Clinton Insider: Bill Clinton Is A Birther

April 2, 2012 @

Jerome Corsi interviews Bettina Viviano, a Hollywood producer who was an insider in the Hillary 2008 campaign. According to her, the Clintons were the original “birthers.”

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  1. Jeepix

    7 years ago

    What do I think of this video? I think it’s broken. 🙂

  2. Okwaho

    7 years ago

    It definately doesn’t play! Just like Obama

  3. PatriotMama

    7 years ago

  4. John

    7 years ago

    Scrubbed by the IT department at MIT, already?

  5. Jack

    7 years ago

    Perhaps the American Press has sabotaged this site?

  6. L.B. Strawn

    7 years ago

    Mr. Obama is one of the biggest straight faced liars of all time, and what he is mdoiung to our nation is killing it. He is deleting the words “work ethic” from our vocabulary, and causing hatred by those who are not rich, against those who are. Has a poor man ever put another man to work? I think it is great to have the rich so they can hire people to work.

  7. Cheryl Jones

    7 years ago

    The code is not correct to the video. I tried copying the code to a post on my blog and previewed it and nothing shows. I cannot hear the original video. I hope a moderator sees this comment and corrects the code. I really want to see the video and repost it on my blog! My blog has LOTS of “birther” evidence that the “birthers” are right!!!

  8. Greg

    7 years ago

    I think the racist obama dictator had it scrubbed, like he does everything that exposes him and his communist muslim agenda.

  9. Don39

    7 years ago

    BIG SOROS MONEY brought their silence and the democrat primaries!

  10. John Hardman

    7 years ago

    Well now that we all have heard the real inside scoop by way of Bill and Hillory, what’s the next move to get Obama out of His present digs at our White House? Obama was vetted for the president gig by Nasty Pelosi and Harry Reid, so OFF WITH THEIR HEADS WITH A DULL AXE. Now what’s up with Barry Soetoro aks Barack Hussein Obama?
    Obama has let it slip that is the Supreme Court nixes His Obamacare monstrosity , He will ram it through with a Presidential decree.


  11. Mary A. Cole

    7 years ago

    The video does not surprise me. May many more exposes of the truth become available. I am thankful for Ms. Vivianos patriotism and courage. Only God can over-rule someone who has usurped so much power to himself. I pray that He will. Those who are willing need to pray and fast to that end. I have hope because I had a powerful stalker for over 20 years, and God finally did catch him in one of his own traps. The shock was so great that his heart stopped and he died.

  12. Jennie

    7 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with the video, it comes on after the introduction or it could be your computer.

  13. robert

    7 years ago

    How is it your video doesn’t work?
    The courtesy of a response is anticipated.

  14. Nonna

    7 years ago

    The video worked just fine for me…sound, etc. and amazingly enough, I wasn’t surprised at anything Ms. Vivianos said. It has been one long conspiracy by the left from the beginning. Did anyone ever see pictures of Barry & Michele’s wedding? Or baby pictures of the girls with their “Parents”? Or has anyone heard of any woman who came out to say she dated Barry in high school or college? Of course not. He is certainly not straight, hence the pandering to the LGBT community, the queering of the military, the unlawful act of NOT honoring DOMA, which IS the law of the land…and then he has the cojones to blast the Supreme Court (even though he put an unqualified Latina on the court, along with a trojan horse by the name of Kagen who comes bundled with Obamacare and refuses to recuse herself from the case against Obamacare. Oh, what tangled webs they weave…all the better to trip them up with, one would hope! Anyone with good sense will be praying daily that the Supreme Court will overturn OBummercare…we don’t need it. All that needed to be done was to allow all insurance companies to sell policies over state lines in order to increase their insurance pools and lower premiums to their policyholders. Why shouldn’t pre-existing conditions be charged more? Unless you began your health insurance when you were healthy, they shouldn’t be able to drop you…but if you waited until you got sick, then you should expect to pay more. The other fact that those policywonks don’t understand is that insurance should be portable from job to job as long as the policy holder is willing to pay the difference between the new employer’s plan premiums and their own. Of course, if the new employer’s plan is better and less costly because of experience, then most new employees would take the new plan…unless they had pre-existing conditions. It certainly doesn’t take 2700 pages of gobbledy-gook to figure this out…nor does it take a rocket scientist to know that Obamacare won’t work. It’ll cost ya!

