Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage — Article 3 — The Missing Morality Argument

June 8, 2015 @

Friends of Traditional Marriage —

Attached is the third article in the series on “Building Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage” sponsored by the U.S. Justice Foundation.

This article is entitled: “Find the Morality Missing in the Case for Natural Marriage, or Lose.” The author is Robert R. Reilly — the author of Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything.

This article discusses how the parties litigating these same sex marriage cases have avoided providing the moral and religious reasons to limit marriage to men and women.

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6 Comments → “Building the Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage — Article 3 — The Missing Morality Argument”

  1. Clique777

    4 years ago

    Homosexuality and homosexuality are inextricably linked. Why Christians have not united in boycotts against all public companies that support homosexuality baffles me. I began boycotting Levi Straus in 1975 for its support of homosexuality and haven’t bought a single product from it in 40 years! When are you Christians going to do something righteous for a change?

  2. jaye

    4 years ago

    Never bought levis anyhow and do not shop Home Depot.

  3. dean

    4 years ago

    There is only one reasonable and effective solution to the same sex marriage issue. Stop giving the power to define marriage to the government. This is easily done. Real marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. That is “holy matrimony”, “legitimate marriage”, “non-government marriage” etc.

    The church allowed, facilitated, enabled, and even collaborated in this problem by seeking permission from the government, through a contract, for it’s members to have sex.

    As crazy as it sounds, yes that is exactly what American Christians believe. You can’t have sex until you are married and being married means you MUST get consent from the government through a “marriage license”, as the vast majority of churches will NOT marry you without a government contract.

    It is long past time that “the Church” be a real church, and not a prostitute to the kingdoms of Satan, as the WORD makes clear ALL kingdoms of this world belong to him.

    There will be government “marriage” and there will be spiritual, God sanctioned marriage, whatever way we choose to name it and make the distinction between the two clear.

  4. Dan W Rykard

    4 years ago

    The Bible is real clear about Homosexuality. I live in the south and there are a lot of Christians that boycott Home Depot and any company that does support behavior of this kind. What gets me is that there are other bakeries that the couple that sued and put this man, out of business that had supported his family for many years. I am a Southern Baptist and we have even boycotted Disney World for their practice and behavior concerning Homosexuality.
    This country has very fast become the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

  5. justjammin

    4 years ago

    Why don’t we just stone all homosexuals to death? That would get rid of them all.
    … There have been homosexuals since the beginning of time. Mother Nature’s birth control. And what is the saying? Believe 1/2 of what you read, 1/2 of what you hear and find out the rest by yourself? They are a small percentage of people. Why are you so afraid of them? I have gay friends,… GREAT gay friends. I just don’t get all the hate.

  6. […] established that the Fourteenth Amendment in no way addressed the issue of same-sex marriage.  In Article III, Robert Reilly explained how poorly these cases have been litigated by government lawyers […]

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