California’s disastrous condition proves Democrats can’t be trusted with our future ever again

August 11, 2011 @

The fortunes of California are sinking fast.

We need not imagine what our lives would be like if the Democrats take top to bottom control of our lives ever again. The unmitigated disaster that is California shows us what America’s future would be if Democrats and their union masters ever regain control of our government.

When disgraced and recalled California Democrat Governor Gray Davis quietly signed SB 400 a bill funding the California Public Employees’Retirement System in 1999,he set in motion a nightmare for taxpayers and sugarplums dancing in the empty heads of the state’s unionized workers.

Bill SB 400 gave California’s public employees billions of dollars in RETROACTIVE pension increases resulting in LIFETIME pensions of up to 90% of yearly salary starting for workers as young as 50 years old! More than this, the California Democrats and their union masters insisted (presumably with a straight face) “no increase over current employer contributions is needed for these benefit improvements”and that
Calpers [California Public Employees Retirement System] would “remain fully funded.”

Imbedded in this SB 400 is the fact that any shortfall of CALPERS funding would be made up by the taxpayers of the State of California,but of course that would NEVER be necessary because the fund would grow along with the Dow Jones! Right?

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