Republicans Ask Clinton to Answer Key Questions Left Unanswered on Benghazi

January 30, 2013 @ 7 Comments


( – With just three days to go before her last day at the State Department, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to be dogged by questions about the deadly terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi last fall.

In a letter sent late on Monday, three Republican House committee chairmen asked Clinton to provide documentation relating to security at the consulate, video footage of the September 11 attack, and other material, saying the recent Accountability Review Board (ARB) probe into the incident had left key questions unanswered.

Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), and House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) noted that the board had not questioned the department’s senior-most officials, including Clinton herself, Deputy Secretary William Burns and Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources Thomas Nides.

They said they believed its failure to do so was “a critical omission from the ARB’s review of the facts leading up to the attack.”

Among questions still unanswered, the lawmakers wrote, were the reasons why Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy had apparently withdrawn a security support team (SST) from Libya, “despite multiple warnings from Ambassador Chris Stevens of a deteriorating security situation.”

“This was a key decision that detrimentally affected the security posture of U.S. diplomats in Libya prior to the attack,” Royce, Issa and Chaffetz said.

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Photo Credit: US Embassy New Zealand (Creative Commons)

7 Comments → “Republicans Ask Clinton to Answer Key Questions Left Unanswered on Benghazi”

  1. RAE

    1 year ago

    I understood if they did not get all the proper information they required on Benghazi, that Hilllary would be subpoined

    Is this not going to happen she should not be let off the hook and epart like some PRIMA DONNA

  2. Pat

    1 year ago

    I wish the rest of the Republicans in Congress had some spine to go with those three who questioned Hillary. The NRA has more spine and other parts than the Republicans who are supposed to be representing us. What a bunch of wimps….They will let Obama and Hillary escape, even though the stinky trails of Benghazi keep leading back to them.

  3. Captain

    1 year ago

    Hillary Clinton has accepted “Full Responsibility” for the disaster and fiasco at Benghazi. Just what, exactly, does this mean? It means that it is HER FAULT!! Four citizens oF the United States, including our ambassador are DEAD. Has she been fired or removed from her post? Is she going to be imprisoned? Is she going to be sued for expenses related to the killings? Will she lose her retirement? Will she be prohibited from any future employment with the United States Government? Will she fall on her sword? If you are responsible for a major disaster, should not some very serious punishment befall you? She takes “Full Responsibility”. WHAT DOES THAT REALLY MEAN???

  4. Bill

    1 year ago

    Hillary and Bill are lying murderers.

  5. Esther

    1 year ago

    It is absolutley disgusting, the way this dirty,rotten, lying administration ,is
    getting away with their dirty work, to bring down America. Our Congress is disgrace. They no backbone to stand up against this marxist regime. Most Americans are too stupid to care, what is happening, and keep voting the same
    self serving crooks, back into office time and time again.

  6. Marcella

    1 year ago

    They should have been questioned under sodium pentathol

  7. Barb

    1 year ago

    As of Friday, February 1st, 2013, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a PRIVATE CITIZEN. She will no longer hold any government position that will enable her to continue to hind behind and LIE. The House Committee should subpoena her and bring her in handcuffs if necessary. She managed to duck out very quickly immediately after Benghazi, a very important “wine tasting” in Australia. She needs to have her hide nailed to the wall and an attitude from the committee of should be “take no prisoners”.

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