House Republicans reject Cliff deal, but it passes anyway

January 2, 2013 @

The deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is done as the House passed the Senate version in a late night session on Tuesday.

The vote was 257-167. The fact that only 85 Republicans (out of 241) supported the deal calls into question Speaker Boehner’s leadership in the next congress, although it is doubtful anyone has the fortitude – or the stature – to challenge him. All but 20 Democrats voted for the bill.

Gone is the payroll tax holiday, which means 77% of American households will experience a tax increase in the new year. Taxes on dividends and capital gains go up for those making over $400,000 ($450,000 for families) while the estate tax now has a $5 million exemption. The rates for the rich climb t0 39.6%.

The deal also rescinded the pay raise granted Congress by an Obama executive order.

The measure also will keep benefits flowing to 2 million unemployed workers on the verge of losing their federal checks. And it will delay for two months automatic cuts to the Pentagon and other agencies that had been set to take effect Wednesday.

Read more at American Thinker. By Rick Moran.

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3 Comments → “House Republicans reject Cliff deal, but it passes anyway”

  1. Donald Merriam

    7 years ago

    Well, we can’t do enough for the unemployed now, can we? As though two years of benefits isn’t enough.

  2. Pat

    7 years ago

    Here we go again – Congress voted a bill that does almost nothing to stop the financial bleeding in DC, instead of doing what most Americans have had to do: live on a BUDGET! Cut out the fat and waste, concentrate on what really matters and make the outgo match the income…If Obama and his buddies in Congress hadn’t been blowing money on useless programs,generous welfare and paybacks to donors and special friends, they could have balanced the budget a long time ago. This just kicks the can down the road a few more feet, and delays taking any real action to get a true balanced budget. They claim they will be working on it a little later, we’ve got 450 Pinocchios….

  3. Richard Webb

    7 years ago

    REPUDIATE THE DEBT. We did not create the debt, CONgress did. Suckers bought the debt instruments (Bonds, Notes, Bills, etc) and deserve what they get when we, on behalf of our children and grandchildren say “Sorry, we are bankrupt and cannot pay.”
    See details at

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