Beyond “Not Second Guessing”: Biden Wants us to “Learn Together” from China’s One-Child Policy

August 24, 2011 @

“There are great orators that have come along in the world history who have been charlatans.” — Joe Biden, addressing students at China’s Sichuan University.

On Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden told a group of Chinese college students he was not “second-guessing” the regime’s vicious one-child policy of forced abortion. His crass and craven words to a group of educated people of child-bearing age made scant headlines back home. Biden could hardly object, since his administration’s Science Czar has written of his support for “compulsory abortion” for American women. However, the mainstream media have failed to report the rest of his speech, which had greater significance for American audiences. Joseph Biden said Americans were “inspired” by the Chinese, claimed Beijing had helped stop nuclear proliferation to North Korea and Iran, stated that Barack Obama hoped to export more dual-use technology to the nation, looked forward to more “cooperation” with the totalitarian state, and deemed China’s rise “a positive development…for the United States and the world as a whole.”

The vice president verbally bowed low before China during his address at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, on Sunday. He began by saying that the region he visited had suffered a terrible natural disaster, and Americans “were inspired by the way you all came together to help one another during that crisis.” Then began a string of lies and misdirection…

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11 Comments → “Beyond “Not Second Guessing”: Biden Wants us to “Learn Together” from China’s One-Child Policy”

  1. Harold Clark

    8 years ago

    Joe Joe biden is one of the most ignorant two faced hypocrites that ever got elected to office. How in the wide world do people with any intellegence at all keep electing these duffas that pobably couldn’t tie their own shoes without help.

  2. Rich

    8 years ago

    Thus our VP screws up again. He just keeps on giving. Only the lamestream media covers for this jackazz.

  3. HelenBAllen

    8 years ago

    Both Obama and Biden have committed ‘Treason’ and ‘Sedition’. Not only have these two committed crimes against the USA, and no one in Congress has done anything to stop this but their crimes continue. I’m sick and tired of getting calls from Conservatives, the Tea Party, etc; asking me to send money to “MAKE OBAMA a one term president” and they won’t do anything to file with the Supreme Court to have him arrested for his crimes. I am tired of explaining that I have no money. I am living from pay-day to pay-day on my SS. In case no one was listening when Obama was campaigning, he vowed to do away with term limits and vowed to remain in office forever. Just like Chavez,Castro, Mao, and every dictator on earth etc. Obama will be 10 times more dangerous than Hitler and Stalin ever were. Talk about slavery? Well, under Obama we will be put in concentration camps the very moment he signs the agreement turning America over to the UN. It’s now or never. 2012 will be too late.

  4. David in MA

    8 years ago

    Apparently bite-me biden missed the news report on the imbalance of males to females in the china because of aborting, killing and their one child policy.
    And folks, America is entering that stage even without a “one-child” policy via abortion……..abortion=population control, which to enept politicians means less population and fewer to feed and fewer to find jobs for AND ALSO FEWER TO WORRY ABOUT RESISTING WHEN THE MUSLIMS TRY TO TAKE OVER!
    2012~~~”drain-the-swamp”, if they in congress, along with rat face, are up for re-election, vote them out!

  5. downbs1

    8 years ago

    Any society that will wantonly kill babies in their mother’s womb will also kill seniors when their “productive” days are over and they must rely on society to provide for them. If one has no family to provide care, that person is quietly removed, and no one notices! China is a socialist society which is officially “godless” and as such, evolution is the official life science. The value of human life is really nil. Just look at the death tolls under Mao in the revolution. It extended into the millions. This is the culture that Joe Biden wants us to emulate?! Poor Joe! He missed this one, too! But, he speaks with such authority as though that makes the things he says “true”!


    8 years ago

    It is too late for petitions, letters,or comments!! This man is poised to take over this country by martial law,and we will be still signine petitions and sending letters to a bunch of dead beats who have no clue as to what Obama is up to and he has more than hinted by his actions that he is not interested in our welfare in anyway shape or form. somebody better pick up the gaunlet Obama seems to have thrown down,and we don’t have anyone with balls to pick it up…must bewaiting for one else to do so.jft

  7. Texas Granny

    8 years ago

    Joe Biden is the stupidest man I have ever heard and he should have been drowned at birth. Every time Biden opens his stupid mouth he sounds a little more stupid than the last time. If there is an award for stupidity it should be awarded to Joe Biden.

  8. sean murrey ILLInio

    8 years ago

    he is a sorry excuse of a human being that sucked wind.

  9. d4Texas

    8 years ago

    Regarding: report on the imbalance of males to females in the China because of aborting, killing and their one child policy: Has it not occurred to anyone that the ratio is “planned” in order to build the Chinese Army? They are building their military and need the imbalance of males to females to bolster their soldier numbers. They have already shown that they regard their solders as expendable, so they need the numbers.

  10. parkhill

    8 years ago

    America has a population problem. China has shown a possible solution- draconian but it seems to be working- Other solutions? Bitching is fine but without alternatives that is all it is-Bitching

  11. Sir2You

    8 years ago

    Joe who? I thought we had no president right now….

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