Joe Miller Joins USJF

February 3, 2017 @

Dear Friends and Supporters of USJF:

For decades, the United States Justice Foundation has defended our Constitutional liberties.  USJF has been on the cutting edge of battles waged in the highest courts of the land, the voice of conscience to judges who have abandoned their oaths.  Sometimes, USJF stands alone in these battles.  But always, USJF advances the foundational liberties that gave birth to the greatest nation on earth.

I am honored to be the third executive director over the past thirty-five years to be chosen to head this extraordinary organization.  And it’s a great fit! From my earliest years, I’ve felt called to defend our freedoms.  After high school – during the Reagan era – I attended West Point where I was commissioned as an armor officer.  Later, while assigned to the First Infantry Division, my M1 Abrams tank platoon deployed to Southwest Asia where I was decorated for actions in combat during Desert Storm.

After my military service, I went to Yale Law School, supposedly one of the most elite schools in the nation.  Regrettably, concepts such as “original intent” were foreign to most of my professors.  Fellow students also seemed relatively unconcerned with the rule of law and, instead, were more interested in creative ways to manipulate legal principles to advance their own leftist ideology.  I could count on one hand the students who truly had any interest in following the Founders’ design for our nation.

I decided to head to the Last Frontier out of law school, leaving far behind my leftist Ivy League colleagues. I expected that the youthful 49th State would not only be governed by freedom-loving rugged individualists but would also be populated by some of the most sought-after big game animals on the planet.  I was half right.

After two of my sons and I were attacked by a giant Kodiak bear (and survived) , I decided to test my combat skills on Alaska’s political elites.  In a bold political sneak attack on one of the most powerful members of the Republican caucus, I managed to defeat RINO Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 primary. Literally, all hell then broke loose.  Murkowski called in favors from trade unions, multi-billion dollar native corporations, huge federal contractors, and even her buddy at the head of Alaska’s Division of Elections to ensure that her corrupt reign would survive my challenge.  Combined with vote-fraud on a scale perhaps unprecedented in US history, she was certified the winner of the election.

USJF was involved directly in that fight.  This outstanding foundation saw the incredible corruption unfolding and decided to intervene.  Had it not been for USJF’s involvement in those post-election vote integrity actions, we may have never known the scope of fraud that occurred – and continues to occur – in many US elections today.

Challenging these corrupt power structures that dominate our judiciary and legislatures with Truth is what USJF is all about. It’s what I’ve been prepared for. And it’s what you’re supporting with your generous support to this worthy cause.

Please help us seize the incredible opportunities before us.  Thank you for joining with me to expose the corruption, destabilize the elites, and restore liberty to this Shining City on a Hill.

God Bless,

Joe Miller

4 Comments → “Joe Miller Joins USJF”

  1. Lois Conway

    8 months ago

    Well, just as I thought – – Congratulations are in order. I am quite familiar with USJS for years and find it to be a great organization. It is a good one to be associated from here out.

  2. Moira

    7 months ago

    Disappointing that someone who lied and cheat passes himself off as a righteous man. We need extreme vetting

    See what he was up to

  3. Moira

    7 months ago

  4. Frank scavo

    7 months ago

    Congratulations to Joe and the USJF. I believe in Joe and those at the USJF. I look forward to some real knock down drag out battles for truth and justice in the near future. I also donated to Joe to allow him to remain independent. And as for the corruption in Alaska. ..well, most are coddled and cuddled by eletists. Go get ’em Joe!

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