Another Fed Attack On Veterans

July 19, 2015 @

For months we at the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) have been involved in a protracted battle with four federal agencies over FOIA requests that we made regarding the denial of Second and Fifth Amendment rights to American veterans. At the time we made the requests we knew there were four federal agencies involved in the effort to disarm America’s heroes; the VA, the FBI, the DOD, and DHS. Three of the agencies basically refused to give us the information we asked for.
The exception was the FBI, which sent us a copy of the memorandum of agreement between the FBI and the VA that we had already obtained when we won a suit against the VA and it was forced to give it to us. The memo was appalling because it basically involved the FBI agreeing that it would classify all veterans declared incompetent to handle their own financial affairs to be mentally defective to the point of being a danger to themselves or others.
The veterans would then be placed on the NICS list under the category of persons adjudicated to be mentally defective and prohibited from purchasing firearms. The agreement proves that this is being done without adjudication or even in most cases an examination or diagnosis by a physician. In other words, it is a calculated effort by government agencies to deny due process to veterans and disarm them.
Then several weeks ago we were stunned to receive a response to our FOIA requests from a fifth federal agency that we had not sent a request to, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF). The agency said that the FBI sent seven pages of documents to the BATF to determine if they should be turned over to us. The BATF informed us that we could not see any of the documents.
The excuse given for this refusal was that the documents involved “inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or letters”. No other relevant information is given. So now we know that there is another federal agency conspiring with the FBI and possibly the VA and other agencies to deny veterans there Second Amendment rights. Yet, we don’t know what this collusion involves, or even what these documents relate to. We are preparing an appeal to try and force delivery of the documents to us.
So, think about this we have Islamic terrorists running amok around the world and threatening Americans here and abroad, veterans dying because they can’t get medical care from the VA, and foreign criminals coming freely over our southern border and murdering American citizens. The Obama response to all of this is to have five major federal agencies that should be protecting Americans and taking care of our veterans devoting their resources to disarming veterans. Doesn’t that make you feel safer? It doesn’t do much for me.
Of course, there is the fact that all of this violates the Constitution of the United States. But that is all irrelevant to Obama and the agencies involved. The attack on veterans continues, as does our fight to protect them.

Michael Connelly

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  1. Barbara Kelly

    4 years ago

    Fed: it is your duty to protect them since they are protecting us. And I know darn well what obama is pulling and if you can’t see the danger that he is causing our Vets and our people then why are you in office. It is your duty. Or do you have a yellow streak up your back. You have taken a oath, well damn well do your duty. Put that person in jail where he belongs. He said he would protect the muslims and to hell with us. YOU HAVE ONLY ONE COURSE—-DO YOUR JOB AND PROTECT US. HE IS GIVING ARMS TO THE ENEMY.!!! He is taking Vets arms for one reason and one reason only, and you know it. He doesn’t want them to be able to fight back and defend this country you morons.!!!!!!

  2. Natalie

    4 years ago

    Where’s the “war hero” John McCain defending veterans? He’s not even attempting to fix their healthcare. The big Arizona scandal should have resolved the care they receive, but they are still being abused.

  3. Huapakechi

    4 years ago

    mccain was also involved in the lerner / irs scandal, advocating that the irs and doj hinder TEA party groups.

  4. P Badish

    4 years ago

    I have a feeling that we all will be disarmed pretty soon. It is because no one in Congress is stopping Obama from violating our Constitution and we have no one to protect us. Lawsuits take forever and before anything can be done, it will be too late. It will not be long, I know they are coming for all of us, us who believe in the Constitution and are patriots, Christians, Veterans and ex-Veterans. I don’t think we have any freedoms left anymore, we are hanging by a thread. The only ones who will have guns are those who want to do harm to good people!

  5. Lengua Navaja

    4 years ago

    These agencies would do well folded into the US state dept, and set adrift all of them to wash up on EU beaches. Then have their pensions repatriated to US Treasury. Only half joking… Geithner can bon voyage as well.

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