The Ineligibility Battle (Let’s be Honest) Continues in Florida

December 19, 2012 @ 22 Comments

The following was written in response to Bob Unruh’s recent WND article (“Democrat Demands Eligibility Hearing Now”) on the petition by Attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of Democrat Plaintiff Michael C. Voeltz for determination by the court as to the eligibility of Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

Think of the absurdity of all of the endless debating and legal maneuvering (on the part of the judges and the Obama defense team) when all that is needed, and all that has been needed from the beginning of this insulting charade, is for a judge to simply require the obvious – that his “original” birth certificate be examined. Is there a sentient being on the planet who would not admit that this would end the so-called “side show” once and for all? No, of course there isn’t…not an honest one (or one who registers brain-wave activity), at least.

Instead, even if a judge were to order this, Jill Nagamine, the Hawaii Deputy Attorney General whose husband is somehow closely tied to Obama, would twist the law – as she already has on numerous occasions – to protest that showing the birth certificate (a “bonafide” copy of which he has supposedly posted on his official White House website for all the world to see) would violate HI state law. Even though the very statute that she has quoted ad infinitum (HRS 338-18: b-9) specifically allows that a “court of competent jurisdiction” can order examination of such a document.

In addition, according to the same statute (HRS 338-18: g-4): “A private or government attorney who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record which was acquired during the course of or for purposes of legal proceedings” can request “a verification in lieu of a certified copy” of the validity of specified facts from the record. In other words, Mr. Klayman himself could by this very statue request that the State of Hawaii verify that the virtual birth certificate posted at is an exact replica of the original birth certificate in their vault. (AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett asked for this to be verified, and HI State Registrar, Alvin Onaka, did not verify that it was, but in a carefully crafted response said only that “the information” on the document posted at “matched” the record in their files. Attorney Klayman could, in fact, demand that the precise question be answered – unlike Mr. Bennett, who was only pretending to comply with the request of this author and others and therefore did not press the matter – shamelessly accepting a deliberate non-answer as sufficient when it clearly was not.)

Once again, is there anyone who would pretend that if Mr. Obama actually had a legitimate birth certificate he wouldn’t have simply turned it over (or allowed a forensic examination thereof)? No, once again there is not…but the sovereign People of this country are expected (told, by Republicans no less) to simply sit back and mindlessly accept that he has nothing to hide!

The bad news for his lawyers, the complicit judges, and other officials – from the head of the Social Security Administration to the head of the Selective Service (both of these key-identifying documents are forged and/or fraudulent as well) to the various Republican Governors and Secretaries of State  to virtually every Republican Congressman, Senator, and state legislator in the country (with only a handful of exceptions in the latter class) to the DNC and its legal counsel Robert Bauer to the Commission on Presidential Elections-is that each of them has violated his or her oath of office (or official mission statement in the case of the latter) before God and the People…and God will not be mocked!

EVERYONE in the room knows that the Emperor has no clothes; and the fact that only the rank and file citizens (for the most part) have dared to defy the orthodoxy of cowardly silence in the face of calculated character assassination will not absolve these Democrat and Republican members of the Ruling Class from their abysmal dereliction of duty.


 Read More at Western Journalism .  By Tom Ballantyne, Jr.

22 Comments → “The Ineligibility Battle (Let’s be Honest) Continues in Florida”

  1. Erick

    1 year ago

    Come on people! We want truth here! Look at the documents already!

  2. blauglas

    1 year ago

    Americans (that leaves-out the impostor-fraud-closet-leftist-socialist-public enemy #1-in-chief occupying OUR White House: there are not enough years in the millenium to jail or sufficient monetary fines that could be imposed on the charlatan arrogantly sitting in our top office of OUR Country, by the obummer-ovomit. When the truth gets finally disclosed, there is no hiding place in the world that will provide a refuge for this scoundrel-spender-saboteur of our Country-in-chief. No pension for this anti-Christ, no “legacy” as a “prez”, as we will officially in our history NOT have a valid 44th “POTUS”. So be it, so be GONE !

  3. Dan Stewart

    1 year ago

    Even if he was born in hawaii, which I doubt, he is still NOT legal. His father was a british citizen, making obama a duel citizen & therefor NOT eligible to be president. It seems that almost everyone has forgotten this, choose to ignore it, or are so dumb they don’t know about it. The supreme court, long ago ruled on the natural born clause, IE: both parents US citizens at the time of birth. This also makes Rubio inelligible, but a lot of people are still pushing for him to run. Laws are laws, & if we don’t follow them, then we are already what obama is trying to make us, a third world country.

