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Forged Kenyan document could hurt ‘birther’ movement

August 19, 2009

The Washington Independent By David Weigel Jon Chessoni, a first secretary at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, can’t understand why his office gets so many baseless questions about whether Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

What does ‘natural born citizen’ legally mean?

August 19, 2009

Debate whether British dad’s baby meets constitutional requirement for president By Drew Zahn © 2009 WorldNetDaily The months of arguments over President Obama’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office – based on the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that the chief executive be a “natural born” citizen – have been fueled both by the president’s decision to […]

Drake dumps lawyer Taitz in suit challenging Obama birthplace

August 17, 2009

But the attorney says he can’t fire her because she’s kicked him off the case. Martin Wisckol Columnist, The Orange County Register Orly Taitz, the Mission Viejo lawyer trying to get Barack Obama thrown out of office, says she’s had enough of two of her clients in the case and will continue without them.

New poll shows birthers growing

August 8, 2009

Majority of GOP, Southerners question president’s birthplace By Drew Zahn © 2009 WorldNetDaily In a recent telephone poll conducted by Research 2000 for the website Daily Kos, 58 percent of Republican respondents when asked if Barack Obama was born in the USA answered “no” or “not sure.”

Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez

July 16, 2009

Army warrior terminated from job after questioning Obama eligibility By Chelsea Schilling The Department of Defense has compelled a private employer to fire a U.S. Army Reserve major from his civilian job after he had his military deployment orders revoked for arguing he should not be required to serve under a president who has not […]

Eligibility arguments to get court hearing

July 15, 2009

‘For 1st time, we have a judge who’s listening’ By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily In what ultimately could prove to be a turning point in the legal challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, a federal judge in California has planned a hearing on the merits of a federal court case raising those […]

Patriotic protesters knock Obama agenda

July 12, 2009

By Mike Wright Citrus County (Florida) Chronicle Not too many President Obama supporters were hanging around the Old Courthouse grounds early Saturday afternoon. Instead, about a thousand people decked in red, white and blue showed up on July 4 to celebrate their independence by blasting the president’s plans on health care, taxation and government reform.

Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital

July 9, 2009

Myth-busting Web site, news articles say president not born in location he claims By Joe Kovacs and Jerome Corsi © 2009 WorldNetDaily More than eight months after Barack Obama was elected president, the mystery surrounding his precise birthplace is deepening as the myth-busting Web site – along with several news agencies and an Obama […]

See how many support prez eligibility bill now

July 4, 2009

Proposed law would require proof of future White House candidates By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, has become the sixth co-sponsor of a proposal by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., that would require documentation of eligibility from presidential candidates.

‘Citizen grand jury’ organizers deliver accusations

July 4, 2009

‘Presentments’ against Obama given to White House, FBI By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily Documents assembled by volunteer “citizen grand jury” members alleging Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as president have been delivered to the White House, the FBI, members of Congress and the court system in Washington, D.C.

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