  15. James

    7 years ago

    Guys, it played right up front for me. Make sure your pop up blocker isn’t stopping it! Great VIDEO.

  16. ONTIME

    7 years ago

    Jerome Corsi exposed Kerry and his ruse, he is a man of integrity and is out with others who feel the same, expose this fraud in the WH and bring those responsible to justice…the threats are real and the Deemers are out to save their butts.

  17. Dvora

    7 years ago

    try seeing this video from this link.
    I got it to work and I’m no techy. Far from it.
    shalom y’all

  18. Judy

    7 years ago

    During the 08 presidential campaign I personally met Hillary supporters who were very actively advocating for the investigation and lawsuits questioning Obama’s eligibility.

  19. Judy

    7 years ago

    I also advocated heavily for the lawsuits to have standing and get the word out re this during the 2008 campaign, because the American voters had a right to know. However, the word never got out, despite my many attempts to plead for coverage of this eligibility issue.

  20. Judy

    7 years ago

    I love this interview. God bless this woman for speaking up. She expresses the issue very well.

  21. James Graham

    7 years ago

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  22. Jan

    7 years ago

    I’m glad to see all the above comments on this issue. I’m sick to think of what has been happening to our Blessed country all because of a coverup that should not have happened. Our country had been on a downward spiral with agencies like the ACLU that have helped to promote homosexuality, gay marriage rights and other perversions. Our senses of morality have stooped to an all time low with the types of sex content on almost every kind of TV show and movie put out there as well as much violent content. Our Constitution is being ripped apart and the Christian ethic it was founded on is taking major blows. We need to pray like we’ve never prayed before and ask God to have mercy on this country and pray that decent men and women will get into office to make the needed changes back to sanity.


    7 years ago

    Commenting on what Jan has said.We all do need to be on our knees,praying fervently for forgiveness of our own sins and asking God”s forgiveness.Mercy comes after we realize that we are our selves sinning,by not obeying His Spiritual Laws,or keeping his Commandments.We also do not keep His Sabbath days or observe them.People do Easter instead of Passover.People are celebrating man made pagan holidays,instead of God”s Holy Days.Christmas is man made,Nimrod was the person who self created this abomination,his family crest was a tree and a reindeer.We are being taught untruth”s. We should be observing The Day of Pentecost,Feast of trumpets,Day of Atonement,Feast of Tabernacles,Last Great Day,these were not only kept and observed by Christ himself,but his Apostles observed them as well. Which just proves that we are supposed to be keeping as well.The Day”s of Unleavened Bread is followed up after Passover.


    7 years ago

    I have written all of the above to add this The Eternal Father is angry at our disobedience and he warned each Church age in Revelations as to what they were doing wrong,we are now in the Laodiceans church age.The Philadelphia Church is the only one God had nothing against,that is still the same Church that has survived over the centuries since it began on the day of Pentecost,which is waiting to be married to Christ,His Bride.God is allowing things to happen the way they are,until he returns And puts down mans rule over himself,because he has failed so miserably at it,and Jesus Will set UP the Fathers Kingdom which will finally put the world at peace,joy and happiness like we have never known.And the new Jerusalem will be the Capitol of the whole Universe.The Creator didn’t create the massive universe for nothing it will be beautified,and made to be inhabited with his Son’s of God.

  25. G David Cooper

    7 years ago

    Video cannot be played on USJF or any of the alternative sites I’ve tried. Instant censorship?

  26. LeadOn

    7 years ago

    It was Hilary’s camp that started the first legal cases against Obama’s eligibility two weeks after the 2008 DNC convention. Hilary knew Obama was ineligible. That’s why, as the beltway-insider, she yanked him into an intentionally uncomfortable 6-person Senate committee to dig through McCain’s eligibility. Hilary probably planned to select Obama as her VP choice and surge to a clear victory with a stunning ticket; however, when Obama’s own campaign for the WH overtook Mrs. Clinton’s, thermo-nuclear war probably began between Dean, Soros, and the Clintons. Two weeks before the election, even Wolf on CNN said “If Obama is found ineligible, can Hilary win on a 2-week run?” The heat was on all the way to the end.

