Chuck Woolery: Obama’s Birth Certificate Release Seemed Suspicious

September 18, 2013 @

Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses how Ted Cruz’s speedy release of his birth certificate makes Obama’s birth certificate release seem suspect…

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  1. ez

    6 years ago

    the problem isn’t the birth certificate, then or now, tho the point of cruz being more forthright is clearly diametrically opposed to BO. the issue is the ‘natural born citizen’ aspect which means neither man can serve. john jay specifically debated on and insisted upon this phraseology for a reason, no foreign allegiance in the white house. thus, both parents must be citizens to be considered ‘natural born’, legally, and the supreme court has weighed in on this and come down on the same decision in this manner at least 4 times.

  2. Pat

    6 years ago

    If you want to keep something a secret from NSA, hide in the same place that Obama is hiding his REAL birth certificate and all the papers from Columbia, Harvard and Occidental College.

    At least Ted Cruz knows the meaning of transparency…

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