Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage — Article 2 — 14th Amendment

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Attached is the second article in our series on “Building Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage.”
This article is entitled: “The Fourteenth Amendment Does Not Mandate Same-Sex Marriage

Many thanks to those of you who ran the first article in this series. Here are some of the places that the first article ran:

We even were noticed by the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

We urge all of you to help participate in our Ad Hoc News Network to get out the word prior to the U.S. Supreme Court’s anticipated decision on Same-Sex Marriage, expected on June 30. As a reminder, there are no restrictions on use of this material.

We have many more articles that will be coming out next week.
These articles will be written not just by lawyers, but also by:
a Medical Doctor,
a former Congressman,
a Senior State Legislator,
an author of books on homosexuality,
and others.

Please look for these articles, and then please do what you can to circulate them.

Our article was published in the below listed news outlets:

The Beaufort Observer

Before It’s News

Citizens Journal

Conservative News Service

Fairfax Free Citizen

Godfather Politics

Lifesite News

Locker Dome

Official Tea Party USA


Restoring Liberty

Right Side News

Tea Party Command Center

Virginia Christian

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7 Comments → “Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage — Article 2 — 14th Amendment”

  1. dean

    5 years ago

    There is only one reasonable and effective solution to the same sex marriage issue. Stop giving the power to define marriage to the government. This is easily done. Real marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. That is “holy matrimony”, “legitimate marriage”, “non-government marriage” etc.

    The church allowed, facilitated, enabled, and even collaborated in this problem by seeking permission from the government, through a contract, for it’s members to have sex.

    As crazy as it sounds, yes that is exactly what American Christians believe. You can’t have sex until you are married and being married means you MUST get consent from the government through a “marriage license”, as the vast majority of churches will NOT marry you without a government contract.

    It is long past time that “the Church” be a real church, and not a prostitute to the kingdoms of Satan, as the WORD makes clear ALL kingdoms of this world belong to him.

    There will be government “marriage” and there will be spiritual, God sanctioned marriage, whatever way we choose to name it and make the distinction between the two clear.

  2. Virginia Nordin

    5 years ago

    Humans were designed by nature, God, Aliens, etc. to procreate. Females and males Sometimes weird things happen along the way to creation. Little mistakes? Most humans are right handed, but something in the brain slipped a bit, and we have left-handed prominence. Other glitches happen. When it happens, most individuals cope with the glitch. Learn to adapt. Homosexuals, for years have adapted. Now, they want the heterosexuals. to change tradition, and let the glitches marry.. They don’t need to marry, (a lawful protection for children of the marriage.) They can design there own ceremony and protections and make it law. Stop trying to change heterosexuals traditional marriage.

  3. dean

    5 years ago


    Comparing hand preference to a person’s choice to only insert a part of their body into a hole in the body of only a specific perceived gender is comparing apples and pineapples. There is no comparison.

    Law does not equal marriage. Were people married before governments existed? Yes. When the US government ends will the people married by them still be married? Yes, at least the heterosexuals will be.

    Passing a law that men can marry each other makes as much sense as passing a law that allows men to get pregnant. Politicians love more power and control and the church, small “c”, is very happy to give them as much as possible.

  4. Ken

    5 years ago

    God set the precedence for marriage when He brought Adam and Eve together for the first time. Issue closed.

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  6. […] Article II, we established that the Fourteenth Amendment in no way addressed the issue of same-sex marriage. […]

  7. - law&

    4 years ago

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