Don’t sell us out on the 2nd Amendment, Republicans, or you’ll be sorry

January 16, 2013 @ 11 Comments

The Republicans in Congress look like they are about to sell us out on the question of protecting the Second Amendment. The way they took a dive off the “fiscal cliff” gives us an idea of what they will probably do when confronted with Barack Obama’s fearsome attacks on gun ownership. They won’t listen to us. They will jump as high as the media and Obama tell them to and count themselves lucky if they aren’t singled out as a Hillbilly and an ogre for opposing “common sense” gun control.

According to a newly released report, based on the results of a major sampling of conservatives–the kind of people who vote in Republican primaries–if this scenario plays out, many Republicans might be in for a rude awakening.

The survey on attitudes toward the Second Amendment was conducted by The Blaze, a website run by Glenn Beck.  The 106 questions it posed made it a very extensive probe of the issue.   It drew almost 5 million responses from almost 3 million people. Not surprisingly, 100% believe that owning a gun is a right.

Of direct importance to Republicans: 85% are over 34 years old, and four of five are homeowners. Furthermore, 78% are parents, three of four are married, and almost 75% are veterans or have a family connection to our military. Over seven in ten are males, and nearly two in three are gun owners themselves.

The level of interest in protecting the right to own guns is so high among these very likely Republican primary voters that when given a chance, they contributed 86 questions that were pointed enough to be added to the survey.

Read More at Western Journalism . By Derrick Hollenbeck.

11 Comments → “Don’t sell us out on the 2nd Amendment, Republicans, or you’ll be sorry”

  1. Kirk a Moses

    1 year ago

    They want to register our guns so they can then tax them, after that they will come and get them, just like they have done in Nazi Germany and so many other countries before a dictator was put in office. We now are standing on the edge of the cliff, we have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough it is time to replace all of those in Washington…Washington politicians are the problem that is who we have to confront.

  2. Charlene Meadows

    1 year ago

    There will civil unrest if Obama tries to do this.
    Anyone who doubts he is capable of it ought to read the “New Orleans Gun Grab”. They thought it would never happen either.

  3. madascanbe

    1 year ago

    We are on a FAST ride to dictorship! Better WAKE-UP America, as if your life depends on it—–because it does!

  4. Greg

    1 year ago

    Sorry for bringing up “reality”, but obama made himself dictator today when he signed those 23 executive orders…. he will use his power over congress and the senate, and the republicans to pass anything and everything he wants. Do you see obamacare, miracle of all miracles…. the most despised law ever…. hey, it passed! Do see Benghazi and Fast and Furious…. obama and holder’s gun running giving aid and comfort to terrorist enemies who vow to wipe us off the map!? Guess what, he GAVE them assault rifles and ammunition, AND deadly fighter jets from our tax dollars for them to kill us. It’s okay for him to give VERY high powered military weapons, that WE pay for, to terrorists that kill us, but it’s not okay for us to be able to defend and protect ourselves in our own country that he refuses to secure our borders and leaves wide open for terrorists to swarm in and kill us at their will! Things that SHOULD make his sheeple go Hmmmmmmmmm, but don’t! Plus, WE pay pay for him and his family to have CIA armed guards to protect him 24/7 for the rest of his life. And, WE pay for his CIA armed guards to watch after his children in their school. He’s got it made in the safety department, no worries because we got his back. And, then he uses children to ram through his gun control for his agenda 21 one world order. I don’t trust this man, there are too many massacres happening all at once. More in the past 7 months than we have had in a 100 years, and all beginning with the UN Arms treaty that he VOWED to sign to give our sovereignty to the foreign entity the UN. Just a week before that vote we had the batman massacre, and a mild mannered medical student drugged out of his mind, and his personality changed drastically in just a few months, and who only worked part time, had thousands and thousands of dollars of ammunition, an amount that would make a military facility jealous, and which a military facility was near by. And the SWAT gear he wore would have cost him in excess of $20,000.00, which citizens do not have access to that kind of gear, and his apartment was expertly and professionally rigged and took two days to disarm, all done by a student medical student who worked part time. It was clear on the video of him at his first court appearance on the Monday after his arrest, he was still drugged out of his mind. Just days after the Clackamas Mall, we see the Sandy Hook massacre and there are growing evidence people are putting on YouTube showing many questions we need to get answered, and showing Robbie Parker is an actor laughing and reading from a script before his press speech. One mother even says that the picture of her child which they pulled off of her facebook page, and she is alive and well and pleading with people to expose this with her outrage. If obama faked Sandy Hook, and all the rest, and used this to take our guns, it’s despicable. I don’t put it past him, especially since all his voter fraud. Now it’s past time for him to be thoroughly vetted and investigated and everyone he has appointed to office thoroughly vetted and investigated. He wants US to be investigated and put in a national database so now it’s his turn. I demand his past be investigated and vetted, and show his credentials! It’s past time! And ALL of his appointments must be thoroughly investigated and vetted, too. He can use our White House as mob ran Fast and Furious and Benghazi terrorist central, and it’s past time to expose this muslim terrorist, and his time to comply to HIS boss, the American citizens.

