Barack Obama is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood

September 12, 2013 @

On September 1, Egypt’s largest newspaper had a screaming headline: “OBAMA IS A MEMBER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!”

The article goes on to say that Khairat El-Shater, the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy—now in custody by the Egyptian military—has evidence that will put Obama is prison.

Kharirat El-Shater is singing like a bird, implicating our Muslim Brotherhood President, Barack Obama, but there’s no need. The Egyptian military, putting the horde of Muslim Brotherhood thugs on trial for murder, burning churches, and crucifying Christians, has found a treasure trove of documents, including proof that the Obama regime was funneling millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, having in hand the actual signed receipts.

But this is just small change compared to what Barack Obama has been up to. Khariat El-Shater signed an agreement with Obama about a little parcel of land known as the Sinai Peninsula. As reported by Egypt Daily News, Obama secretly transferred a staggering $8 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood to guarantee that the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist wing Hamas.

Why would Obama want Hamas to take over the Sinai Peninsula, an area of land larger than the entire state of Israel?

The only explanation, as crazy as it sounds, is to set up Israel for annihilation. Hamas openly vows that its ultimate goal is to finish the job Hitler started—to bring about a total extermination of the Jewish people. Talk about an anti-Semitic President!

It’s a good thing Barack Obama’s BFF, former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, is no longer in power. But this is only the beginning. Obama has his fingers in every aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood pie, including the Brotherhood’s mercenary army, al-Qaeda—Obama actually colluding with the the so-called “rebels” in Syria!

Watch our exclusive video for details.

15 Comments → “Barack Obama is a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. Pegs

    6 years ago

    OK, then why, why isn’t he arrested as an enemy, a traitor to the United States of America.

  2. Barbara J Struble

    6 years ago

    Yeah! the comment – why isn’t he arrested as an enemy, a traitor to the United States of America?

  3. Mark D.

    6 years ago

    Because our media protects Obama! Not only Egypt’s papers are carrying this story, but it’s in other middle east papers as well as European, Asian and Russian papers. Lastly, the White House visitor logs show that the Muslim Brother visited Obama at the White House in excess of 50 times prior to this summer.

  4. Helen

    6 years ago

    What are We the People going to do about it? That is the question. We know our
    polyanna legislators will do nothing unless we arrive at their door or the Capitol
    Building enmasse!
    It is time we take over and make sure they do what they were elected to do. Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America. We have all known from day one that he was an imposter! We have since found out that he is a liar, like no other than Satan, “You know if he opens his mouth it is a lie”. He has disrupted the economy of this Country and has us on the verge of bankruptcy. No more coming up with a budget for him to squander and send billions to the Muslim Brotherhood. How much did he give Morsi….8 Billion and there are many more billions that have gone East.
    It is time to stop talking and show up in Washington, D. C. and let our Legislators know that they either Remove him from Office Pronto or we will recall them from office,Pronto!

  5. Robert Hamilton

    6 years ago

    Where is jack Baur when we need him?

  6. Robert Hamilton

    6 years ago

    I am sending the link to this video to all my State politicians. I am sure it will not get past their screeners, but I have to try. You know what they say if you assume?

  7. Marc Jeric

    6 years ago

    Why wonder – Mullah Obama is a 1)Marxist, and 2) Muslim of the Sunni kind. Now all his policies are clear.

  8. justjammin

    6 years ago

    If this is true, then Congress should act and act NOW.

  9. Ann Odom

    6 years ago

    I remember reading about this a few weeks ago, and figured it was a way to get terrorists closer to Israel. And, to think that Israel gained control of the Sinai during one of the first attacks, after they became a nation. But, they gave it back to Egypt, to try to have peace with them. I’m not surprised at anything this Mulatto, not Black, POTUS does. This fiasco regarding Syria just shows how ignorant he is of the world scene, as well as this nation’s history. Thinking back to Tuesday’s short speech where he said we were a Constitutional Democracy! Isn’t he aware the United States is a Constitutional Republic? As far as anything happening to him, regarding all this information, the Congress doesn’t have the guts to go forward, unfortunately. They’ve made fun and insulted everyone who’s come forward with information about Barry’s early days, including Republicans.

  10. DAY

    6 years ago

    OVOMIT has dirt on everyone, and the congress can’t stand up to him,,, unless we are able to vote him out, overwhelmingly to beat out his illegal voters and fraud, we will never get rid of him…. The NSA is collecting dirt on everyone and he is untouchable,,, Those like his bath house butt buddies that can’t be controlled, are rubbed out…. Why do you think Hillary did not release the info on him being an illegal alien and not eligible to be president? One phone call about where they can get to Chelsea, and she backed down… This is the way of the Chicago thugs… and they are now in the white house… Only a sniper can rid us of this scourge to our country.

  11. DeeDee

    6 years ago

    Of coarse he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Who had members of the Muslim
    Brotherhood to the White House (THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE) on Easter Sunday, non other than
    our President. When are people going to wake up? Friends of mine who are Democrats
    don’t hear any of this information and if they did, would not believe any of it. How sad that a section of our country only believes what the main stream media tells them to believe. It makes you cringe. At least Fox and USJF tell it like it is.

  12. TexRanger

    6 years ago

    Even Fox News is not carrying this story. As you know, a mid-east Muslim bought a big share in the company that owns Fox News and since then Fox News has stopped running really damaging stuff and has run off Glenn Beck and is getting rid of Shawn Hannity.

  13. TexRanger

    6 years ago

    Further, there is no agency available to arrest and prosecute B. Hussein Obama. All the Federal agencies are under the control of Obama, the Federal courts will not find Obama guilty of anything, and the Republicans such as Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain and Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner provide Obama plenty of cover. Do not forget the Republicans fund every nickel that Obama spends whether it is billions he gives the Muslim Brotherhood or Obamacare which should be known as Republicare since the Repubs steal our money and use it to fund Obamacare.

    It is becoming obvious that the only answer to this treason is a revolution.

  14. Dempsey Coleman

    6 years ago

    I keep sending this stuff to Marco Rubio and never get any response from him.
    Please start sending to your Rep’s and Senators

  15. ONTIME

    6 years ago

    How about a 3 million man crashing of DC to ask that often asked question “Who the hell is this guy and why is he in our Oval Office?” Politicians will respond quickly when they are in jeopardy, if you threaten them with their elite job and promise them jail time, they will represent you…

    Our government is due for a huge political enema and the exlax is just a heartbeat away….

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