I’m An “Allen West American”; Are You?

January 30, 2013 @ 24 Comments

Allen West makes liberals mad!

And God Bless him for it!

They hate seeing American Black men loudly, proudly defend America, free markets, the Judeo-Christian ethic, and traditional values.

Doing this means no need for central management from the DNC and other communist controllers.

Liberals see Black folks as goose-stepping goons and basket cases on speed dial for their latest “Anything Goes!” schemes.

I often compare him to Malcolm X, another pugilistic plain talker who, unlike the former Congressman, aggressively promoted racial separation before renouncing it.

West promotes racial unity as part of a muscular American nationalism anyone can join.

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24 Comments → “I’m An “Allen West American”; Are You?”

  1. Lenis Ward Jr

    1 year ago

    Lt.Col. West for President!

  2. Jeena Nilson

    1 year ago

    Been an Allen West fan for YEARS already!!!!
    This man has integrity.

  3. NM

    1 year ago

    Why couldn’t he have been our first black president?

  4. Mary

    1 year ago

    Allen West is the George Washington of our time! What’s not to love about this brave, loyal and honorable man????

  5. James Green

    1 year ago

    Allen West is a great American hero. I have supported him all the way and still feel like he has a future in politics. I even sent money to his campaign. I hope he won’t get discouraged because of the organized threat against him by the Liberal Progressive Socialist evil Democrats! We need men like him to stand up for the right!

  6. Todd

    1 year ago

    A GREAT American! A top notch statesman!

  7. Robert Hamilton

    1 year ago

    You bet I am!

  8. Jack Weaver

    1 year ago

    During the days of the Weather Underground,S.D.S. and other groups i was working in the Phoenix PD intelligence unit.I have watched this country go down hill as to it’s core beliefs and people understanding responsibility. Col. West inspired me and other members of my family.The main stream media and some republicans used the race issue to attempt to stop him. It took illegal methods to remove him from the Congress.What is going on is that they fear Col.West because he is a true American. God bless him and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  9. madascanbe

    1 year ago

    Too bad BO doesn’t have the ‘CLASS’ that Allen West has! I, too, wish HE had been America’s first black President, instead of the BOZO who is now!

  10. sharon critelli

    1 year ago

    have followed and admired your manner of strength with integrity for these past four years. I certainly pray you will serve our country in higher office in next election.

  11. Sid

    1 year ago

    HOW DO I JOIN UP????

    Mr. West is one of the greatest speakers I know of. I wonder why!!! He speaks from the heart, but most of all HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!! unlike the person who holds the office of the White House at the present time.

    I will second the motion for his run to the White House!!!! AND BE PROUD OF IT!!

  12. soraya

    1 year ago


  13. GG

    1 year ago

    There’s no way ANYONE with a modicum of intelligence could come close to comparing Lt. Col. West to Obama…NOT IN THIS UNIVERSE! The two are so diametrically opposite in class, decency, intelligence, dignity, honor and love of country! If Allen West decides to run for president, he will have my support. Obama has been a STAIN on the history our nation…a total DISGRACE! I pray that enough of the country will come to its senses to see how wicked and evil Obama is before it’s too late.

  14. GG

    1 year ago

    If you place ANY part of Allen West’s resume next to Obama’s, there’s absolutely NO comparison…there’s no area of accomplishment where Obama can even come CLOSE to Allen. Obama has every aspect of his life under lock and key. What other politician has EVER behaved that way?

  15. GG

    1 year ago

    Obama has made FOOLS of the people who voted for him…they gobbled up his lies as if their lives depended on it. Mass ignorance is a dangerous thing and now the entire nation has to suffer the consequences of so many willing jackasses. If Allen West decides to run for President, it would be WONDERFUL…absolutely WONDERFUL! Unlike Obama, Allen West loves his country and that means everything!

  16. NKJ767

    1 year ago

    I AM NOT!! I want nothing to do with traitor Allen West who supports and defends NDAA Indefinite Detention!!