  4. DaSarge

    1 year ago

    We, the People of the United States both Deserve honesty and WE DEMAND IT. ESPECIALLY from our elected officials. And the autor of this piece is truly correct when they wrote that “every elected official from…to has violated their Oaths of Office”. They ALL deserve to lose their offices, and We the People should turn the bastards out!!!

  5. Most Rev. Gregori

    1 year ago

    I must disagree with the premise that all that is needed, and all that has been needed from the beginning of this insulting charade, is for a judge to simply require the obvious – that his “original” birth certificate be examined. Even if Obama were to produce a valid long form birth certificate showing that he was born in Hawaii, it would not prove that he was eligible to hold the office of president, it would only prove that he was a citizen of the United States. Where he was born is not the problem. The problem is that Obama does NOT meet the “Natural Born Citizen” requirement of the Constitution of the United States. If he was born in Hawaii, as he claims, that would make him a ‘citizen’ of the United States, but since, as Obama himself claims, his father was a Kenyan, and since at the time of Obama’s birth, Kenya was a colony of Great Britain, made his father a British subject, and since according to British immigration laws at the time, that makes Obama a dual citizen of the US and great Britain. So, since Obama’s father was NEVER a citizen of the United States, and since Obama holds dual citizenship with Great Britain, that makes him an ineligible president on two counts. He fails to meet the “Natural Born Citizen” constitutional requirement and the constitution does NOT allow those with dual citizenship to be president.

    The “Natural Born Citizen” requirement also affects Sen. Marco Rubio, should the GOP put him up as presidential candidate in the future, because even though Rubio was born in Florida, which makes him a citizen of the United States, he is NOT a natural born citizen because in order to be a natural born citizen, both of ones parents MUST be citizens of the United States at the time of the birth of the one seeking to become president. In Rubio’s case, his parents did NOT become US citizens until Rubio was four years old.

  6. Darrell.

    1 year ago

    Most Rev. Gregori, I do agree with you 100%. If in fact, Senator Rubio is not a natural born citizen, then he should not be allowed to run for President of the United States. We must abide by our constitution, regardless of political party. I cannot fathom the cowardice of Republican candidates, prior to the November election, who failed to bring to the attention of the American public, the birther issue with President Obama. Does policial protocol require that courage and relevancy as to conforming to the U.S. Constitution not be mentioned but just avoided so as to not embarass anyone? What cowardice? This better not happen again in 2016-be it Democrat or Republican candidate!!!

  7. Art

    1 year ago

    Too late America…you have been ffucked by the imposter who bamboozeled all of your blue haired aunties into thinking that he was some kiind of nice person when he is if fact he is the Grand Dragon of the Democratic Party. Thats right…all of you stupid white people who voted for him are really going to get screwed along with the rest of us…enjoy….

  8. lonelyvoice

    1 year ago

    I find it amazingly frustrating that it is so difficult to verify the eligibility of someone who holds the highest office in the land ! I never would have believed that our judges are so corrupt and/or gutless that this could be allowed to happen in America! It is obvious that the US Constitution, and the rule of law mean nothing to these people! Lock and load!

  9. Richard Jaust

    1 year ago

    To the MORONS out in the free world that think (if they can) that B.H. Obama, Jr, was born in Hawaii please consider this scenario. No Hawaiian birth certificate, PERIOD!! That should be enough, but the liars who work for BHO, Jr., don’t care about facts so they put the most rediculous “birth certificate” ever seen, with numerous errors and falsifications on the WHITE HOUSE WEBSITE! Talk about stupid people hoping the stupid liars of the media won’t call them on their false birth certificate, well, what the hell?
    Here’s the deal from a guy born about 2 weeks before Barak H. Obama, Sr, me in Chicago, he in Kenya. He gets to Hawaii to “study” something. His family has to have money or he could NOT afford college, I know, I was at the U. of Illinois at the time. Stanley Ann Dunham shows up in the fall of 1960, finds B.H.O. Sr, gets knocked up by him within just a few weeks of her arrival on Hawaii and proceeds to continue the pregnancy since an ABORTION was a real bitch to get back then. She has to go to a OB/GYN sooner or later. (Do you think she called her folks, those conservative Kansas parents living in the Seattle area and asks for money and support after she tells them she got knocked up by a Negro man 5 years older than herself?) The OB/GYN she HAD TO SEE looks over the situation and sees this: An 18 year old brat from Seattle, no family on Hawaii, no job, no source of income pregnant by a NEGRO (that is what we called the Negro race then, not Black, not African/American or any of that stuff) who is 5 years older than is she and what does he think? Who will pay if this is a breached birth? (Oh, if you didn’t know it 18 inch long babies, at birth, stick out quite a bit in the mother’s tummy). So what would ANY OB/GYN do in such a case? Ask the patient if she had another place to go to have her child where there was enough money to cover all the potential extra costs. So, folks, just Google “Birth Certificate #32018 from the hospital in Mombassa, Kenya, during the month of August, 1961 and you will be able to put together the entire situation. That birth certificate has a foot print on it which will, I will bet, be exactly the same as BHO’s current footprint, albiet a tad larger today. Now if anyone of any official capacity was to go to Mombassa, Kenya today and request the records of births for the months of July and August, 1961, that person(s) will find that ALL those birth certificates were “Lost” in some kind of a catastrophe. There is a woman who has recently (3 years ago) said that she has a birth certificate that looks very much like #32018, that she was born in the Mombassa hospital during August, 1961, and that her birth certificate has a number within a few of #32018. Anyone making an inquiry about this person might just find she no longer lives in the area, is in a grave in the area or some such thing has happened that she can no longer speak to the situation. (If the magots of the Democrat party went after Sarah Palin the way they did what do you think those magots would to to someone in Kenya that said she was born in the hospital in Mombassa in August, 1961?)
    If a person lied to protect Barak H. Obama, Jr., in his lies to become President of the United States then those folks, ALL of them, have committed election fraud and should ALL be placed in Joe Arpiao’s comfortable quarters in Arizona for the rest of their lives. I could go on for a few more paragraphs but I think you get my message. Merry Christmas and good luck on getting any of the above completed before 2016 AD.