    Reid and Pelosi were reluctant on Obama as the Dem candidate and knew joining on the Obama bandwagon could end in prison like Colson got after Watergate. That’s why Pelosi distanced herself as best she could by not certifying, at least for Hawaii, that Obama was Constitutionally eligible. She knew he wasn’t.

    Yes Bush and Cheney most likely knew Obama was ineligible, so did Governor Lingle, so did Howard Dean, so did Aunt Bea and Andy Griffith. Everyone had to bend for two reasons: too many secrets, and to avoid national and international race and religious riots.

    For crying out loud, Howard Dean created the largest super majority in a half century and then just a few days after the 2008 election resigns as DNC chair. Why? Answer: Separation. Space. Distance. From what? Ending up like those tangled up in Watergate. Even Blago got his foot tangled in the 2008 grab-bag net.

    The bottom-line: Hawaii cannot produce the original piece of microfilm that has the Nordyke twins’ full birth certs and Obama’s connected to it. Obama’s never existed. Everyone knows this to be true.

    There is an usurper in the White House.

  27. Kathie

    7 years ago

    Sad but true, we live in a fallen world that is falling faster each day….Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves at how far down morally and every other way our country has gone down. I’m still amazed at the bumper stickers of Obama on people’s cars…you’d think any clear-thinking person would be embarrassed to admit they side with someone like Obama. He came out of nowhere with no experience and won….reminds me of a made-for-TV movie of how a group got someone in office with a lot of behind the scenes manipulation. He has been like a Kindergardener running our country. He is an embarrasment to our nation…..he is a puppet in the hands of some evil people….He is taking our country down further and further each day….it is sooooo sad…..and all the cover-ups…’s like a very bad nightmare and if he succeeds in winning another term, we can kiss goodbye all the freedoms that our armed forces have fought for over the years. God forgive us….we’ve let evil creep into our country so slowly and now it is escalting out of control. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know WHO (God Almighty)holds the future.

  28. v steve

    7 years ago

    Any person that dosen`t want to go by the rules is a person that intends on doing harm.

  29. klg1956

    7 years ago

    Karma works in strange ways….what goes around comes around…..This is just like the Mary Caitlin Mahoney case……the Clinton’s were in the White House, Ken Starr was bringing in a “secret” witness to testify before the grand jury in the Clinton sexual harassment case….(it was leaked to the New York Times that it was an intern they would be bringing in)…..So, Mary Caitlin Mahoney was the “den” mom for White House Interns–she was kind of like a big sister–the interns would tell her if they were having any problems and she’d help them with their problems…a lot were very upset, crying to her about how the President was sexually harassing them–so she was telling them she was going to do something about it–it wasn’t right for the President to sexually harass the interns…..Mary Caitlin Mahoney was murdered at her Starbucks job….she was shot execution style along with two other workers, all young kids, no money taken from the safe and the guy they hung the murders on did not have the guns, there were no fingerprints of him being there, no DNA, they had nothing on him….2 guns were used in the murder of the three Starbucks workers…but the guy they hung the murder on did however have in his possession a gun that had killed a policeman. The really bizarre twist to this story is that the “Intern” they brought in to testify was no other than Monika Lewinsky. So they murdered the wrong “intern”. How karma is that? Mary Caitlin Mahoney was somebody’s daughter…..just like Chelsea is Bill’s daughter.

  30. Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    7 years ago

    No audio.
    Would not surprise me that Bill Clinton thinks Obama was ineligible at birth.
    You have to make allowances for Bill. He went to The Other Law School.
    Of course, Bill could be lying. That’s his custom, natural as breathing. He might be aware that Obama became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia as a child, confirming and ratifying that naturalization voluntarily and with the intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship (and evade American draft registration) as an adult in 1981. A back-dated registration was filed in 2008. Cut “20” from the date-of-receipt stamp, invert the “08” to make “80”, and you have a crudely forged back-dated Selective Service registration.
    Thanks, Sheriff Arpaio, for filling in some blanks.

  31. J.M. Morrison

    7 years ago

    While I know most of what Bettina is saying is correct, I find it ironically bittersweet because Hillary herself is almost as bad as obama. She herself is still willing to turn over our Nation’s sovereignty to the United Nations. Hillary just wanted to be the one to topple America to receive the power and ‘glory’ from our National haters. The difference, she was born here.

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