“I Called Obamacare-Here’s the Recording!!”

October 11, 2013 @

Pastor Carl Gallups called Obamacare and asked for FREE insurance. You gotta hear this – get some aspirin handy. It will make your head hurt!

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  1. nancy carlson

    6 years ago

    It’s possilbe I’m blind as a bat, but I don’t see a link to listen to this recording of a man calling to ask for free health care.

  2. nancy carlson

    6 years ago

    It’s possible I’m blind as a bat, but I don’t see a link to listen to this recording of a man calling to ask for free health care.

  3. Ed G

    6 years ago

    I must also be blind – I don’t see a link either –

  4. Lucinda

    6 years ago

  5. PoorPitifulPearl

    6 years ago

    The conversation was absolutely mind-boggling. I’m glad the Minister taped this conversation, because it proves that nobody knows exactly what Obamacare is besides being a messed up, confusing government boondoggle that will break the back of medical care for human beings. I may just try seeing the vet for some of my care. At least there we can find out up front what the costs will be. Perhaps the doctors who are disgruntled by the entire situation and planned to leave their practice of medicine would consider opening a human/ veterinary program where you have to bring your pet anything with you and get care from the doctor while your pet sees the vet? Got to keep that quiet, though. We’d hate for the “gubmint” to find out about it. The real solution is the Chinese-style health care. You pay your doctor a fee every month to keep you well, but you don’t pay when you are sick. It gives the incentive to your doctor to keep you well. His cost of doing business goes up when you are not. Another thought? GET RID OF OBAMACARE completely and absolutely and let the market work. If freeloaders and uninsured and very poor need or want healthcare, let the states run a program where they are covered by grants from the feds. Absolutely no illegals need apply. This should be a nation of everyone working together to get people off of welfare and into jobs when humanly possible, and making incentives for those who can work to get off the dole. The federal government should never have gotten into the welfare program. That is for the community/city/state to deal with. That’s what charitable institutions are for, but should not be given out without some kind of guideline to prevent freeloaders. Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat every day. There is some kind of work every able-bodied person can do if they value their dignity. Oh, that’s right…we don’t teach that anymore. We simply teach people that they are entitled. That has to change.

  6. Beverly

    5 years ago

    Obama Care, is definitely a misleading title……………. the title should be………..Obama Cares Not…………..all of this hocus pocus is just another way to control people. That’s all this is about, Control. The government that we once considered a government for the people and by the people is gone forever so long as we set back and allow the government to take care of and butt into our private lives. We are being let like sheep to the slaughter. The Germans thought Hitler was great, with all of his promises……………what do they think now. Let’s think this out before it is history and we’re all led like sheep to the slaughter. Did you ever wonder why the Jewish people were led like sheep to the death camps and the horrors there…………….mind control and we are experiencing the same thing. We must wake up and take notice and do something. Read up on the ways we are under mind control, it’s very real and it is coming at us in many forms. Please check out the ways mind control can be without awareness of the people being brought under control. It may save you and your family or at least prepare you.

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