  10. Robert Hamilton

    1 year ago

    This unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, racist, bigot, half breed, foreign national, Muslim POTUS does what he wants. He has the money and power backing him so whatever he does all adversity will be handled.

  11. Marriott Cole

    1 year ago

    Somehow it seems that every judge, every governmental official, has been bribed or coerced to support or overlook Obama’s fraudulent usurpation of the presidency. When our leaders are corruptible, how can we expect citizens, such as the crazies who shoot kindergarteners, to be less so? God help our nation! Marriott Cole, author, Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate

  12. klesb

    1 year ago

    Is it not time for We the People to demand our “representative”, the employee we hired to represent each of us in the so-called “House of Representatives”, to investigate this with his/her/their clear Constitutional powers?

    Outrage is added to outrage, abuse added to abuse, crime added to crime by a likely fraudulent and ineligible person.

    And, the clear solution is so simple. If he cannot be proven eligible, he needs to be impeached, indicted, or both.

    And, worse, if We the People do not force this investigation by our employees, who have individually sworn an oath to defend Our Constitution, the crime continues!

  13. USMC DAV

    1 year ago

    This makes me laugh. You are right that the repubs have no guts to pursue this obviose phony. Why was John McCain, a war hero, and pow from vietnam vetted, but not the phony? BECAUSE THE DUMBOCRATS RAN CONGRESS.iT’S SO OBVIOS THAT IT’S PATHETIC. yET THE IDIOT ANCHOR ON FOX,(which how this clown is even on fox is amazing) Shepard Smith, the ultra liberal all the way said that the birthers were a bunch of crazies,is there, is amazing. He must have something going with Rupert. It makes me sick to see these dumbos still running this country. Are you kiddin me? Fox the only “NEWS” station on tv that doesn’t spew the garbage propaganda that ‘dumbo” tells them to do like nbc,cbs,abc, and especially the degenerate msnbc still has this clown employed? Give me a brake.I still say, keep investigating the dumbos for election fraud, which really happened and Col West is the only one still pursuing this. There is NO WAY the dumbo was legally reelected. Remember what the jackass said over an open mike when he was talking to the russian? “tell putin I’l have more flexibility after the election” It makes me sick to my stomach and not so proud now, by seving in he USMC at 17 years old, in Korea, and coming back as a permanent DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN.

  14. Dallas Orf

    1 year ago

    We had better get that issue of the requirement for parental citizenship resolved soon because we have a few in the GOP that are in that situation as well (Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal etc)

  15. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    Let’s not forget that with all of the other shit Obama has his hand in, he’s also an identity thief. He’s illegally using a stolen social security number from a guy in Connecticut, a state he never lived in. How do you get a state code on your SSN from a state you never resided in? He makes Richard Nixon look like a saint in comparison.

  16. ONTIME

    1 year ago

    It’s clear that the Faker in the WH has managed to politicize the justice system and put the fear of God in their olbigatory jurisprudence, add this to the kingdom of the racist AG Holder and the congress is sitting on it’s proverbial hands wasting time and money….

