Brian Williams vs. The Tea Party

August 3, 2011 @

You can tell the liberals are really sweating the politics of the debt-ceiling talks when NBC puts on a special “Dateline NBC” devoted to politics. This is normally a time slot devoted to “news” topics like Casey Anthony or Lindsay Lohan. But last week, viewers were “treated” to anchorman Brian Williams actually covering a real news topic. It’s just too bad he forgot he was supposed to be a reporter, not an editorialist spinning furiously against conservatives trying to rein in President Obama’s incredibly reckless flood of new spending.

The last time Brian Williams showed up in primetime for a splashy special on public policy was an enormous tribute to the then new president, Barack Obama. The special showed Williams making a run for hamburgers with Obama, hailing how he displayed apples everywhere, and bowing to him and wishing him a pleasant evening after NBC chronicled his glorious day of saving America from recession. You know, just like Williams treated Bush.

Everyone knew the way the wind was going to blow on this show. Williams was so nervous about the Tea Party he was actually suggested House Speaker John Boehner might be a force for good. Weirdly playing snippets of the old Jimmy Dean tune “Big Bad John,” about how nobody gives lip to Big Bad John, Williams announced, “By all accounts the big meeting with his fellow Republicans is tense. In no uncertain terms the Speaker tells hardline conservatives, who are in no mood to compromise, to get in line behind his bill.”

Notice the labels. Somehow, Williams never spent a second on his Obama special asking the president how he was going to handle the demands of “hardline liberals” — or any kind of liberal, for that matter. The only hardliners are conservatives who want to stop the spending madness. What this country desperately needs are more “hardline conservatives” to dismay network anchormen.

Williams undermined his own musical intro by questioning Boehner’s grip on power. “Mr. Speaker, is it fair to say you have a bit of a rebellion on your hands?” Sadly, Boehner tried to play along. “I’ve got a little rebellion on my hands every day. It comes with the territory.”

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    8 years ago

    Here again Williams like so many of his ilk cannot remember that in this Republic we practice law under the Constitution, that piece of government regulation by, We the people, gives us the right to practice civil conflict each and everyday of our existence, in other words America is always in a state of revolution and no other country in the world can revolt as peacefully as this one has for over two hundred years and survive intact…..One Nation Under God.

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