Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage — Article 13 — The Final Say on Same-Sex Marriage

June 26, 2015 @

SSM Article - XIII

Friends of Traditional Marriage —

Attached is the thirteenth article in the series on “Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage” sponsored by the U.S. Justice Foundation.

This article is entitled: “‘We the People’ Have the Final Say on Same-Sex Marriage — Not Judges.”
The author is Charles Key, former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

USJF urges you to distribute this article, and the other articles in the series.

Our article was published in the below listed news outlets:

Before It’s News

The Okie Blaze

Restoring Liberty

Western Journalism

5 Comments → “Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage — Article 13 — The Final Say on Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. DM

    5 years ago

    Same sex marriage is not a constitutional right it is a chosen life style.

  2. Deborah

    5 years ago

    Please keep me posted. I lived in CA my entire adult life until 10 years ago when I moved to Georgia. I have gay friends. But the minute we, as a nation, move away from the Bible as our basis for morality, anything goes. Out in CA, there is a group of men that like little boys…what about their rights! See what I mean?? So I am against this. I cried this morning and apologized to my 12 year old for leaving such a mess of a country for him to grow up in!

  3. jaye

    5 years ago

    Inasmuch as two of those justices should,by law, have been recused, then this judgement is NUll and Void. All the justices on the Supreme Court have taken an oath to follow and one is the recusal law. Those two women thumbed their nose at the people of this country by refusing to recuse themselves, therefore their votes are illegal. It is a disgrace to find the SUPREME COURT is apparently filled with law breakers. To break the law is a crime therefore the bench is loaded with criminals!

  4. jer1041

    5 years ago

    How can the people prevail against a legislative branch that has lost it’s way, a judicial branch that thinks it makes law, and an executive branch that seeks dictatorial powers, and has no resistance from the other 2 branches? We are the second coming of the Roman empire, and going the same way. We have become slaves, who think their vote has meaning. I guess the only saving factor is that the next generation will not know what real freedom was, so they won’t miss it.

  5. Virginia Nordin

    5 years ago

    The pornography, homosexual lobby is trying to destroy the morals of Christian America. Women are being paid to show their bodies. Men are also being paid to strip. Sex is selling across the world. Many people are money hungry and have little self esteem. Our younger generations think sex is cool. They have a right to force themselves on others. Being pregnant and not married seems to be okay today.
    Our moral compass has indeed been corrupted by these money-grubbing organizations.A lot of men do not care where they spew their sperm. Many women think they have to have sex because the man won’t stay. Those men aren’t worth having. Stop the filth of pornography and homosexuality.

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