Can A Lawsuit Be Avoided In Cook County?

April 4, 2012 @

Today, off to Chicago, destination Cook County Elections. The Objective? Can a law suit be avoided?

If the elections were conducted unlawfully, how can the results be certified? Does anyone want a new election? Would it even be granted? Still, if I am correct, according to Illinois Statue, the polls NEVER should have opened.

On March 24th, a Cook County Election lawyer smeared me in Springfield, his apology afterwards I accepted. My response was simple, show me the code that authorizes you to conduct elections as you are.

Following the elections, I also wrote to the officials at Cook County Elections. I asked for the code that authorizes them to conduct elections as they are. Today, perhaps they will have that code. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Last week, I asked the lawyers at the Illinois State Board of Elections to show me the Illinois Code justifying the changes in the training manual. The Illinois State Board of Elections must approve all changes in training manuals instructing Election Judges. We will likely talk today or tomorrow.

Can the election results be certified? Is the question ‘Did you find fraud?’ Perhaps it is as far as sufficient substance in a Supreme Court Justice’s eyes. Still, if the law states the polls SHALL NOT open if the chain of custody on the keys is not maintained, and that chain is broken – election-wide, how can the results be considered secure? Should that question be asked and answered?

From a legal substance perspective is the absence of fraud the reigning factor?

Perhaps today, I shall return to say… There is code allowing for non-compliant procedures for custody of the VSC keys, and unsealed ballots, voting equipment and memory devices. We will see.

Can a lawsuit be avoided if there is none?

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  1. Greg

    7 years ago

    If there is any broken chain of procedure, that election cannot be considered valid, and comprimise should be suspected automatically, and that should be done without question. Common sense. Too much is at stake, criminal tampering is too possible to dismiss. I don’t care who is running, even if it was the Pope. If we allow any of our laws and procedures to be compromised and then dismissed by convenience and the turning of our heads, why would we even need laws, and why do we even call ourselves civilized ethical humans? Our lesser four legged animals have more integrity than we do, because those who proclaim to be above the law are stooping below the animals and join the blood sucking maggots. Of which, by the way, are obama, pelosi, reid, kerry, jackson, sharpton, soros, and their communist regime. They will stop at nothing to destroy our country and our citizens, we mean absolutely nothing to them, just as all communist’s and muslim’s think about us. What is happening to our nation is the most subverse and planned act of treason and takeover ever worked on. It’s been in the works for over 67 years. The minute Hitler died, the communist’s went underground and vowed to destroy us, along with Islam, who was right in there with Hitler. That’s history, of which you can read about if you research and search out. Wake up, America, and work to keep your country free. Being Communist muslim is not what you think it is, just take a look at the evil going on in China and in the muslim countries. Our innocent children and our families will never be safe to walk our neighborhood streets. Life as we know it will cease to exist. Freedom will be gone, and a our nation will be captive. God help us.

  2. Glad I moved from Chicago

    7 years ago

    Chicago’s election corruption runs very very deep! I have a relitive that works for the Chicago police dept. (soon to retire) he relayed a story from his rookie year that sums up how deep the corruption runs. He was watching a poling station & said aporx. The same amount ot voters entered every hour till noon. That’s when his superior officer came in to relieve him for lunch. Being new to the Dept. He had brought a lunch to work not knowing if he would get lunch time. His boss insisted he leave the building for an hour. Upon his return he noticed that 10X the amount of voters had voted during his lunch time. He knew better than ask about the increase on voters. This was only one poling place! If you multiply that by the number of poling places & add in phony or dead voters it adds up to real big numbers! Worse yet is you are you going to call to report voter fraud? By no means does my relitive condone what’s going on but realized it isn’t going to stop very easily. (I agree that by not reporting it he becomes part of the problem but I also know he would rather live to enjoy his retirement! Good Luck in stopping the corruption… Be very carefull!

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