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Joe Miller shocked the political world on August 24, 2010 when he, according to media accounts, came out of nowhere to defeat incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Alaskan Republican Primary. He then entered into a contentious three-way general election, where corrupt Republican Party bosses, federal contractors, native corporations, and others who benefited from the status quo waged a vicious multi-million-dollar campaign and managed to help narrowly defeat Joe.

In 2016 – with only eight weeks left in Alaska’s general election for U.S. Senate – the Alaska Libertarian Party nominee stepped down and the ALP asked Joe to run in her place. Despite being outspent by an enormous margin, Joe won second place in the four-way contest, beating the combined votes of both the Democratic nominee and a well-financed non-affiliated candidate. Notably, Joe won a greater percentage of the vote than any prior Libertarian candidate for federal office in the history of the United States.

Joe has appeared on numerous national TV programs on Fox, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, BBC and other networks. He also regularly appeared on national radio programs hosted by Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, Lars Larson, Laura Ingraham, Fred Thompson, and Dennis Miller. He has spoken at Tea Party and conservative gatherings throughout the country.

Joe Miller graduated from West Point in the top 1 percent of the Class of 1989. He then served as an armor officer with the 1st Infantry Division, seeing combat in Desert Storm, and receiving the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal and other awards. After active duty, Joe attended Yale Law School where he earned his Juris Doctorate. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Alaska. Following his move to Alaska, he was appointed as a State Magistrate (at age 30, the youngest then serving in Alaska), then appointed an Acting State District Court Judge and, shortly thereafter, U.S. Magistrate Judge in Fairbanks. Again, he had the distinction of being the youngest then serving in that federal position in the nation. Joe later served as a part-time borough attorney, while he ran a successful, full-time law practice. Joe Miller currently practices law throughout the United States. He is married to his wife of 25 years, Kathleen, and they have eight children and four grandchildren.

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