  17. Joangio

    1 year ago

    I am such an Allen West American that I joined with THOUSANDS who tried to convince this humble, yet GREAT Patriot to run for the Presidency in 2012. He held his allegiance to his constituents in Florida, and they paid him back by giving his seat to another socialist pawn of the Democratic Party. If the Republican Party EVER wants to get me into a voting booth again, they’d better get behind THIS Hero, and others like him! I will sit out the next election rather than hold my nose for another RINO! Bring a REAL Conservative and a REAL American Hero with a REAL vision of the greatness of this Nation to the polls!!!

  18. Jacqueline L.

    1 year ago

    Allen West is everything O is not! He is a Patriot, he is inherently intelligent (not psuedo). He is a Warrior /he fought for and continues to fight for America’s values!
    He is opposed to racism and class warfare. He opposes Political Correctness being used to rip the fabric of America apart!

  19. jerome ennis

    1 year ago

    Allen West tells it like it is.  Hopefully, the black community will wake up and see how the Federal Government’s Welfare Plantation has destroyed the black family and their dignity and work ethic.  Of course, that was the aim of the Democrat Party to begin with.  They knew and still know that as long as the government uses the public education system and other government programs to dumb down citizens and make them dependent on government, that they can easily control them and can also count on them to vote for them, thus keeping them in power in perpetuity.

  20. jerome ennis

    1 year ago

    I like Allen West. I would vote for him, but I have some problems with his explanation on this vote. I wish he would have just told the truth and said that he did it for political purposes because he wants to stay in good stead with his CBC buddies and with blacks in general. This sort of pandering is why the USA is still Apologizing for Slavery and Working Over Time to Satisfy the Race Hustlers and Shake Down Artists such a Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis B. Farakhan, et.al. Of course his vote on the Pigford II legislation was political. He figured King’s bill would be defeated so he made a political decision to go along with Eric Holder and the Congressional Black Caucuses Shake Down of the American Tax Payers. Right is Right. Wrong is Wrong. If West is this gutless on a bill that is sure to pass that he takes the Easy Way Out, what would he do on truly more important and bigger issues. I will be so happy if ever, the USA, gets over it’s Slave Days Apology Tour and welcome the Blacks to the Land of Taking Individual Responsibility and Quit Blaming everything on Racism and Demanding Reparations for Damages, present, past and future. The Black Racism Card has been played for far too long. It is time to put an end to Racial Politics and Stop Allowing Black Hucksters to Fleece America because of something that occurred 200 years ago and has been occurring for thousands of years in which All Poor People, Regardless of Color, have at one time or another been Slaves, Serfs, Servants, etc. It is time to Force The Blacks in this country to take responsibility for themselves and stop Blaming the White Man as a Way of Shaking Down the Taxpayers. If all these legislative actions had no monetary gain attached to them, these blacks hucksters and race hustlers would not be involved at all. Just Follow The Money. West did not want to the Black Race Hustlers and Shakedown Artists to go after him and call him an Uncle Tom by voting Responsibly on this Bill. Where is the Intergrity and Courage that so many West Suopporters claim he has??? Just some food for thought.

  21. Jack

    1 year ago

    Wait! Have you looked at his voting record while in Congress? This main is a traitor to not only the Republican party but also the Constitution! What the hell is wrong with you guys? You have guilt so you prop up a RINO black person? I’d have ALL the respect in the world for him if his voting record was pro-constitution, anti-debt increase…but look for yourselves and USJF, you just got sent to the spam folder. You are full of crap!

  22. Merlin Wood

    1 year ago

    if allen became president most of washington would leave the country

  23. John McClain

    1 year ago

    I firmly believe in Allen West and would actively work to get him elected president! I AM an Allen West American!

  24. Johnson

    1 year ago

    Col. West may have been hood winked by Boerner into a misguided vote or two but I give him a pass, afterall he was pretty new to politics, he was one of the first people to stand up against the Obama/media corrupt machine and he made me proud to be in the GOP love America First crowd.

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