Guilty: Obama Admin Illegally Used U.S. Funds to Promote Abortion in Kenya

November 17, 2011 @

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds the Obama administration gave taxpayer funds to an organization that illegally lobbied Kenya to liberalize its abortion law as the president’s ancestral nation revised its constitution. Moreover, a high-ranking State Department employee stonewalled the investigation.

The Obama administration dedicated at least $18 million to convince Kenyans to ratify the new constitution, which expanded women’s legal right to an abortion. Although a 1981 law known as the Siljander Amendment specifically states “none of the funds made available under this Act may be used to lobby for or against abortion,” one recipient of U.S. aid pressed the issue anyway.

The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) “provided technical assistance” to the Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review (COE) at each stage of the constitutional review. The U.S. taxpayer paid IDLO $400,000 for this service. After the COE drew up the first draft of the new constitution in November 2009 — which did not mention abortion — “the IDLO report advised that the COE might consider adding language to make clear that the fetus lacks constitutional standing, and that the rights of women under these articles therefore take priority.” IDLO’s report itself stated the COE should “modify [the constitution] to make clear that a person is a human being who has been born,” thus legalizing abortion during all nine months of pregnancy.

The following January, the second draft constitution allowed abortion only if “the life of the mother is in danger.” IDLO responded, “even understanding the powerful feelings invoked on all sides of the abortion issue, the omission of a ‘health of the mother’ exception in this provision seems overbroad.” That is precisely the formula the final draft adopted — despite the fact that the “health of the mother” exception has been used as a massive loophole granting an abortion for virtually any perceived malady including stress.

The report makes clear as many as 24 grant recipients discussed abortion in some way, although none specifically cited the expansion of death as a reason to vote for the new constitution.

Read More at Floyd Reports By Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

9 Comments → “Guilty: Obama Admin Illegally Used U.S. Funds to Promote Abortion in Kenya”

  1. nmgene

    8 years ago

    Knowing that the left is totally corrupt and Obama never opens his mouth that he is not lieing. It is time for the people to shut the government down. It is a simple process, go to your employer and give him a signed and possibly notarized letter rescinding your W4 form, stopping them from deducting taxes from your check. People do not realize that acording to IRS code a W4 is voluntary for a US citizen. It has been a fraud put on the people since 1916. The government has no legal right to take any money from your earnings from your labor. When the money stops the government stops. Tell the government no more money untill they balance the budget with no more spending. No more money untill they pay back the money stolen from social security and the Post office. That there wages are cut in half and there will be term limits and no retirement or health care benifits. Shut down the Dept of education, energy, commerce, the batf, the epa. Get rid of the waste and duplicate programs. The people will have the money to spend to keep the economy going but the government will be shut down.

  2. Dee A

    8 years ago

    He should not be using taxpayers money for this.
    He is spending us into oblivion.

  3. Spencer Downs

    8 years ago

    When is Congress going to do its job and impeach this man!

  4. NoOBAMA2012

    8 years ago

    obama forced the kenyans to accept our gov. money in exchange for forced abortions upon his own people, he wants to kill all those little suckers, his own people. Kenyans don’t believe in abortions but obama does. They will deal with him in due time.

  5. Lemrob

    8 years ago

    How many mroe reasons do they need to impeach this man. He has broken so many rules and no one seems to want to do anything about it or are afraid of him. He is not above the law of the constitution; so congress; do your job.

  6. Craig

    8 years ago

    How’s that hope and change working for ya so far? Hey, you voted for him, now we all have to pay.

  7. josis

    8 years ago

    I think Congress is waiting for Obama to complete his term so they can spend more money for his safe hide and retirement, Enough is enough. Get him out and in prison where he belongs.

  8. Margaret

    8 years ago

    Those who willingly plot against the United States of America and it’s citizens is guilty of TREASON! Barack H. Obama should resign and the DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE LEADING THE CHARGE. THEY HAVE DISREGARDED THE RIGHTS OF EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN. THEY HAVE PROMOTED ANARCHY ON OWS. THEIR PRESIDENT BARACK H. OBAMA SHOULD BE CHARGED AND DEEMED ‘GUILTY AS CHARGED!’ We the citizens have had all we can take of this administration. TIME TO KICK SOME A$$ if they do not comply with the law of the land and respect those who enforce the laws that protect us the CITIZENRY!

  9. Guest

    8 years ago

    Obama and his terrorist reign of politics and threats to “change” the USA into a Marxist, Socialist republic will not work as we the PEOPLE are and have been watching him since 2008. At least some of us are doing something about it,

    It’s amazing how long anyone had the common sense to realize what’s going on in our Capital, and in the WH to place suits and impeachments to remove the guilty parties. Some of these guilty parties who think they are excempt from obeying the law of the land…the Constitution, are beong served their piece of the Amerrican pie as in supeonae. About time.

    As I see it the PEOPLE, who pay taxes are being passed over by the grabbers who are not doing what they are paid for by us. To protect and serve the PEOPLE who they represent and are stealing our tax money for illegal and personal rewards. Like money and power.

    Time of reckoning is NOW. And some Grass roots and other organizations are in the process of impeachment letters and suits to the House and we are very very thankful that they are. We donate to them and sign all the necessary petitions and work at home to warn the PEOPLE to do the same. WE want to win this battle of who is who. The members of Congress, the Supreme Court and the illegal president all have been ignoring the Constitution thereby the LAW and have not obeyed their oath of office by so many things it’s repulsive and evil.

    If someone doesn’t do their jobs they should be fired. The “ELITE” in governments time is up.

    To them:

    WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU and WE WILL WIN!!!! Start packing your bags and clear your desks. You are FIRED. You can’t even balance the budget or agree on anything that affects the PEOPLE who do not have lifetime pensions, an expense account and pricy perks. WE the PEOPLE demand you pay for all your non-frugal and insane spending, the debt and the non-partison solutions.


    From the PEOPLE of the USA,
    A proud FREE republic we love.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

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