Democrat Won’t Shake Black GOP Opponent’s Hand!

November 5, 2013 @

During an on-air debate, Ralph Northam, the McAuliffe-backed Democrat running for Lt. Gov. in Virginia, refused to shake hands with E. W. Jackson, his GOP opponent, who happens to be a black minister.

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  1. StanB

    6 years ago

    There’s a very good reason, Democrats don’t really do anything for the minority population of this country. They talk a lot but zero action. More minorities out of work than any other group, more minorities have children out of wedlock, more minorities come from single parent families, more minorities drop out of school and never graduate. The Dems are the new slave masters, they give them just enough tokens to keep them on the plantation but not enough to get off.

  2. vince

    6 years ago

    typical of all hypocrite shmucks, all mouth and since it’s all bull shxt that comes out of their mouth they never act on their words. They do the opposite of what they say. I know some and can actually say (and acknowledge it’s wrong) I almost hate them. A nice pretty wooden baseball bat would do nicely right about now on that liar ass o crat.

  3. Mr.

    6 years ago

    It would be a step down for the democrat. After all, his superiority in intellect is great and he is above this other man. Yet he himself makes a point of his belief in “equality” right beforehand. This is a classic exhibition of the left’s hypocrisy. “You are not equal until you believe as I believe.”

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