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Judges: Court could review eligibility after Congress

October 27, 2010

State ruling suggests intervention, if any, after ‘processes have run their course’ By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily Three judges on the Court of Appeal in California’s 3rd District appear to be saying that a judicial review of a president’s eligibility is a possibility – after the Electoral College and congressional procedures run their courses. They also […]

U.S. attorney: Nothing Americans can do about eligibility

October 16, 2010

‘Fitness of a president is political question for a very good reason’ By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily A team of U.S. attorneys based in California has argued to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that there essentially is nothing the American public can do to determine if Barack Obama is qualified under the U.S. Constitution’s demand for […]

Maryland replies to USJF’s request in Obama case

May 24, 2010

The Maryland Attorney General’s office replied.

Alaska replies to USJF’s request in Obama case

May 24, 2010

Alaska’s Attorney General’s office replied.

North Dakota responds to USJF’s query

May 5, 2010

The Attorney General of North Dakota replied to USJF’s query on Barack Obama.

Kreep to sever Barnett v. Obama appeal from Taitz’s

March 4, 2010

Gary Kreep says Orly’s made a laughing stock of herself and the whole eligibility issue. He seems to have grown cozy with her arch-enemy Phil Berg, despite their policy differences. He really lets Orly have it in a way I haven’t heard him before. The sound is a little muddy, but he comes in later […]

Eligibility lawyer: I’ll demand proof

March 4, 2010

California activist may seek public office to resolve questions over Obama’s birth By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily A California lawyer who continues to shepherd several of the high-profile legal challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president says she’s ready and willing to investigate the issue herself – as California’s secretary of state.

Memo on criminal liability of Barack Obama

March 4, 2010

TO: GARY KREEP FROM: CHRISTOPHER TUCKER Barack Hussein Obama has come under much scrutiny ever since his rise to national prominence as the Democratic National Committee nominee, and his election in November of 2008, as to whether or not he is a naturally born citizen of the United States. He produced, in 2009, a certification […]

Lawyer who challenged Obama: Ineligibility could prove costly

February 26, 2010

USJF chief: ‘This is completely uncharted territory’ By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily An attorney whose legal brief in a case challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility revealed a Supreme Court can remove an ineligible chief executive now has released an analysis confirming that if Obama isn’t eligible, he could be charged under a number of felony […]

Courts can remove ineligible chief executive

February 2, 2010

Precedent cited in appeal of California challenge to president’s tenure By Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily North Dakota Gov. Thomas Moodie, removed from office when the state Supreme Court found him ineligible In the United States, courts can, in fact, remove a chief executive officer of a government if that officer is found to be […]

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