Why Fewer Americans Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin

January 16, 2013 @ 4 Comments

Photo credit: khalid Albaih (Creative Commons)

There’s a new poll out that claims “[f]ewer Americans believe homosexuality is a sin than a little more than a year ago.” Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, claims the reason for the opinion shift “is most likely the result of President Barack Obama’s ‘evolved’ view of gay marriage.”

I have to disagree. The reason for the shift is due to the fact that a huge publicity and propaganda campaign has been waged by the very active homosexual community, the entertainment industry, and the educational establishment.

The fact that you will almost never hear a promoter of homosexual rights ever use the word “homosexual” is an indicator that semantic subterfuge is going on. The use of the word “gay” was carefully chosen to obscure the act of homo (same) sex sexual activity.

If I were ever invited on a talk show to address the topic of homosexuality, here’s the first question I would ask: Please define homosexual? A have a number of follow-up questions depending on the answer. I follow a similar line of questioning about the so-called “pro-choice” movement: What is a woman choosing to do?

Homosexual characters are rarely if ever shown engaged in homosexual activity on television. Rarely do you ever see a homosexual portrayed in film or on television in a negative way. Compare this approach to how business owners, anti-abortion activists, and religious people are portrayed.

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Photo credit: khalid Albaih (Creative Commons)

4 Comments → “Why Fewer Americans Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin”

  1. Dallas Orf

    1 year ago

    But sadly, it IS a sin and we are allowing our children to be brainwashed into contrary thinking

  2. James Green

    1 year ago

    Our nation may be destroyed for condoning homosexual perversion, sadly. Most of us are decent God-fearing Christians, who understand very clearly that homosexuality is abhorrent sin. We don’t want our children to be exposed to its influence and we don’t want to grant any special rights to those who need serious counseling to overcome the conditioning that has led them to to be so twisted in their thinking. We need to pray for their souls and their happiness, both of which are terribly negatively and adversely affected by their aberrant behavior. But good Americans must stand up and let it be known… no more of the media brainwashing!

  3. Charles Sproull

    1 year ago

    Let’s look at this issue from God’s point of view, according to what His word says.
    No matter how much you rub them together, it is impossible to “mate” two male plugs or two female receptacles and pass the current or signal that was intended by the electrical engineer. Likewise, it is impossible for two men or two women to “marry” and complete the biochemical reaction that produces life as intended by our Creator. Homosexuals and lesbians are dishonestly abusing their body parts just to satisfy selfish erotic lusts.
    But Jesus loved us enough to painfully sacrifice his blood for remission (forgiveness of past sins) and provide all mankind with regeneration by His Holy Spirit, for the purpose of delivering sinners from the guilt and power of sin.
    This salvation is received by believing the gospel and having faith in the wonderful new birth procedure in Acts 2:38 (please read practical applications in Rom 1:16-17, 1 Cor 6:11). The emotions and actions listed right next to these, in Rom 1:18-31 and 1 Cor 6:9-10 should not be interpreted as condemnation, because this is the age of grace (condemnation will occur at the Judgment in Rev 20); but these are sins that Jesus shed His blood to save us from.
    I understand this by experience.

  4. verberat

    9 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with encouraging the acceptance homosexuality and bisexuality in society. It certainly won’t hurt anyone. It should be seen as normal and equal to heterosexuality, because it is! A huge benefit to society is that same-sex couples can adopt babies to give them a loving home and family.

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