Experts Make The Case For Obama Lawsuit

July 16, 2014 @

In a Google+ Hangout conversation Wednesday morning, constitutional law expert David Rivkin and South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice joined forces to answer questions regarding the proposed lawsuit against Barack Obama.

Citing Obama’s unconstitutional use of executive power, House Speaker John Boehner recently announced his plan to put the suit up for a legislative vote.

Rice noted that he has long been a supporter of legal action in an attempt to ensure Obama abides by the nation’s laws.

“We feel like the president has gone well beyond his authority in a number of areas,” he said.

Rivkin echoed his sentiment, noting that the lawsuit as proposed is an “effort to enforce … the entire separation of powers protection” included in the U.S. Constitution.

Read More at Western Journalism . By B. Christopher Agee.

10 Comments → “Experts Make The Case For Obama Lawsuit”

  1. John Stewart

    5 years ago

    The “effort to enforce … the entire separation of powers protection” would be better served if 0bama were sent back to the land where his loyalties lie, the MIDDLE EAST. He has no patriotic feelings for this Country what-so-ever. His only feelings are SELF, totally, no room even for his family.

  2. Eileen377

    5 years ago

    It’s probably too little too late, but at least it may stop him from continuing
    to usurp power that belongs to congress. He thinks he is god and can do whatever he likes.

  3. Joseph John Herschberger

    5 years ago

    Nowhere in the USA Constitution does it authorize the Congress of the USA to file “Lawsuits”to reign in a LAWLESS, POWERDRUNK PRESIDENT who has gone totally in your face Lawless against the people of the UNITED STATES!The CONSTITUTION REQUIRES IMMEDIATE FILINGS of ARTICLES of IMPEACHMENT!However, Obama’s case presents a unique situation in American History!Obama being a FOREIGNER,his country of origin being KENYA,AFRICA and raised in Indonesia where his citizenship currently lies.Sure ,later he moved to HAWAII where he continued to grow into adulthood.There is NO evidence that Obama renounced Indonesian citizenship and became a naturalized USA citizen.Naturalized USA citizens CANNOT run for Presidential office.Obama has verbally maintained that he was born in HAWAII.However the birthcertificate displayed on the WHITE HOUSE websight has been proven to be fraudulent by document experts!The evidence shows Obama to be a FOREIGNER, so impeachment in his special case IS NOT WARRANTED!Instead it falls to our USA MILITARY to go to the WHITE HOUSE and ARREST the IMPOSTER President under the DOMESTIC ENEMY pronouncement under scored in the oath of office that every military member takes to be in the USA military!Impeachment is reserved for USA citizens who have achieved the office of the Presidency by legitimate efforts and while in office as a Legal President commits high crimes and misdemeanors.Obama NEVER LEGALLY QUALIFIED to run for the Presidency in 2008!Although American citizens voted him into office two times He STILL was NOT Legally QUALIFIED no matter how many people voted flor him!Obama MUST BE ARRESTED by the USA MILITARY and ALL of his SEALED DOCUMENTATION MUST BE OPENED UP BEFORE a MILITARY TRIBUNAL!Now we know why Obama PURGED the military.To get rid of most Constitution Loving Americans who he has serious reasons to fear!However when push comes to shove their STILL are many true Americans in the military!


    5 years ago

    Since BOB has never complied with the law in order to qualify for the office he occupies, I cannot find any reason to impeach a fraud, he should simply be removed from office,the entire administration and it’s malicious work declared null and void and BOB can be incarcerated and held over for trial…..Why can WTP not get the representation to make BOB produce a valid BC and forced to remove the restrictions from his credentials………..Who is BOB legally?

  5. John

    5 years ago

    I thought the government was ruled by the people. There shouldn’t be any more waiting time. Go get him out of office

  6. margie cocco

    5 years ago

    We’ve heard this over and over from sheriff Arpaio Etc, however we will contribute to this action but it seems useless! when are you going to do
    something beside making promises – this has bee for 5-6 years???

  7. Jerome Brace

    5 years ago

    I believe we have enough substantial evidence that Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud, as he was born in Africa and his grandmother has testified as to being present! Also, experts have examined birth documents sent by Obama and have determined they are not valid documents, but forgeries!

    How long are we going to wait to arrest him, try him, and convict him and throw him out of office???? Lets get the best arttorneys we have and just do it!!! How about asking Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch to help???? Don’t we have some good attorneys that will enforce our laws and have the guts and fortitude to stand up to Obama and what is right and true???? We need action now!!! Let’s all help the U. S. Justice foundation take Obama to court and convict him and remove him from office to behind bars!!!!!

  8. Joe A. Everson

    5 years ago

    Shouldn’t more people take note of Obama handlers?

    Obama’s handlers, the Military/Zionist Complex, maintain a solid choke hold on our nation, and have installed a mind-numbing roster of thugs, criminals, and the most corrupt career politicians and bureaucrats in America to ensure the CONTINUED acceleration of the demise of our way of life.

  9. Barbara

    4 years ago

    Why has no one started these impeachment proceedings?!; you have and there are lots of evidence he is a traitor including his directive to Hilary to lie about Bengazi. Whether he is legal or not , he can be removed from office and all the things he put into place would be null and void. Why is there no one including this organization doing anything?
    We can unite but we need a real leader in this fight; I get most of my information from Judicial Watch, but they are not getting him out either although they are getting more proof. Why not a referendum of the American people through the internet? I am not high tech, but I would gladly help circulate a petition. One last thing: I am concerned for my safety and would not want to be signaled out before this can be done as a group thing. What about a march on Washington to impeach him? Let us know through your web site. Thanks.

  10. kelly fields

    4 years ago

    I just read on facebook some where that this was in the works was it wrong?!?!? I just read it again an the read is from Aug of this yr 2015

    He is in clear hell more than clear violation of our Constitution……..WHY is he still in office………if you read any thing on face book people are demanding something be done with him asap!!! I fear if something isn’t done then there will be an uprising especially with him allowing all these Terrorists into OUR COUNTRY! GERMANY welcomed them with open arms now there are regretting it big time all the while they rape an kill an destroy everything in site! I’m not saying they are all terrorists but the majority of them 89% to be exact are GROWN MEN! and they chant to the death with America…why would our so-called President welcome this?

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