‘Citizen grand jury’ organizers deliver accusations

July 4, 2009 @

‘Presentments’ against Obama given to White House, FBI

By Bob Unruh
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Documents assembled by volunteer “citizen grand jury” members alleging Barack Obama is ineligible to serve as president have been delivered to the White House, the FBI, members of Congress and the court system in Washington, D.C.

Carl Swensson, a spokesman for the American Grand Jury movement and author of his own RiseUpForAmerica website, said he’s now calling on Americans to reach out to those powers, demanding to know what action is being taken.

“Any way you can get in touch with them,” he told WND today, via calls, e-mail and faxes.

The papers, called “presentments,” were compiled by a “super grand jury” of 172 people who contend Obama may not meet the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural born” citizen.

Such volunteer citizen grand juries already have been active on the local level, presenting their accusations against Obama to courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges and legislators across the nation, without success so far.

The participants explain they are within their constitutional rights to assemble, review evidence and deliver accusations. The actual documents are not widely published, because they adhere to the grand jury rule of secrecy.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join nearly 400,000 others and sign up now!

“Sooner or later some court or many courts will formally indict Obama from our presentments or [a] complaint,” said one organizer.

Swensson told WND that he and other volunteers armed with copies of the citizen grand jury’s report accusing the president of fraud and treason arrived in Washington in time for this week’s planned meetings at the White House, the FBI, Congress and other locations.

At the White House, his team was greeted by no fewer than nine members of the Secret Service with the immediate question, “Are you kooks?”

Assured the visitors were not, agents listened for more than three hours as Swensson and others explained the purpose of their visit, and ultimately, the Secret Service signed for acceptance of the papers, Swensson said.

The only scheduled delivery that was unsuccessful was at the Department of Justice, run by Obama appointee Eric Holder. But the department is fully aware of the accusations through the numerous lawsuits that have brought challenges to Obama’s tenure.

Swensson said now is the time for citizens to become involved and approach government officials, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, through whatever means they have to demand action.

The paperwork also was delivered to the U.S. Supreme Court, organizers said.

Among members of Congress to be given the documentation were U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas; Rep. Michele Bachman, R-Minn.; Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Texas; and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

Complicating the situation is Obama’s decision to spend sums estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid releasing a state birth certificate and other documentation that would put to rest all of the questions.

The “Certification of Live Birth” posted online and widely touted as “Obama’s birth certificate” does not in any way prove he was born in Hawaii, since the same “short-form” document is easily obtainable for children not born in Hawaii. The true “long-form” birth certificate – which includes information such as the name of the birth hospital and attending physician – is the only document that can prove Obama was born in Hawaii, but to date he has not permitted its release for public or press scrutiny.

Oddly, though congressional hearings were held to determine whether Sen. John McCain was constitutionally eligible to be president as a “natural born citizen,” no controlling legal authority ever sought to verify Obama’s claim to a Hawaiian birth.

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