Homofascist stalkers ruin lives via social media

August 25, 2011 @

In 1962, British author Anthony Burgess, who penned the classic “A Clockwork Orange,” published a lesser-known work entitled “The Wanting Seed,” another dystopian novel. This nightmare of fictionalized sociological development portrayed a nation in which religion was turned on its head in order to serve the State, homosexuality was encouraged as a population-control measure, heterosexuals were persecuted, and citizens were policed by brutal homosexuals who wore Gestapo-style uniforms and black lipstick.

I am personally opposed to the persecution of people who practice homosexuality, but neither do I believe they ought to be allowed to dictate the moral agenda in America, which some are definitely attempting to do, with the aid of the press and entertainment industry. It is also important to acknowledge that the political forces driving so-called “gay rights” causes don’t give a rat’s fanny about the civil rights of people who practice homosexuality; their overtures are simply more efforts to culturally balkanize America.

That said, one of the key arguments espoused by activists in this area maintains that those who possess traditional values suffer from an irrational fear of homosexuals – so let’s examine that claim.

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  1. BJ Hvistendahl

    8 years ago

    Yes, that is correct! The homosexuals are after our religious freedoms and they are trying to change America. They are not really interested in “marriage”.
    They are only interested in indoctrinating the kids in school etc.
    They are for stopping free speech! They are not telling the truth about their dangerous lifestyle. They have a much shorter life span and they spread disease.
    why do not they tell the truth! You reap what you sow and they are not born that way or the Bible would not say they could change. Some have changed and been set free but they keep it covered up!
    They are to be pitied and they need salvation just like everyone else!

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