strong education system and family unit. Since this process is will advanced now, it cannot be rationally and methodically reversed any longer; hence I believe this is why wars come about. Like violent storms which tend to restore imbalances in the climate; wars in a sense purge imbalances in the social structure which can no longer be handled with rational social mechanisms. Its a pity that human society hasnt advanced sufficiently to avoid this social downward spiral where we are left with only one way to handle extreme societal imbalances.

  14. Philip McKee

    1 year ago

    What I think is he stole the election, he didn’t win it.
    Just looked at some online polls,results were as follows.
    Question States wanted to secede from federal government. 1982 votes.
    86% Yes, 10%No. Who did you vote for in 2012. 6% Obama. 41% Romney/ Ryan.

    Avoid Fiscal Cliff, who would want to drastic spending cuts taxes 72%. Rais taxes 4%
    Voted in 2012 election 78% Romney/ Ryan. 34% Republican, 22% Independent.
    15% Obama.

    Have talked to a lot of people, and non will say they voted for Obozo.

  15. Doug Rodrigues

    1 year ago

    My bumper sticker explains Obama. It says…”Once you understand that Obama hates America, you’ll understand his policies.”

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