Botched procedure costing abortionist

January 17, 2012 @

Joseph Booker, a former Mississippi abortionist, is facing judgment in the aftermath of a botched abortion that left a woman in a coma. But an attorney tells OneNewsNow he hasn’t shown up for either scheduled court hearing.

Dashica Thomas had an abortion in 2003 and filed suit nearly two years later. Attorney John Reeves details his client’s allegations against Booker and the then-Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“[He] performed part of [the abortion] and left part of the fetus inside of her, that she developed severe toxic shock and almost died,” Reeves explains. “She was in ICU for some many days at a hospital after they had to finish the procedure.”

As for why Booker started the abortion and abruptly stopped midway, the Hinds County attorney says testimony presented in the last hearing provides the answer.

“His own assistant, who had worked there for him for some time, got out of it and had turned her heart away from that and felt as though she should come forward with the truth,” Reeves accounts. “She testified that he couldn’t see what he was doing, that she basically was having to follow him around in the clinic to tell him what’s going on and tell him what the instruments were showing, and we found that to be alarming as well.”

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