‘Duck Dynasty’ Star: They Told Us To Stop Praying To Jesus, Don’t Offend Muslims

October 9, 2013 @

In an interview with Sports Spectrum magazine, Willie and Phil Robertson, stars of Duck Dynasty, talk about fake bleeps, praying in Jesus’ name, and getting flack from Christians.When the editors of Duck Dynasty asked the stars to stop saying “In Jesus’ Name” during prayers because it might offend Muslims, Phil Robertson had to stand his ground.

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  1. EE

    6 years ago

    Who the heck gives a big, stinky, steamy, festering, rotten brown heap o’ feces what the Muslims think???!!!

  2. Jnewlun

    6 years ago

    Don’t judge a book by its cover but I did with your show. However my cousin who is a strong Christian told me to watch and give the show a chance. I love the family values, the morality and especially that you do pray and are not afraid to close in Jesus’ name. Anytime you can put something worth while, of moral value and brings God and Christianity into the mix, your program is making a difference for good. Thank you!

  3. Thomas Hebert Vietnam Vet

    6 years ago

    I don’t care a rats ass if the Muslims think also. if they don’t like they can take a flying F— of a short bridge.

  4. Pat

    6 years ago

    America is built on God’s Word, The Holy Bible. All those from foreign lands chose to come here, if they’re unhappy with our religious views they are free to return where they came from!
    American’s have no intention of going to any foreign country and insist that our language,values, religion, etc. be the way of their land because we said so!
    I commend The Robertson Family for taking a stand for Jesus, the Bible tells us as long as we recognize Jesus He will recognize us and too many Christian’s are turning their backs on God by allowing The Ten Commandments to be removed from public view along with many religious statues, Biblical quotes and pictures of God/Jesus in public buildings.
    American Christians had better wake up and turn again to God; you know if you’re ashamed to profess Him He will not know you! We need His help to turn this country around and He may not be pleased with us right now! He does have a plan in His time, but our having turned our backs on Him makes us unworthy of His

  5. MV

    6 years ago

    Jesus is THE ONLY GOD WE HAVE, period! Who cares what the muslim think!

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