Pat Boone: Obama Purposely Destroying America

March 15, 2013 @ 16 Comments

The great singer and actor also stresses Obama is a devout “Rules For Radicals” follower!

16 Comments → “Pat Boone: Obama Purposely Destroying America”

  1. Most Rev. Gregori

    1 year ago

    Cavuto is a spineless rat who refuses to face the truth or to let others, Pat Boone spell it out. Neil, you pathetic wimp, Obama is not doing what he is doing to our economy merely because he is inexperienced in financial matters, he is doing it on purpose to totally collapse our economy, as Pat Boone was trying to get across to you, because Obama IS a Communist or worse. If you can’t face the truth, get off the air instead of helping Obama to destroy us.

  2. Fred Powell

    1 year ago

    Pat Boone is certainly right!! I could see his determination to destroy America ever since Obama’s first term in office and still believe that he won the second term by fraud.

  3. DAY

    1 year ago


  4. Nickie saber

    1 year ago

    Neil has no spine. He is not ant different than the rest of the LAME Media, covering up for the biggest fraud

    In the history. tHE FRAD MUSLUM in people’s house is a foreign born that by his puppets is here to

    Destroy USA. Republicans who control the house have no BALL to impeach this fraud and save our

    BEAUTIFUL country. We need more people like Allen West as the leader of Republican part, we we have

    Right. Now are bunch of woooooooses

  5. pete

    1 year ago

    I cant belive that Neil doesnt believe that obama is purpously trying to destroy america,it isnt obama that is stupid,it is you neil,wake up dope,or dont you have the guts to face the facts.I hope fox gets rid of you.You cant be that naive

  6. usfrog

    1 year ago

    I wish Niel Cavuto would stop interrupting Pat Boone when soembody finally has the guts to speak the truth. It has been obvious for years that he intends to destroy the economy, if he was really trying to make things better as he says, he would be doing the exact opposite from what he’s doing.

  7. rp

    1 year ago

    I think FOX in general has been told to tone it down on criticism of BO. At times Cavuto used to be critical of Dem policies. There has been a sudden change of FOX since the illegal wiretapping incident in England. There must be something that the Justice Department is holding over the heads of FOX in the way of prosecution. Pat Boone is right and a few years ago would probably been allowed to say what he tried to. It seems there is some sort of censorship that has happened lately that bothers me.

  8. Lee Tollett

    1 year ago

    Neil you need to let your guest talk. You ask them on your show then cut them off at every turn. not just with this interview, every day. Its to the point that i tune you out most of the time… I get so made at you …………

  9. GrandmaAmerica

    1 year ago

    NEIL!!!!!! Shut the frick up! You have a guest on and you keep flapping your lips. Personally, Pat Boone has been on this earth a little longer than you. He’s a lot wiser than you.You disrespected him by not letting him talk. This is why I do not watch FOX news. Bad interview, NEIL. bad,bad,bad…………

  10. W

    1 year ago

    Neil – get guts or stay home! Thank God that Pat Boone is telling the truth. So many do not DARE! BHMO is trying to destroy us – why don’t you watch 2016: Obama’s America…? He is smart and he is following an agenda. He is a manipulator and Boone is right! CHANGING our nation to HIS idea! Founding fathers roll over in their graves!!! Neil – you just don’t want to be on that “list” – grow some or stay home!

  11. josi

    1 year ago

    I agree with all of the comments made from others. Cavuto showed a side I didn’t like. Fox has a habit with the show host doing all the commenting even though they have great guests they will not allow them to speak unless it is to agree with the host. Oreilly and Gretta do the same.. Sean Hannity is the only one on Fox that has the courage to show his true feelings. The other hosts just want to ride the fence.

  12. Ken

    1 year ago

    “Fundamentally change America” was a statement from who? Now that he is making America over into his own image why is that not destroying the old America? And I agree that Cavuto here has no guts. He didn’t let Boone speak until Pat decided that he had to filibuster to get his views in. It’s cowardly to have a guest on and then stop them from answering questions with your own views. Shades of Bill O’Reilly.

  13. American Patriot

    1 year ago

    I know what “they” are, wimps, we called them in my day! Are the majority of law abiding God fearing Constitution loving Americans afraid of their own gov’t? That’s because the laws passed by liberals etc threaten our own liberty! These people think what can they do? Will they be percecuted for standing up to this tyranny? As long as most Americans do nothing, nothing will be done! Call whitehouse Hotline no cursing or yelling, thank them, they voluntered. 1-202-456-1111 m-f 9- 5 EST. Call your senators & reps. Etc. At 202-224-3121 tell them how you feel about all that’s happening! Don’t be spineless or gutless, thats what they want. WIMPS! What could they do to you? They will do anything they want any way!!
    God Bless.

  14. John W Tobin

    1 year ago

    Cavuto is a lot like Piers Morgan. Likes to cut people off.

  15. Milos

    1 year ago

    Wow, I never realized what a punk Cavuto is, nothing but interruptions and stupid comments. Simply and accurately put: Obama is an America hating, Constitution hating, arrogant, lying….filthy lying….Marxist punk. And based on the intelligence displayed by Cavuto, America will never recover. As I have said on other sites: July 4, 1776…Independence Day…America begins. November 6, 2012…Dependence Day…America ends.

  16. Letta Mego

    1 year ago

    WAIT A MINUTE HERE. If Obama didn’t do exactly what Monsanto and GE and Cisco, tell him to do….they’d string him up like Jamie Fox in DJango.

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