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April 14, 2012 @






No. 09-56827

Plaintiffs – Appellants, and ……….

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  1. John D'Amato

    7 years ago

    An illegal president is the highest level of corruption. Corruption is certain death for any peaceful society. We have before us a level of corruption so high as to signal the end of America as a land of liberty and peace. It doesn’t take but a knowledge of Europe, 1920s and 1930s, to see the American parallels. The results of that corruption era will be duplicated by today’s corruption radiating from the White House. Do not allow political correctiness to “natzify” this White House and RULE by fear – ala Germany 1930s – instead of govern by the Constitution

  2. gary wiren

    7 years ago

    We patriots of America face several monster problems.
    1. We are in a religious war with the Muslim faith and our leader is an apologist for the Muslims if not a closet one.
    2. Our Department of Justice is violating the Constitution on a regular basis, from guns to Mexico, illegal aliens into AZ and other states, allowing illegals to vote by not having to show proper ID, and letting radical groups like the Black Panthers threaten violence without reprisal …and that is just a few.
    3. Our supposed leaders in Washington are spending money which they do not have for causes that are non-productive for our economy. They are letting manufacturing go to China and allowing China to sell to us without import duty.
    4. Our educational system is in shambles even though we spend heavily upon it. We rank far down the list in academics when compared to other countries.
    5. We are rich with oil and yet poor because we aren’t allowed to get it. STUPID!!!
    Just keep paying our enemies for their oil so that they can kill our soldiers.

  3. John & Eleanor McNaugher

    7 years ago

    Barack Obama is not eligible to be our American President – he should be impeached and dismissed from Office.

  4. ralph

    7 years ago

    John D Mato took the words right out of my mouth. I have been saying this for at least 2 yrs now. I had hoped Obama would succeed as one of out great Presidents before & when elected BUT he has & is giving us Change but now w NO HOPE.

  5. michael

    7 years ago

    This Obama liar needs to be dismissed and put in jail;. I’ve never seen anything like this letting an illegal president get into office. What a disgrace. congress should be ashamed of itself.

  6. Rip

    7 years ago

    I thought it was against the law to blackmail. Well what do you think he is doing to the media and congress for not calling his hand on the birth issue. threatening them to investigate if they dont fall in line. I guess since he isn’t prosecuting the illegals for having fraud instruments it is ok for him to have one or two. Since he is now our DICTATOR he can do as the pleases. And in passing I think Sheriff Joe should be the AMERICAN OF THE YEAR.

  7. klesb

    7 years ago

    Congress should be ashamed? Any member who has not signed on to the Bill of Impeachment should also be tried for treason! Each member has sworn an oath to defend our Constitution! It cannot be any more “black or white”! We have an Indonesian Muslim as a fraudulent Commander-in-Chief! And no enforcers of our Constitrutional Law? Yes, the Constitution, like the Declaration, are both Federal Laws!

  8. Nels Wiberg

    7 years ago

    Where is the County Sheriff project who said they have the POWER to ARREST the illegal President Obama so why haven’t they arrested him. Every day that goes by the more time Obama has to destroy the United States. I suggested to them that they make up an arrest warrant and make it open to the public to sign in all the newspapers in this country if they want the public support. Issue the arrest warrant to the illegal President NOW and save the United States.

  9. Mark

    7 years ago

    http://www.trunews.com with Rick Wiles.

  10. Robert Kulbe

    7 years ago

    I thought only a DICTATOR was the only one who could hide his past records. What is he hidding? I don’t think he murdered anyone. It must be worse. What happened to all of our great Congressmen, Senators, Attorney General, Etc. that took an oath to look out for our great contry and to inforce all of it’s laws?

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