  17. Joanofark

    1 year ago

    We are wasting our time. We should be demanding that by default, since Obama has not submitted sufficient proof of his qualification, he has willfully committed perjury and fraud and to be impeached before he takes office again in January.
    There must be some computer wiz’s out there that can set up a web site for the purpose of collecting signatures on a petition to force resolution to this issue once and for all to the satisfaction of the people.
    Allowing Judge Surrick to state “ordinary citizens do not have the right to question the qualification of the President” should bring about his impeachment. If we have the right to pay taxes, we have the right to question everything our government does or fails to do. We need to invoke our rights under the constitution, “whenever the government becomes destructive to the people, it can be altered or abolished”. This is our right and we need to send them a message that we will invoke these rights if they keep disregarding this issue.
    By the inappropriate unrecorded session demanded by Obama with the Supreme Court he has destroyed their integrity as well. The Supreme Court Justices have either been blackmailed, bribed or lack the courage to take appropriate action. Granting the Supreme Court Justices life terms was a total mistake and needs to be rectified since they so willingly assisted in the cover up.
    When the Democratic Party, and their financial backers (the rich and influential Bilterberg group) need to exert so much pressure to corrupt the highest court in our land they have become dangerous and totally destructive to us and our country. They have become affected by the same disease that destroyed prior civilizations. They have become blinded by power and greed. Unwilling to learn from past failures more interested in creating more wealth for themselves by establishing a new form of government catering to only two classes, the rich and the poor—A dictatorship destroying our virtual freedoms under our Constitution. and a treasonous act against us and our country.

  18. Joanofark

    1 year ago

    Congress is attempting to use the ruse that only three basic qualifications are necessary when appointing someone who will hold one of the most critical positions in our country—be natural born, at least 35 years old and a permanent resident in the US for at least 14 years. They wish us to believe that the same type of investigations that schools, colleges and businesses do on all their employees especially those who will hold high level positions are non-essential. Are they insane or think we are stupid enough to support such a blatant and lacksidaisal attitude towards our safety and that of our country.

    A total of seven attempts have been made by Congress to change the “natural born” Presidential requirement, before Obama took office and now to remove the potential for his disqualification which by unsealing his personal records would disclose that he, and the Democratic Party, willingly committed fraud and perjury by approving Obama as a Presidential candidate. To hide this deception, they are attempting to force the Supreme Court to change an existing Constitutional requirement, and no doubt to make it recto-active, in order to cover up for their illegal activity and potential punitive action.

    Barney Frank and his cohorts believe the principle of equality is not served unless every citizen, regardless of place of birth, has the opportunity to reach the Nation’s highest office. Have they become blinded by power and greed that they fail to see the amount of influence a foreigner could yield in office. Per Professor McDonald, “ As a Senator it would be 1 of 100; as a Representative 1 of 435, but as a President it would be 1 of 1. Therefore, it is not discriminatory to restrict that position when access is not denied to the other two”.

  19. Joanofark

    1 year ago

    Come on all you computer wiz’s lets get a web site set up to enable the collection of signatures to present to all members of Congress and especially to every state governor demanding that action be taken immediately not be postponed to stop the inauguration of an illegal.

    Obama has perpetrated fraud, perjury and deception on the American people with the help of all three branches of our government. They are more concerned about embarrassment and their reputation than honesty. Our honesty and proper correction of the issue shall show all foreign countries that we are not invincible, that we can make mistakes but we do correct them.


    1 year ago

    Shakespeare once said something like: “The problem is not in our stars, but within ourselves.” The problem now is that within our population (legal or otherwise) has come to exist a critical mass of voters (again, legal or otherwise) who uncritically swallow the lying pap from an increasingly despotic administration. This is, of course, facilitated by the perks and privileges handed out by the administration at voter expense. The key question is how to reduce the percentage of uncritical, perk-seeking voters. Some thoughts: 1) Overhaul the PC oriented public education system, and replace with 3Rs ,critical thought training, and morality. 2) Seal the borders to eliminate perk seeking aliens. 3) Return to paper ballot voting to eliminate dishonesty associated with voting machines. 4) Term limits for congress to eliminate temptation to buy voters with perks to assure perpetual reelection. 5) Make voting a privilege, dependent on taking a short course on the facts behind each party’s platform. 6) And several more….. Good luck!

  21. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    Everything started going to hell once they removed property holding as a requirement for voting. Good arguments were made to get rid of it, but the results are bad. How about a NET taxpayer requirement to be eligible to vote? You must pay more into the system in taxes than you take out in welfare benefits such as Earned Income Credit. Being a welfare voter is conflict of interest. If you aren’t helping to fund the operation of government on a NET level, you should have no say in where or how the funds are spent.

  22. RDW1455

    9 months ago


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