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April 15, 2006 @

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By Gary Kreep

The Michigan Legislature is considering a bill that would protect women from being coerced into having an abortion.

One would think that every group supportive of equal rights for women would oppose forced abortions, just as they would oppose rape, forced prostitution, forced female castration, and every other practice that degrades women and denies them their right to choose how they will manage their own bodies.

However, one of the major organizations that claims to be in the forefront of the protection of women’s rights is opposing this bill. That organization is Planned Parenthood. Feminists for Life of America, a pro-life organization, that is dedicated to the protection of women, rather than just mouthing the words, helped draft this bill. They did so, based upon numerous complaints that they had received from women and young girls who were forced to have abortions due to a variety of threats. In one California case, a young girl was put in a psychiatric unit and held prisoner there, by her parents, with the threat that she would be kept there until she agreed to have an abortion. Fortunately, the girl escaped and was able to obtain legal help to protect her rights. This is just one example of the type of situation that a bill such as this would help to prevent.

Planned Parenthood claims that “This bill is just erecting more barriers to a woman’s right to choose an abortion.” The reality is that Planned Parenthood opposes this bill because they receive millions of dollars of federal and state funding to perform abortions. In California, Planned Parenthood has admitted providing treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases and abortions to dozens of girls between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, in just one area alone. Planned Parenthood has stated, in their testimony to Congress, that they will not turn over the names of any of the pedophiles, who molest these young girls, to authorities.

In a California case handled by the United States Justice Foundation, Planned Parenthood denied that it had any obligation to turn over the names of pedophiles, based upon a claim of corporate immunity. Unfortunately, the Court bought this argument and refused to order Planned Parenthood to comply with the law and report the sexual predators who are infecting or impregnating numerous girls between the ages of 5 and 12 years old in California.

In response to the lawsuit filed by USJF, the California Legislature relaxed the requirements of the mandatory reporting of sexual molest victims to authorities. It is clear that the supporters of Planned Parenthood in the California Legislature are more interested in protecting Planned Parenthood than in protecting young children from sexual molestation. Hopefully, the legislators in Michigan will not be so callous when it comes to protecting women and young girls from coerced abortions.

Gary Krepp is the executive director of the United States Justice Foundation.

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