Dem Congresswoman Suggests Martial Law to End Government Shutdown

October 11, 2013 @

Who does this woman think she is? Someone please explain this to us!!!!

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  1. Barb

    6 years ago

    At the top of this page is a question, “Who does this woman think she is? Someone please explain this to us!!!! I can answer part of that question—with the list of members of the Democratic Socialists of America from their membership list as of October, 2009 newsletter. Their website lists Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee as a member and Vice Chair. It seems that Ms. Jackson-Lee along with 69 other members of Congress at that time are listed in that same newsletter as members. The Democratic Socialists of America is just another term for COMMUNIST! Ms. Lee, along with the other members of Congress on the list are COMMUNISTS. I guess we know now why Congress has done nothing about the Communist in OUR White House because they know just who he is and what has been charged with doing, by the Communists in the United States whose goal is to destroy America.

  2. FSHNT21

    6 years ago

    Someone needs to put this woman out of our misery.
    Now she’s let the cat out of the bag. She slipped up and gave away Obama’s plan for taking total control.
    Obama plans to create civil unrest, so he can declare martial law and postpone elections indefinitely and his other actions such as buying up enough ammo for a 24 year war and his purging of the military generals who have indicated a reluctance to firing on American citizens were also precursor’s. Add to that the half million coffins they ordered and you start to see the plan piecing together,
    Sheila is going to catch heat from her boss on this one for diming him out…

  3. gussy258

    6 years ago

    Honest to pete – she looks like she’s wearing a female Red Army uniform! Besides that,she is an absolute disgrace to Congress and says ridiculous things all of the time. She and that other black woman idiot in Congress who I can’t think of who told someone that the gov. would take over all of the oil companies.

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