What These Gang Members Are Doing In NJ Is So Violent That The National Guard Will Have To Be Called In

July 17, 2014 @

As though cops in Jersey City do not have enough to deal with on a daily basis, recent reports indicate they must now be on the lookout for violent gang members looking to murder them in a convoluted pursuit of retribution.

Western Journalism reported this week about Lawrence Campbell, who publicly stated he would soon be famous just before opening fire on a group of officers and killing rookie cop Melvin Santiago.

Police returned fire and killed Campbell, leading some in the community to erect a memorial to the slain thug. Authorities reportedly took down the shrine after locals expressed outrage over the glamorization of the suicidal criminal.

After confirming he ordered the memorial dismantled, Mayor Steve Fulop asserted that he is “not going to let a few residents pretend like they express the views of a great city like Jersey City.”

Now, a New Jersey State Police advisory warns law enforcement personnel, members of the Bloods street gang are on the hunt for local police officers.

Read More at Western Journalism . Read More By B. Christopher Agee.

6 Comments → “What These Gang Members Are Doing In NJ Is So Violent That The National Guard Will Have To Be Called In”

  1. mesaman

    5 years ago

    They could offer hunting licenses to shoot vermin and predators and declare a 365 day hunting season.

  2. smoke

    5 years ago

    Just elect chubby president and he will fix um,

  3. Rustytruck

    5 years ago

    Man oh man when are they going to let us declare war on these assmunches and go after them ourselves? Before you all get going on the “cops” thing, do you all think those low-lifes are going to stop with shooting cops? Hell no! Next they’ll be going afte “whitey” again and I’d like the opportunity to retaliate first. Let’s handle it like hunting season in Alaska and put bounties on their heads. These pieces of crap aren’t doing any of us any good so getting rid of them before they shoot cops and we have to support them in jail, doing away with them sounds like a good option to me. After all, who’s gonna miss ’em besides their own low-lifes? We got enough crap to deal with from Obama, we don’t need this junk from that junk. This is all they know how to do anyway, just shoot. Put ’em in an old fashioned duke-em up and see how they run, not kiddin’ I’ve seen it when they’re not in with their gang packers, not too brave then people.

  4. PaulN

    5 years ago

    What? The Bloods have GUNS? That’s not legal is it? How did they get permits in a state where it is nearly impossible to get one? What? Oh, I see! They AREN’T legal gun owners! I guess that makes them criminals. What? They were already criminals? Oh, I see. Because they are criminals they don’t mind breaking ANOTHER law!?! Wait! That’s what GOAL, NAGR, and NRA have been trying to tell us all along, isn’t it?

  5. DAN

    5 years ago

    I kind of like the idea of letting them get rid of union thug police first, then we get to kill the angry black thugs… Solve 2 problems at once…

    When union thugs extort incredibly high pay & benefits from citizens, then harass, kill, make false arrests, destroy property, kill dogs, talk shit, act like they are above the law, demand as in NJ that we not have guns, there is no point in keeping them around either.

    End this madness…

  6. Rustytruck

    4 years ago

    Dan, did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason the cops are like that are because of those low-life punks on the streets? Most of the cops I know are getting frustrated by having their hands tied just trying to do their jobs. So many restrictions and bleeding hearts whining about the jerks they have to deal with every day. Of course after a while they’re going to get upset by not being allowed to stop them. I’m surprised there isn’t more of them going after the blackies making it hard on them.

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