Attorney General Holder eviscerated by Darrell Issa for Fast and Furious crimes

October 28, 2011 @

Just prior to taking office, Barack Hussein Obama’s transition team promised the incoming Administration would create ”…a new level of transparency, accountability and participation for American citizens.”

Of course that was before the Fast and Furious debacle claimed several hundred lives and exposed the perjury of an Attorney General.

It was before the Obama Department of Energy bestowed half a billion tax dollars on a bankrupt Solyndra Corporation whose principle investor happened to be an Obama campaign money-bundler.

And it was also before another Obama campaign money-bundler used his influence to have the White House pressure a general into changing his testimony before a congressional committee.

So now, unable to duck, dodge and hide from the citizen journalists who make up the blogosphere and even fighting a losing battle against a select few members of the Regime-owned legacy media, the Department of Justice has decided it is time to legalize the telling of outright lies by the government to the American public.

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  1. Don39

    7 years ago

    Holder will go down with Obama , but that is not enough. He has in my opinion gone beyond incompetency and wondered into the ilegal range and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law so that all in the future know that our justice system is restored and that such crimes and deriliction of duty can not occur again.

  2. Jerry Gore

    7 years ago

    I am so sick and tired of watching the congressional GOP leadership run and hide from their duty as our elected representatives to oversee and hold accountable this administration’s unlawful acts and its unlawful failures to act — each and every committee chairman and each and every leader such as Caucus Chairs, Whips, Majority or Minority Leaders, Speaker, etc.,have utterly, totally, completely failed WE THE PEOPLE by refusing to force severe sanctions against the incompetents and the criminally derelict officials within this administration.People like Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and several others,are as useless as snowballs in hell. I pray that the Republican Party Caucus of the Whole will rise up and replace them all NOW! The lack of action by these GOP leaders to deal forcefully with these derelict enemies of our Constitution makes them accessories to each and every act by those who threaten laws, our freedoms and our form of government. If these weak and ineffective GOP hacks will not pursue sanctions then WE THE PEOPLE must insure that each of them is sanctioned at the polls in November 2012.

  3. Dorris

    7 years ago

    I think he should dismiss him self,We have spent enough of the peoples on these CROOKS proving that is exactly what they are.
    I can tell you how we can save a lot of time and money,Have one trail to get rid of the trash ,here are the criminals to be tried.
    Soros—-(at his age his days on earth are numbered)bury his money with him he mike have to try to pay his way out of HELL.
    Holder—He belongs with Obama as telling truth goes
    Saul Alinsky—Talking about his crimes and lying Numerous
    Bernanke–as Above
    Andy Stern–”””
    WE COULD have a speedy trial and with one fell swoop,we could shorten the socialist and criminal list in OUR house in DC.

  4. Dorris

    7 years ago

    Oops forgot one of the main criminal;s OBAMA, goes along with the names on the list,1)he would be tried for his lies ,now we can’t number them ,that would take to much time,2)for TRYING to sell AMERICA into Socialism,3)For out and out FRAUD ,4)O why should I waste ink and paper counting his crimes, they will suffuse soon enough.

  5. Oldpuppymax

    7 years ago

    As many will notice, the TITLE of this piece DOES NOT MATCH the text. The correct title for the above piece is:

    Obama DOJ wants to make Administration lying PERFECTLY LEGAL!

    Please click on Coach is Right link for the rest of the article

    Sorry for the confusion,

    Doug Book

  6. Seymour

    5 years ago

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