  5. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    Obama and his gang of thugs need chaos in order to gain total power. They tried to engineer it with Fast and Furious and in the Benghazi fiasco and now they’re trying to do it here after the Newtown mess. They need a Reichstag event to get the people on their side. I’d be watching the Supreme Court very carefully if I was you. They’ve decided to hear the eligibility case against him. How much do you want to bet one of the consevative justices meets a tragic end before the February hearing either by Washington “gun crime” or a convenient heart attack? Once Obama has a majority on the Court, it’s all over for America.

  6. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    Google Ruger’s website and hit the “Take Action” link. It will send emails to Obama, Biden, your congressmen and senators, your governor, and your elected state officials and representatives. Over 435,000 people have done so already as I type this. Then forward it to you gun owning friends. We need to let these people know we’re seriously pissed off at this attack on our rights and property.

  7. Wolf Peterson

    1 year ago

    Silver lining? If the Democrats find a way to get all guns and or ammo then guess what: just like the result of prohibition, it will open the profit doors for the underworld (drug dealers & mafias & smugglers) to supply weapons to the American people. . . with the good news being that Americans will be able to purchase RPG’s, IED’s, Stingers, drones, and maybe even nuclear weapons from those suppliers!

    Give any human being on the planet the choice between making a profit or being a slave worker serving a Marxist master and they will choose the profit!

  8. Pat

    1 year ago

    NRA President David Keene has it right:

    Now if only our wimpy Republicans can grow a spine and stand up for the majority of Americans…

  9. JCS

    1 year ago

    It’s getting pretty close to being all over for Barry Soetoro.
    That boy is fixin’ to crash & burn.

  10. oldbutwiser

    1 year ago

    We have a president that runs military style guns into Mexico to all the Drug lords for just this one purpose, so that they could take are weapons away here in the US. The only problem is they got caught. Nothing has been done about that and probably never will. Then he literally let the US Ambassador and 3 other men be killed in in Benghazi, probably because they were running guns to the terrorist in Syria. Who knows I just know that this administration is not honest they have no honor or integrity.

    God help this nation but how can He, when we as a nation the people have turned their backs on God. We have dismissed him from our schools and let the Federal Government choose the curriculum for our children. They are teaching our children that it is okay for gay people to raise children, that it is okay to abort babies. Now they are teaching our children that Muslims are a peaceful religion, that is the most horrific lie that has ever been put out as propaganda in the history of this nation. GOD FORGIVE US and I Pray that this Nation Repents, and seeks God and turns from are wicked ways so that God can heal our Nation.

    I feel like once they take our weapons, next will be our free speech, then those that disagree with this administration will more than likely be put in some of the FEMA Camps that they have so many of. All I do know is that when the citizens of the United States are not allowed to say anything about the muslims an their prophet mohammed, that is now hate speech, or will be soon as obama signs that into law. If they allow him to do this with our weapons, they allowed him to commit our troops in Lybia, then he bought land when the Congress had already said no and there will be no funds for it, he did it anyway. I was also remembering in 2008 when he said that he was going to build a civilian military and that they would be as well armed as the United States Military. If he did do that we just might be in a bigger mess than we think.

    What scares me it is as though, that most all of congress is afraid of Obama and they now think just because he won the election and I honestly think that all the swing states machines were fixed. It is impossible for 100% of the vote to go to obama in several areas and no one questioned it. Even down in Florida with Allen West the GOP did not help him and I believe that seat was stolen. There is no way on earth that those people are that stupid to elect the jerk that was running against West.

    If Obama has his way this country will be a communist nation in 4 years. That is why he is pushing for a 3rd term, an Biden said as much when they asked him about the last time he would get to vote for himself. He oh no I will vote for me again and I just know that I will. Not the exact words but that is what he meant.

    I pray that the Senate says no on Hagel for Sec.of State because he hates Israel and thinks that Iran should have a nuke.

    Extremely worried

  11. v steve

    1 year ago

    The Second Amendment was a certification to protect what was frequently called “the first law of nature”—the right of self-protection—an inalienable right; a right guaranteed to every citizen individually.

    Our Founders believed that it was the duty of government (an inferior power) to protect inalienable rights from encroachment or usurpation.

    Every government which has not this in view as its principal object is not a government of the legitimate kind.”

    The Founders of this nation understood the source of inalienable rights is never from government. When Government grants rights, government can remove those rights. They understood that self-defense is an inalienable personal right, and the Second Amendment simply assures each citizen that they have the tools necessary to defend their life, family, or property from aggression, whether from an individual or a government.

    Owning a firearm is a pursuit of happiness fulfilled.

    Impeach obama NOW!

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