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Illinois Elections: What Exactly Does Best Practices Mean to David Orr?

April 11, 2012

At the end of the meeting I questioned what code they had to justify:  opening the polls early, sealing the ballot box the night before, related to code violations on the security on the Voter Supply Container (VSC) that ships all voting equipment to the precincts, and the lack of sealing and/or locking of the […]

Can A Lawsuit Be Avoided In Cook County?

April 4, 2012
Can A Lawsuit Be Avoided In Cook County?

Today, off to Chicago, destination Cook County Elections. The Objective? Can a law suit be avoided? If the elections were conducted unlawfully, how can the results be certified? Does anyone want a new election? Would it even be granted? Still, if I am correct, according to Illinois Statue, the polls NEVER should have opened. On […]

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