Frank in the Senate? Bad Idea , Says Massachusetts Activist

January 7, 2013 @ 2 Comments

A Massachusetts-based pro-family activist thinks it’s likely that recently retired Democratic Congressman Barney Frank will be appointed as a replacement for Senator John Kerry should he become Secretary of State.

Frank has confirmed to The Associated Press that he asked Governor Deval Patrick last week to appoint him as interim senator until a special election is held to fill Kerry’s seat. Under state law, the governor must appoint an interim senator if the Senate confirms Kerry as secretary of state. A special election would then be scheduled about five months later.

Frank says he is well suited to the job because he will not need a long time to get acquainted with how things work on Capitol Hill. But Brian Camenker, president of the pro-family organization MassResistance, believes it would be “horrible” for the state.

“He hates Republicans, hates conservatives, [and] he is very, very radical,” Camenker tells OneNewsNow. “Now if the governor. who is pretty much a radical Democrat himself, were to appoint him, we’d be stuck with him for two or three months and it would be ridiculous. It would be horrible.”

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2 Comments → “Frank in the Senate? Bad Idea , Says Massachusetts Activist”

  1. Donald Merriam

    1 year ago

    Just what we need, another Schumer or Feinstein polluting the Senate chamber. Maybe we can get Fannie Mae Part II out of the deal and a public school history curriculum celebrating famous queers throughout time. Keep that sickening pervert at home in Massachusetts!

  2. george

    1 year ago

    The US doesn’t need any more crap from that malodorous queer ass clown. Send him packing!

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