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Article Published on Whole Woman’s Health and Justice Thomas’ Remarkable Dissent

October 8, 2016

This morning, The American Thinker published our article entitled “Whole Woman’s Health: Justice Thomas Exposes the Court’s Corrupt Abortion Jurisprudence.” By a vote of 5 (Breyer, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan) to 3 (Thomas, Alito, and Roberts), the Court struck down the Texas law on Monday. We filed an amicus brief in that case on […]

Article Published – “Manuel v. Joliet: Blocking the Courthouse Door to Victims of Police Misconduct”

October 4, 2016

Brief Filed Defending Right to Sue Based on Fourth Amendment Yesterday, the American Thinker published Jeremiah Morgan’s article about the amicus brief we filed in Manuel v. City of Joliet. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral argument in this case tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5. The article explains why victims of police misconduct should be […]

Legal Policy Paper — Border Security Compact

September 22, 2016

President Obama’s new plan to open the nation’s borders to over 110,000 new refugees, especially from Syria and other Muslim countries, would expose America to unparalleled new threats. Most in the media assume that Obama has the power to make this radical decision for the nation — but they have not read the U.S. Constitution. […]


September 8, 2016

This could be written on any day. An American soldier died today in a place far from home, but he did not die alone. He was surrounded by his fellow soldiers, his comrades in arms, who he fought beside every day. They were there to mourn his loss and say a prayer for his soul […]

America’s lawyers face ‘knockout blow’ for LGBT dissent

September 8, 2016

Is the American Bar Association trying to “purify” itself of all of those anachronisms who believe, well, men are male and women are female in favor of a position that those who believe such a thing need not be working in the profession? So argue two longtime leaders in American legal circles, Herb Titus, who […]


August 31, 2016

I will state this as clearly as possible; if we lose our right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the Constitution we will permanently lose our Constitutional Republic and our freedom. We will become the subjects of a government of elitists who have no tolerance for individual liberties or even individual […]

USJF/ABA Articles Project– Federalist Society Blog

August 3, 2016

Justice Samuel Alito got it right. Dissenting from the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision and responding to the majority’s reassurance that those who oppose same-sex marriage would have their “rights of conscience … protected,” Justice Alito cautioned: We will soon see whether this proves to be true. I assume that those who cling to the […]

The ABA’s Plan to Impose Political Correctness on the Practice of Law

August 2, 2016

(Part one of a series of articles by the U.S. Justice Foundation on a proposed change in the ethical rules of the legal profession) Published in The American Thinker, August 1, 2016 By Herbert W. Titus & William J. Olson From August 4 through 9, 2016, the American Bar Association (“ABA”) will hold its annual […]

Brief Filed Supporting Attempt to Require Proof of Citizenship for Voter Registration

July 27, 2016

On July 8, 2016, our firm filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in support of State of Kansas’s attempts to prevent illegal aliens from voting. Our brief was the only brief filed supporting efforts by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to ensure honest elections in his […]

All Lives Do Matter

July 26, 2016

All lives do matter or at least should in a free country like the USA. This is true despite the fact that FOX news host Shepard Smith launched a vicious attack on former Louisiana governor Bobby for using that phrase is an interview in his show following the shooting of six police officers in Baton […]

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