Americans Storm Obama’s Barricades At The Lincoln Memorial

October 14, 2013 @

Video shows Americans doing DC “Self Serve” style

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  1. Pat

    6 years ago

    Just read a news report that the park service has put the “Barrycades” back up. The brat in the White House is still in a snit because those “nasty Republicans” won’t bow down and cater to his whims…..

  2. PoorPitifulPearl

    6 years ago

    What else would you expect from the spoiled-brat-in-chief? He has absolutely no clue how much he hurts his own reputation as a supposed leader, not to mention his credibility. It’s time the states took back all of their parks and monuments out of the federal hands and administered them via the money they would have paid to the federal government. The state can do a much better job, and with the help of the citizens of the state, have far better services as well. If the park rangers want a job, let them apply to the state…not the federal government. The federal government should not own anything but have only a lease on the capitol building and grounds. Make them pay through the nose…perhaps it would keep the imposter-in-chief from putting his feet on the Resolute desk and any other of the people’s furnishings, and Michelle’s bare feet off the upholstery. The White House is due for a clean sweep anyway. 2016 can’t come soon enough…if it manages to come at all with anyone still able to vote.

  3. Helen

    6 years ago

    That is the American Way. Tell this little dictator to gosomeplace else because we
    will make duck soup out of him. Who the heck does he think he is anyway. He is NOT even an American. Deport him now!!!!!

  4. Helen

    6 years ago

    You keep putting them up and we will continue to take them down. It is by the People,
    of the People and For the People. You better learn that before we put you where you really belong. You are our lead Servant!! for 4 years or possible 8 and NO more!!!!

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