Barack Obama Campaign Funded by Planned Parenthood Blood Money

June 4, 2012 @

Back in 2008 Obama was established as not only a pro-abortion candidate, but one that believes in infanticide as evidenced by his lack of support of an anti-infanticide bill in Illinois. The bill, if it had become law, would have outlawed the killing of babies that survive abortion.

As a black candidate, and one very popular with the black community, it seemed like a contradiction, because Planned Parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger with the intent of using the program to wipe out blacks, which she considered to be an inferior race. Abortion in America was originally promoted as a tool to kill minorities before they could be born. For pro-life groups, the very thought of killing any child in the womb is murder, and by many is considered to be America’s genocide.

Planned Parenthood supports Barack Obama, and is currently stepping up their efforts to ensure his reelection. They are pumping money into his campaign, saying their support is in relation to the issues of “health” and “economics.”

Planned Parenthood endorsed Obama’s reelection earlier this week, saying Romney’s positions are harmful on women’s health, despite the fact that most abortions have nothing to do with a woman’s health, and are performed more often as a convenience. These women who use Planned Parenthood for access to abortion services, more often than not, consider a child an inconvenience.

The argument against Romney coincides with the liberal left’s current “War on Women” campaign, an argument they also used while debating against the bill that would ban abortions based on the sex of the child.

Read More at Canada Free Press.  By Douglas V. Gibbs.

2 Comments → “Barack Obama Campaign Funded by Planned Parenthood Blood Money”

  1. D ee

    8 years ago

    Too bad obummer’s mother didn’t have an abortion and then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  2. John Hardman

    8 years ago

    Where-ever there is Quid pro quo pay back, where-ever there is cronyism scheme, where-ever there is a Presidential Appointment, where-ever political trickery and deceit, where-ever Sedition, aiding and abetting the Enemy, collusion to over throw the US Government and the Constitution of the USA you will find the Obama Team feverishly at work.

    Funding Planned Parenthood with Federal Tax Dollars is not only enabling the planned murder of hundreds of thousands babies, it is a quid pro quo pact that provides that a portion of that Blood Money to come back as re-election campaign financing for Obama’s crew of anti-American Traitors and co-conspiritors

    And now the Command from the Obama-Holder Att. Generals Office Office for Florida to cease and desist in purging the Voter Rolls dead or Bogus Names.
    It does not require a Einstine IQ to deduce the flagrent misuse of power is being used by the Highest Offices in the Land.

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