Jihadists Target Banks for not being Shariah Compliant

July 18, 2011 @

Readers of SFW may notice that we have devoted several posts in recent weeks to Nigeria. The chief of the central bank in Nigeria, Mallam Sanusi, is an unapologetic financial jihadist and describes himself as a “shariah scholar.” He has been pushing hard for Shariah banking and finance in Nigeria, so hard in fact, that he has managed to figure out a way of easing reserve requirements on “Islamic banks” through regulatory changes, without going through the west African nation’s national assembly.

Readers who are not familiar with this activity in Nigeria can quickly get up to speed by viewing our past few posts on the subject:


Why should we care about Nigeria?

First of all, Nigeria is NOT a Muslim majority country and the fact that someone in a position of power would be exercising what amounts to Islamic missionary work to force Shariah finance on the people of Nigeria is worrisome on many levels, not the least of which is the fact that it could serve as a model for other nations where the financial jihadists seek to use Shariah compliant finance as a trojan horse to ease Shariah into a host nation’s culture, society and legal system.

But there is another reason why we should be concerned about Nigeria: Nigeria has been wracked in recent years by violence committed by Jihadist terrorists determined to impose Shariah law in at least part of the nation. Their brutality and barbarism has resulted in massacres of non-Muslim villages and violence aimed at disrupting Nigeria’s energy industry, which is its economic lifeline.

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