Why Hasn’t Obama Been Impeached Yet?

August 27, 2013 @ 2 Comments

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The answer is simple. He is in the cat bird seat. He uses the bully pulpit to ridicule and blame his accusers of racism and obstructionism in a way that appeals to the vast majority of his base.

The House of Representatives impeaches, and then a trial is held in the U.S. Senate. The Senate needs a 2/3 vote for a conviction to actually remove a president from office. Half of this process is what happened during the Bill Clinton presidency. The House voted to impeach Clinton, but the Senate failed to remove him from office. As far as some politicians are concerned, impeachment is not a feasible idea.

Congress has been split since Obama took office. Having control of the Senate has enabled Obama to stave off any attacks on his integrity. The Senate did not think to question his credentials when he ran for office. Why is anybody’s guess. The liberal media chose to gloss over this issue as well. They hounded McCain until he produced his birth certificate, but they didn’t think it was necessary for Obama to produce his. If we elect more Republican and conservative senators in 2014, we can change the balance of power in the Senate.

Members of Congress may agree with their constituents about Obama, but they don’t want to take on the liberal media. The Huffington Post is one of the most undisciplined media outlets in the liberal universe. They spew falsehoods as if they were fact. The misinformed and gullible believe what they say because they say it in the language the average twenty-something understands. That is what the conservative outlets must do. If you want the twenty-somethings to listen to you, you have to speak their language. You have to awaken the deep feelings of respect for God and Country that were embedded in them as a child by tickling their fancy as adults.

Media outlets like the Huffington Post know that anything is possible as long as Obama is in office. They know that he does not respect Congress. He has the edge when it comes to issues that are close to the hearts of the liberal media. If Obama can’t get the Congress to agree with his agenda, he is determined to use executive agencies like the EPA, the Justice Dept, the NSA, and others to get around it. More and more of his unjust actions are coming to light. He actually defended the actions of the NSA and the IRS.

Read More at Western Journalism . By John Careccia.

2 Comments → “Why Hasn’t Obama Been Impeached Yet?”

  1. steve

    7 months ago

    Because there are no Reporters out there anymore, only cowards that are afraid of being called a racist, birther, or worse……a Tea Partyer!

  2. Darrell.

    7 months ago

    I do agree with Steve above plus I think most of our Senators and Representatives in Congress are more concerned about staying in “office and being re-elected” than staying true to their oath of “protecting and defending our Constitution”. Hence, they are too cowardly to do what is best for our country and it’s citizens!!! In essence, they do what is “politically expedient.” And, in the meantime, our country continues the downward slide.

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